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Victoria Signed MoU with Israeli Defence Ministry to Share ‘Opportunities’ from ‘Global Tensions’

Victoria Signed MoU with Israeli Defence Ministry to Share ‘Opportunities’ from ‘Global Tensions’

By Benita Kolovos – Victorian state correspondent

The 2022 agreement intended to foster trade relations and ‘support greater collaboration on defence industry objectives’, documents reveal

The Victorian government quietly signed an agreement with Israel’s defence ministry to capitalise on “global tensions” and countries wanting to “protect their national interests” militarily, internal documents reveal.

The 2022 Memorandum of Understanding, signed before the Israel-Gaza war, was intended to foster trade relations and “support greater collaboration on defence industry objectives”, according to Victorian government documents released under freedom of information laws.

The existence of the MoU between the Department of Jobs, Skills, Industry and Regions and the International Defense Cooperation Directorate of the Israel Ministry of Defense was first reported by the ABC but the exact details of its wording has not been released.

The text of the MoU was redacted in full in the documents provided to Guardian Australia. But, according to talking points prepared for its signing on 7 December 2022, the MoU’s purpose was to “foster trade relations between the Victorian and Israeli defence, aerospace, security and cybersecurity sectors”.

The notes cited “global tensions”, including the war in Ukraine and “increasingly militarised territorial disputes in our regions in the Pacific and Indo-Pacific ocean”. They said it was important to form strong “defence alliances and industry cooperation” between governments that “share the same interests”.

“Globally countries are investing significant funds to protect their national interests with military capabilities aligned to this environment,” the speaking notes read.

“This MoU is a pathway for meaningful cooperation between Israel and the state of Victoria to capture and share these opportunities.”

The Victorian minister for jobs and industry, Natalie Hutchins, said the government was “not supplying arms or weapons to Israel” and the agreement was not legally binding.

“The purpose of this MoU is to identify potential opportunities for collaboration on projects that can deliver significant advanced manufacturing capabilities, highly skilled jobs and economic benefits for Victoria,” she said.

“No joint projects have been identified or entered into under the MoU.”

Before the MoU, several suppliers to the Israeli Defense Forces had already established a presence in Melbourne. They include Elbit Systems, which established the Centre of Excellence for Human-Machine Teaming and Artificial Intelligence in Port Melbourne in 2021 with investment from the Victorian government.

Despite the MoU being signed in 2022, an event briefing before its signing warned the department it would face criticism from civil society organisations and the Victorian Greens for its “engagement or cooperation with Israel and companies in its defence and security industries”.

“Israel’s ongoing conflict with Palestine continues to attract public and media attention, with the Victorian government already facing criticism for its provision of a grant to Elbit Systems Australia,” the brief reads.

‘Fairly standard’ or ‘shocking’? Experts weigh in

Jennifer Parker, expert associate at the ANU National Security College, said the language used to describe the MoU was unsurprising.

“This is a fairly standard agreement, obviously signed prior to the current conflict, which is about promoting a state’s defence industry. I’d be surprised if other states didn’t have similar agreements with other countries,” Parker said.

She said Victoria had a “significant” defence industry, known for its infantry fighting vehicles and ammunition, that could learn from Israel, which is considered a world leader in defence technology.

“For a relatively small nation, Israel has developed a pretty high-profile defence industry where they actually export to a significant number of nations,” Parker said.

“In terms of understanding how they’ve managed to build up their industries to do that, I think there are good lessons there for Victoria. But I do think that this needs to be put in the context of when this MoU was signed.”

But Rawan Arraf, the principal lawyer and executive director of the Australian Centre for International Justice, said it was “shocking” the Victorian government went ahead with the agreement and urged its scrapping.

“The Victorian government must drop all pretence about the importance of this relationship for national security or job growth, and cancel this offensive MoU,” she said.

“Israel’s defence industry has long relied on testing its new technologies against Palestinians with catastrophic consequences.”

The documents also reveal the MoU was set to be signed by the Israeli president in 2020 but the event was cancelled due to Covid-19.

But later that year new federal laws giving the foreign affairs minister the power to veto international agreements reached by state, territory and local governments and public universities were introduced. This meant the Victorian government had to seek federal approval before each stage of the process.

In January 2022 the then acting foreign affairs minister, Simon Birmingham, allowed the state government to begin negotiations with Israel before his successor, Labor’s Tim Watts, allowed Victoria to enter the agreement later that year.

Another briefing document showed it was Israel’s preference for the signing to take place there, and offered to “facilitate travel for Victorian government representatives to Israel or a third location to sign the MoU”.

But the department said it would not be possible, citing to “competing demands” and “caretaker arrangements” due to a looming state election.

The same briefing recommended the Victorian government request its MoU to be exempt from the public register, given its “sensitive contents and its linkage with national security”.

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Global Issues

Finally, More are Waking up to the Fraud of the Vaccine Industry. Our Society Needs to Complete a Careful Review of Vaccine Protocols Including the Risks Associated with the Cumulative Effect of all of the Vaccines we are Giving Children

Finally, More are waking up to the Fraud of the Vaccine Industry. Our Society Needs to Complete a Careful Review of Vaccine Protocols, Including the Risks Associated with the Cumulative Effect of all the Vaccines we are Giving Children

Finally, more are waking up to the fraud of the vaccine industry which at the Australian National Review we have been investigating for over a decade and warned of their plans to mandate vaccines by 2022, way back in 2016 to drive sales over $100 billion annually.. they use weak gullible easy bought of western politicians, to sell the citizens public health down the drain, for not so safe, effective or necessary vaccines.

The industry is and has been a fraud from day 1.

We challenge the public to realise that not a single vaccine is properly safety tested, and the claimed lives saved are a complete lie based on lying with statistics, easily de-bunked.

We stand by our assertions 100%, and continue to offer $1 million challenges and have for a decade now, for anyone that thinks vaccines are safe, effective, or necessary to put up or shut up.

Surprisingly, we still can’t find any takers.
They are necessary for big Pharma to make profits as drug patents wear off in normal drugs. Vaccines are their great train sold to gullible politicians and a gullible naive public

No child of mine will ever have vaccines

And only foolish friends who wouldn’t listen were dumb enough to take the COVID-19 vaccines, which is a big blight on their resume.

The vaccinated will suffer discrimination in the future – namely from failing an IQ test-harsh but taking unnecessary drugs based on relentless propaganda or co ercion comes with a price

Not to mention, the unvaccinated men and women already are being sought out.

When my last child was born, on the first day of her life we were told that she needed a Hep B vaccine. It was not presented as a choice, and I foolishly did nothing to stop the nurse. My older three daughters did not receive the vaccine at birth.

Those that question the growing, now 72-shot regimen for children are considered by some to be wackos and anti-vaxxers.

I think the skepticism is appropriate and prudent as we are obligated as parents to make sure that we are not causing harm to our children who are not capable of providing informed consent.

Our society needs to complete a careful review of vaccine protocols including the risks associated with the cumulative effect of all of the vaccines we are giving children.



“They KNEW V*ccine Caused M*scarriages!” Kansas Drops BOMBSHELL Lawsuit

“They KNEW V*ccine Caused M*scarriages!” Kansas Drops BOMBSHELL Lawsuit

By Russell Brand

Kansas is aiming to hold Pfizer’s feet to the fire with a lawsuit alleging false representations of the company’s COVID vaccine.

Here’s what others had to say:

I was pregnant and the Doctor told me if I didn’t get jabbed the death of my unborn child would be my fault. I switched providers and never regretted it. I have a beautiful daughter who is perfectly healthy

We need criminal charges.. not lawsuits

I was put on a 4 month LOA from my Job, which I worked at for 10 years. I was told to apply for E.I which 3 months in was randomly cut off, and told I had to pay 4.5k back due to unvaccinated people not being qualified. I was 1 month without pay, at this time no place would hire me without a Vaccine. I then was fired from my job after 4 months, with cause, and was given no severance. I had to start all over working part time, at a Grocery store, and eventually worked my way back up to Full-time after a year. During this time I had a mortgage, two kids to feed, and a 3rd on the way. To say this was Hell for my Family, is an understatement. I really hope Justice prevails.

And why again are the 12 million “newcomers” allowed to come into the country unvaxxed?

Andrew Bridgen is the only English politician talking about this. Every time he stands up in parliament to talk about it over three quarters of the politicians walk out. It’s absolutely outrageous!!!! They all need locking up!!! RFK for president!!!!!

Trusting the biggest criminal organization to keep you safe with drugs is insane. These same drug companies had the largest fine in history for their lies about a drug.

Anyone who took that while pregnant and lost their precious little bundle, should sue, sue, sue.

It’s absolutely disgraceful I am a midwife and I cannot understand how ANYONE could tell pregnant women to have any new medication. You literally can’t conduct studies on pregnant women. I am still flabbergasted at how many of my colleagues went along with this.

I saved all documents and emails leading up to my termination for refusing the vaccine mandate. Even recorded the call with HR after they said i quit on my termination paperwork. They said i could have complied and since i didn’t, I quit. I worked at that hospital for over 5 years. I dont regret my decision a single bit!

It’s criminal but when those committing the atrocities get to police themselves, there’s no justice.

After all the lies and disregard for our lives I will never trust a government, institution or organisation again. Long live the resistance.


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State Of Affairs

Russia Rescues Hundreds of Adrenochrome Victims Destined for Washington D.C.

Russia Rescues Hundreds of Adrenochrome Victims Destined for Washington D.C.

By TPV Sean

Russia Rescues Hundreds of Adrenochrome Victims Destined for Washington D.C.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has vowed to dismantle the adrenochrome supply chain as news breaks that Russian forces have liberated 50 imprisoned, emaciated children from an “adrenochrome farm” near Shostka, Ukraine.

According to reports, the children’s captors had drained their brittle young bodies of blood and adrenal fluid so frequently that their survival depended on being fed intravenously and kept in states of medically induced coma.

This is a highly significant discovery by Russian forces that could change the course of history because Putin is determined to use the leads generated to destroy the global adrenochrome supply chain and punish those committing crimes against children.

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Global Issues

Does Australia Need a Political Revolution, Like One that’s Likely Coming for Most Western Vassal States?

Does Australia Need a Political Revolution, Like the One that’s Likely Coming for Most Western Vassal States?

Twitter Post By Jamie McIntyre

Does Australia need a political revolution, like the one that’s likely coming for most Western vassal states?

Not just a change in one political party to another globalist-controlled opposition party that happens every 3 years to make us think our team has won, but an entirely new political system that they can’t rig so easily, whereby they can’t control all major parties and make us think we have a choice?

One Flew Over the Chickens’ Nest

Bird Flu in Geelong can only mean one thing – Antarctic Chickens are coming home to roost. You must be crazy to believe any other explanation.

A private government report obtained this week in response to questions over the decision to kill over 500,000 chickens in Victoria, Australia shows that the people making the decision had no verifiable evidence of a high risk infectious outbreak.

The chicken farms that were claimed to be infected were so distant from any possible bird source that it was unlikely or impossible to have happened without deliberate intervention or manipulation of testing.

The CSIRO, the Australian equivalent of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, is the closest possible source of the “outbreak” and it is not the first time they have been involved in the emergence of “new” viruses.

The chicken cull would appear to be a manufactured crisis.

Now, you might think that isn’t that much of a story – after all our food safety is paramount, so if there is a flock of chooks that is infected we need to act early and cull them, right?

Not so fast. Bird flu is called bird flu because it affects birds. And just as the FDA told us that we are not horses (despite having to take this tweet and webpage down after a court order), we are not birds either. So except in rare and odd circumstances (or some psychopathic scientist decides to make it adapt to humans) bird flu is zero risk to the human population. And once that chook has gone through the fryers at KFC any trace of the chookie sniffles will be long gone anyway.

FDA ivermectin warning: You are not a horse. You are not a cow ...

So what event was so catastrophic that half a million chickens had to be culled (that is, killed, not to be eaten but to be disposed of without ever touching the food chain)?

Apparently an outbreak in three farms of H7N3 bird flu1, with another farm 100km away affected by a different H7 strain – H7N9. And according to WAHIS (the animal outbreak monitoring agency) these are the only outbreaks this year in Australia – and they have appeared almost as far South as you can possibly get.

Near a place called Geelong (in the same state as Melbourne).

Map of the H7 bird flu outbreaks in Southern Australia, all sites within around 100km of Geelong, home of the CSIRO.

Now the interesting thing about the city of Geelong for those who pay attention is that it is the home of Australia’s version of the Wuhan Institute of Virology – the CSIRO. Which of course is completely coincidental because there are obviously other routes that a bird-borne infectious outbreak can take other than being created by a scientific institute famous for manipulating identifying “novel” bat viruses.

As most bird flus are supposed to originate in Asia here is a nice map view of the route that the infected birds would take to get to Geelong. It’s a long way to fly, which may be why there isn’t any “naturally occurring” H5N1 (Asian Bird Flu) in Australia2. And if there were infectious diseases coming from Asia, you would see them in Queensland or the Northern Territories first.

In fact most Asian birds tend not to migrate to Australia at all, which is partly why Australian birds are different from the rest of the world including such oddities as the Kookaburra, Black Swan, Cassowary and Ibis (commonly known as a bin chook for its uncanny ability to get food out of public dustbins).

So, if Australia is going to get H5N1 Bird Flu naturally it is going to be a bit of a tall order…


The clucky Bird Flu perpetrators come through the back door, from Antarctica.

Well of course Australia’s national broadcaster the ABC is one step ahead of you there with this amazingly clever prebunking video including CNN-level “dead-birds-in-a-row” staged dead bird carnage images, to really make you think it’s bad out there.

And if you REALLY aren’t sure how DEADLY this is, we are not only going to show you dead pelicans lined up on snow but WE ARE GOING TO PUT 100 MILLION KILLED IN RED – and make it look like the COVID dashboard.

There. Are you scared yet? No? Well we haven’t finished. Certainly Jo Sillince, CEO of the “Australian Chicken Growers Council” isn’t, because she appears in both the ABC’s news article telling us how scary this could all be AND in the video above telling us that the main risk is from Antarctica.

Woman wearing a pink shirt and scarf stands opening farm gate, with green rural setting in the background
Joanne Sillince CEO of the Australian Chicken Growers Council (Image ABC)

So, if you’re not scared of Joanne, or the ABC, you damn well better be because there is BIRD FLU COMING FROM ANTARCTICA TO KILL THE CHICKENS.

And, not wanting to point out the obvious or anything but getting bird flu from Antarctica is not that easy. You see the major migration patterns of birds don’t really include a pathway from Antarctica to Australia.

The migration routes of migrant birds in all the world. There are eight...

And even if the odd Antarctic Albatross were to accidentally find its way to the coffee shops of Melbourne it would have struggled to pick up an Asian bird flu in the snowy wastes of Antarctica.

And then there are the penguins. Penguins are birds, in case you didn’t know. They can fly but only in the fluid medium of water (most birds fly in the fluid medium of water vapour, i.e. air). So they could make it to the south coast of Australia to drop their bird flu droppings – but not much further without a long walk. And if you saw a family of penguins on the road to Geelong I’m pretty sure you would have seen it in the news.

And just before we start with the real story of what is going on I need to give some background on Michelle Wille, friend and multiple co-author of Edward Holmes, multiple co-author of the EcoHealth scientists discussed further below.

Michelle is the senior scientist in the “Antarctic Chickens” video above and essentially runs the “scary virus” campaigns in Australia, sucking up huge amounts of funding for “pandemic preparedness” which never actually prevents pandemics.

Here she is attempting to scare the beejezus out of you with an article in the Conversation, which hosted the very same buddy Eddie Holmes two years ago with a similar story telling us how we were all crazy for thinking that COVID came from a lab. Except it turns out that it did.

Can you see how this works?

  1. Create virus using either an existing virus, or a novel virus, or a manipulated virus
  2. Create scare about virus, even if it’s not that dangerous (if at all)
  3. Create bogeyman conspiracy theorist for public ridicule if anybody questions the creation of a virus
  4. Rinse and repeat, taking in millions of dollars of public funding to “prevent” the next scary virus that you don’t prevent at all

The Crazy Explanations

So could there be another explanation than Antarctic chickens flying over the Southern Ocean and infecting their temperate brethren?

Well, given that the CSIRO is in the very neighbourhood that the majority of the outbreaks are we might want to look there to see if, perhaps, they might possibly have had anything to do with a N7N3 outbreak next door, or if in fact a H7N3 outbreak is of any consequence at all.

So let’s look at the two scenarios (which are not mutually exclusive) but before we do just a little reminder of the reason for the title for those that are not old enough to remember one of the most awarded films of all time.

I was contemplating captioning it, but I’ll leave it like this for now.

Movie Review: One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest (1975) | The Ace Black Blog
Jack Nicholson in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”

Crazy Explanation 1 (the Scary Spillover Virus)

In this scenario this specific and scary influenza strain leaked from the CSIRO and got onto the farm, killed some birds and so a lockdown had to be imposed.

Sounds familiar?

Maybe they had to go in white suits and weld the chicken coop door closed and there will be videos soon of chickens (non-Antarctic variety) dropping down dead on the farm path. With masks on.

The problem is that the CSIRO has form. It was rightly implicated as a co-contributor to the Wuhan SARS-Cov-2 origins in Sharri Markson’s exposé two years ago which you can see in this 10 minute clip from Sky News

Now of course for any institution to be involved with manipulating viruses in order to make them “different” for a specific purpose you would expect that they would be affiliated with one of those DURC programs.. that is, “Dual Use Research of Concern” which is WHO-speak for “we are saying that we are making vaccines but actually we are working with the US military doing, you know, US military stuff”.

And, if they were doing such things you would probably find a trail of involvement with the following institutions, which enjoy funding from the US military through DARPA (the progeny of Operation Paperclip as discussed recently)

Phew. No CSIRO here, just the usual suspects UC DavisEcoHealth (Peter Daszak’s organisation implicated in the origin of COVID) and Metabiota, the organisation linked to Hunter Biden’s Rosemont Seneca3. All super nice people. And all working under the umbrella of the fluffy sounding:

OneHealth Institute”.

Src: CanariesBlue on twitter

It’s all very “sustainable goals” – aka global fascism – under the umbrella of “global health”. Except these people want to be in charge of your global health, whether you consent or not.

What Is the "One Health" Approach? - LabEuropa

Now, if the person involved in creating the COVID virus at the Wuhan Institute of Virology was commonly known as “BatWoman” her equivalent at the CSIRO would be Gary Crameri.

Gary CRAMERI | Research Scientist | BSc | Australian Animal Health ...

You could previously see him talking about the CSIRO’s fabulous achievement finding the “origin of the virus SARS” back in the day but the ABC deleted the video in 20204, presumably because there was something in it that implicated either Crameri or the CSIRO in gain of function (DURC) research. At least you get to hear what Gary had to say because the ABC forgot to delete the audio.

Of course there is no reason to believe or confirm that “Chinese horseshoe bats” created SARS any more than a Pangolin and a bat created “COVID”5, but what we do know is that Gary Crameri was one of the authors on this seminal paper and you can see who the other authors are here:

For those not aware, Lin-Fa Wang and Peter Daszak are the prime movers in the Ecohealth Alliance (the main protagonist implicated in the creation of COVID) along with Zeng-Li Shi from Wuhan. Of course the authors declare “no conflicts of interest” but back in the day taking money from US military funding sources USAID and PREDICT was probably not considered a “conflict”, presumably because at that time very few people knew that the US military were continuing to commit war crimes by manipulating pathogens in contravention of the BWC.

If you read the above note at the end of their paper it is also worth knowing that “State Key Program” is the CCP’s (Chinese Communist Party’s) scientific funding stream.

Further reading into Lin-Fa Wang shows that his primary affiliation is with Duke University in Singapore from where he runs the PREPARE program, essentially Asia’s version of the PREDICT program and similar to the PREEMPT program. All of these are essentially schemes that funnel hundreds of millions of dollars from the US taxpayer via USAID and DARPA (Paperclip’s nightmare progeny) to scientists to (purportedly) swab bat bums and never actually ever create a single drug of benefit to the people funding them.

One of a multitude of funding streams from the US military to the CSIRO for “Pandemic preparedness” which would likely not be necessary if the US military stopped making viruses.

Note that the above DARPA grant included a CSIRO-linked company called “Autonomous Therapeutics” who make “Encrypted RNA” which isn’t at all creepy and really doesn’t sound likely military hardware does it?

Well, whatever it isn’t, it certainly is a vaccine company and this is what we find constantly.

Public money goes to clandestine military organisations
▶The military pays academic institutions to conduct “viral research” to “prepare for a pandemic”
▶A pandemic of varying severity happens, annually
▶More viral research happens as a result of the “pandemic”
▶New vaccines are pushed on the public to “counteract the pandemic” that never would have happened if they hadn’t been making viruses.
▶The proceeds from the vaccines go to the scientists and pharma companies who used public money to do the research

Nice money laundering job if you can get it. It’s called “double dipping”.

All the institutions and people involved are of course chummy with each other and they all want to tell us how important they are. Here is Colin Carlson from UC Davis (again), who declares “no conflicts of interest” despite his institute being funded by the Rockefeller foundation, who are basically BigPharma and having received $100m from USAID for “pandemic preparedness” under the “OneHealth” (aka Ecohealth) umbrella6.

Colin J Carlson who declared “no competing interests” in this ridiculous editorial yet whose department is funded by the Rockefeller foundation

So, now you know who most of the players are in this “pandemic preparedness” racket it is worth knowing that the team from the CSIRO have form with “finding viruses” that then are used to create “new vaccines”. The very same people did this with the Hendra virus (conveniently discovered in Australia in 1994 and appearing in very sporadic Ebola-like outbreaks) and for which the CSIRO’s “Hendra team” won an award for creating a vaccine, marketed by Zoetis (the veterinary branch of Pfizer) in 2013. The vaccine itself was authorised in 2012, just one year (conveniently) after a sudden and dramatic increase in cases over an 8 week period in 2011, where there were more cases than the 20 years prior.

Of course the vaccine was “safe and effective” (unless you ask the horse owners) and for a disease that was rare, yet enforced on the horse trainers as a mandate. Does that sound familiar? No vaccine = No veterinary service.

Furthermore, if you’re paying attention you will see the same players involved – Linfa Wang and Gary Crameri along with the department head Deborah Middleton.

And these are the same people (with the addition of Hume Field of Ecohealth) who incidentally “discovered a novel strain of Hendra-like virus from bats” in 2012, which they called the Cedar Virus.

The Cedar virus was not only totally new, but the very same people patented it. Which means it was also synthetic (because you can’t patent something that exists in nature unless you manipulate it in some way to make it different). Of course it is purely coincidental that this group also created a totally novel bat cell line only two years earlier, by adding the oncogenes SV40 and hTERT to bat cells.

And where did the funding for that “let’s make a bat cell line we can passage viruses through” work come from? The US military of course7, via a guy called Chris Broder and the NIAID (Tony Fauci’s organisation). You really can’t make this stuff up.

And why am I telling you about all these people linked to the CSIRO and OneHealth?

It’s because last week, while we were being dripfed guano from the ABC about Antarctic chickens, there was a meeting held about the “urgent risk of H5N1 bird flu in Australia” – which of course the scene had been set by the culling of birds because of an “outbreak” of a totally different bird flu (H7 remember?).

And who was hosting this meeting? One Health of course, cleverly disguised as the “Centre for Infectious Diseases and Microbiology” but which is just one big web of vested interest microbiology groups coordinating with OneHealth.

The big players were here – including Dr Michelle Wille who is the person in the ABC video early telling us that the scary bird flu is coming from the Antarctic Chickens or whatever. Here she is too, receiving an award for her work with Eddie Holmes in 20208:

To make sure everybody sings from the correct hymn sheet OneHealth now have their own department at NSW Health (the main health body in Australia who drive most policy) – although you can’t find it. It only exists in certain documents, such as the program above (full program posted in footnotes)9.

The head of OneHealth-NSWHealth is Keira Glasgow who was on that panel.

And also on the panel is Frank Wong from the CSIRO showing the audience how scary H5N1 (the one that really can’t get to Australia without external help from “scientists”) is.

Notice the “spillover” idea where the bird flu suddenly turns into a mammalian high risk pathogen. That doesn’t happen without help of places like the CSIRO. It’s just a thing you see in movies and in labs. It happens in labs because viruses are repeatedly passaged through specific cell types, like the ones that the CSIRO created for this purpose. For example, the “UK variant of COVID” (N501Y) was made this way in 202010.

But there are two important things to note at this point

  1. The “scary” flu strain is H5N1, but it can’t get to Australia unless somebody brings it here – or makes it here
  2. The not-so-scary one is H7N3, which is the excuse the government used to cull 500,000 chickens.

The second of these, H7N3, is essentially endemic and so we are going to discuss it in the next section.

But H5N1 is problematic and given that Australia is naturally protected from it, the last thing you would want is the CSIRO doing live experiments with H5N1.

Well, it’s too late. Because they already are. From our government report:

Q: Were any experiments being conducted using live H5N1, H7N9 or H7N3 influenza, or clones of these 3 strains of influenza, at the CSIRO during 2021–24?

A: During the relevant time period, CSIRO staff working in high biocontainment conditions and to strict regulatory measures conducted live virus experimental work with a range of H5N1 subtypes to improve our understanding of the virus. No experiments were done with live H7N3 or H7N9 viruses.


The CSIRO, who have been deeply involved in discovering, manipulating and synthesising high risk viruses are now telling us that H5N1 is coming to Australia.

Yet because it is not possible to arrive in Australia naturally we are going to risk bringing it to Australia by "science", conducting high risk studies on a virus that does not need to be studied in Australia. 

The only conclusion is that any H5N1 outbreak in Australia can now be assumed to originate at the CSIRO

Now you have got this far, nurse Ratched just need to check that you have taken your meds and you are not going to revolt at the next bit which outlines the more likely explanation of what happened in Victoria (as opposed to what might happen).

Movie Review: "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" (1975) | Lolo Loves Films

Crazy Explanation 2 (the Endemic Virus)

This explanation is much simpler but shows how the propaganda works. If you’ve been paying attention you would realise that all the bluster is about scary H5N1, which isn’t in Australia (at least not in any meaningful way), which can’t infect humans without manipulation and for which “vaccines” are already on their way 🙄.

Yet the cull of 500,000 birds was made mostly on the basis of an outbreak of H7N3 near Geelong. That is, a H7 bird flu.

Well, H7 is a different kettle of Antarctic chickens altogether. According to a recent paper from the very same people that are discussed above (Michelle Wille, Eddie Holmes, Frank Wong) conducting research at same institutions (CSIRO and others with funding from the Australian Government and NIAID grants), H7 appears to be pretty much endemic in Australia.

Here’s the paper

And here is the distribution of types according to the paper, showing a pretty strong distribution of H7 types amongst all the various strains detected

And in the supplementary there is this pretty chart, which shows the probability of sequencing a particular genome from a sample that “tests positive” by PCR.

Probability of success of getting full sequences of H7N3 from Australian birds, which correlates to infectivity. Ct values higher than 28 represent mostly “junk”

It’s very enlightening, and shows that the more strongly the PCR test is positive (by a lower Ct value), the more likely that the sample can produce a valid sequence. This was also well known during “COVID” where the CDC dictated that for a positive “COVID test” any value of Ct greater than 28 was pretty useless for gene sequencing11.

For the same reason, most infectious samples are found where the Ct value is well below 25 cycles. This is because the PCR test can pick up non-infectious fragments of RNA and can’t differentiate those from actively infectious particles. However, the lower the value the more likely the infectious particles are to be intact and hence infectious.

The higher the Ct threshold (the Ct value below which you call the test positive), the more likely to you are to be picking up non-infectious junk. As you can see from the chart, the point at which the test moves from “likely infectious” to “picking up junk” is somewhere around 30-35 at most.

So, the government was asked what values they were using to detect Antarctic Chicken Flu on the bird farms that they have isolated it from.

This is what was returned:

Information regarding the following 6 questions has been requested from CSIRO, the Commonwealth Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) and Agriculture Victoria:  

1.    How many individual animals have been tested at each of the three sites (ie Terang, Meredith and Lethbridge)?
2.    How many chickens at each site were found to have tested positive?
3.    How many individual cases of each H7N9 and H7N3 were found at each site?
4.    How many deaths (due to infection, not cull) have been recorded at each site?

Questions 1-4: Confirming these are questions best directed to Agriculture Victoria as CSIRO does not have this information

5.    If PCR was the primary testing modality, is it yet known at what Ct value were the tests performed or claimed to be positive at?

Ct values for realtime PCR assays have to be interpreted in the context of the test system for which they have been validated and do not provide an absolute comparator outside of that context. The assays used by CSIRO’s Australian Centre for Disease Preparedness, which are validated as a part of our ISO 17025 accredited quality system, are considered to be positive for a Ct value of 40 or below, negative for a Ct value above 45 and indeterminate between these values. Other laboratories will however establish their own cutoff values in accordance with their own accreditation systems.

So, not only do the CSIRO and DAFF not know where the testing was done, who did it, how many chickens were positive, what Ct values they were positive at and how many actually died of Antarctic Chicken flu.

Two antarctic chickens and a panda
Antarctic panda chickens. They are not real.

Despite not knowing whether their testing means anything at all, or even whether any chickens were ill or died as a result of an outbreak of an endemic virus, that doesn’t affect humans in any way…

The government, guided by the CSIRO and presumably OneHealth, decided to kill more than 500,000 chickens.

And nobody knows who signed the order.

Which sounds very much like COVID, as we explained earlier in the year, where the “COVID test” drove the pandemic protocol changes that almost certainly killed more people than would have died if no testing had been performed at all and patients had instead been treated for the consequences of infection, such as bacterial pneumonia, as they had been for decades.
And just like COVID with its anonymous protocols and guidelines arising from the WHO’s “MAGICapp”, nobody knows who made the decision.

In their own words and after a second request:

Q: Please provide the department name or contact who can provide information on the decision to cull the birds.

A: Agriculture Victoria is part of the Victorian Government’s Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (DEECA) and is responsible for regulating biosecurity threats and emergencies in the state. It is likely to be the best contact for this information. Contact information is provided on the ‘Contact us’ webpage.


So there you have it. Nobody knows anything, but half a millions chickens were killed and now there is an egg shortage. Who would have thought?

Yet, in order to justify this cull, OneHealth and their affiliated organisations were recruited to propagandise a different Pandemic Influenza that has never reached Australia and that doesn’t naturally affect the human population, just to confuse the public.

Those very organisations are paid hundreds of millions of dollars from the public to continue these scares to justify their existence, when it is possible – if not now likely – that every “pandemic” this century was precipitated by the actions of those very same organisations.

It needs to stop. If you are going to destroy the food supply, at least have the decency to produce verifiable evidence for your overzealous overreaction on request.

Meanwhile all of us whom the government silenced and called “crazy conspiracy theorists” should now go back to the Cuckoo’s nest for our next round of medication from Nurse Ratched.

For our safety, of course.



State Of Affairs

US Intelligence has been Struck by the Speed and Extent to which Russia has Strengthened its Security Relations with Iran, North Korea and China Since the Outbreak of the Conflict in Ukraine

US Intelligence has been Struck by the Speed and Extent to which Russia has Strengthened its Security Relations with Iran, North Korea, and China Since the Outbreak of the Conflict in Ukraine

By Zlatti71

US intelligence has been struck by the speed and extent to which Russia has strengthened its security relations with Iran, North Korea, and China since the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine.

Military cooperation has grown closer since February 2022 and has seen the allies share sensitive technologies that could threaten the United States and its partners long after the conflict in Ukraine ends.

Russia and its allies have entered into agreements to jointly produce weapons, which improves the long-term capabilities of all parties.

The Wall street journal / ISZ reports.

Original source:

State Of Affairs

Tucker Carlson Issues an Urgent Warning to Australians

Tucker Carlson Issues an Urgent Warning to Australians

By verica

Tucker Carlson issues an urgent warning to Australians

Tucker Carlson has claimed Australian politicians responsible for enforcing strict lockdowns during the pandemic should be jailed and also slammed Anthony Albanese for allowing record levels of immigration to Australia.

The former Fox News host, who is on a speaking tour Down Under, said he was appalled at the restrictive lockdowns imposed on Aussies and called for political leaders to be held accountable.

‘Putting your own citizens in concentration camps is insane and I hope the people who did that go to jail for it,’ Carlson told Daily Mail Australia.

Original source:

COVID 19 deaths and injuries

American Stand-up Comedian, Jimmy Dore: “I took the Moderna Vaccine, I Got Vaccine Injured… When I Looked into it, I Found out we were being Lied to about Everything”

American Stand-up Comedian, Jimmy Dore: “I took the Moderna Vaccine, I Got Vaccine Injured… When I Looked into it, I Found out we were being Lied to about Everything”

By Wide Awake Media

American stand-up comedian, Jimmy Dore: “I took the Moderna vaccine, I got vaccine injured… When I looked into it, I found out we were being lied to about everything.”

“They lied about masks, they lied about herd immunity, they lied about natural immunity, they lied about transmission, they lied about contraction. There wasn’t a thing they didn’t lie about.”

“That’s why they told you ‘please don’t do your own research’. Because if you did, you’d find out that this was a big scam, and everybody was lying to you about it from start to finish.”

Original source:


It wasn’t only Pfizer that “Misled the Public that it had a Safe and Effective Vaccine”

It wasn’t only Pfizer that “Misled the Public that it had a Safe and Effective Vaccine”

By Craig Kelly

It wasn’t only Pfizer that “misled the public that it had a safe and effective vaccine”

It was the TGA, the entire Australian Government health bureaucracy, every State Chief Medical officier, the ABC, Nine, The Australian, 2GB, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Morrison, Albanese, Dan Andrews, Berejiklian & all the other State Premiers, the Liberal & Labor parties, the Greens & Teals, the Federal Court, the Fair Work Commission, the CEO of Qantas and every other big corporate that imposed mandates, etc, etc, etc – they ALL MISLED THE PUBLIC !!

Original source:

Global Issues

AI Will Cause ‘Painful Transition’ for World Economy: IMF

AI Will Cause ‘Painful Transition’ for World Economy: IMF


The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is warning that the world economy will likely face a “painful transition” as artificial intelligence (AI) pushes “large swaths” of people out of work for extended periods.

“New generative-AI technologies hold immense potential for boosting productivity and improving the delivery of public services, but the sheer speed and scale of the transformation also raise concerns about job losses and greater inequality,” the IMF wrote in a Monday blog post.

In an accompanying paper released Monday, the agency argued that countries should strengthen their social safety nets and invest in education and training to help workers adjust amid the AI transition.

“Adequately distributing the gains and opportunities is necessary not just to protect the vulnerable and ensure social cohesion, but also to fully harness the opportunities presented by gen AI,” the paper reads.

“By offering financial support during unemployment, promoting new skills acquisition, and creating a safety net, social protection systems can help individuals adapt to job market changes,” it continues.

The IMF also suggested in the paper that nations reconsider corporate tax incentives that encourage rapid labor displacement, increase taxes on capital income to mitigate rising inequality, and levy taxes to offset carbon emissions from energy-hungry AI servers.

Following the massive success of OpenAI’s ChatGPT tool, major tech companies, like Google and Meta, have raced to release their own AI models, fueling the rapid development of the technology.

More than a third of U.S. workers said they worry that AI will reduce their hours or salary or cost them their jobs entirely, according to a pair of YouGov surveys released in April. Some 36 percent said they are concerned AI will take over their jobs, and another 43 percent think the technology will reduce the number of jobs in their industries.

Original source:

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