Truth Talks are apart of the TruthGroup which also owns the fast growing censor social media platform,

Partner with TruthTalks and Get paid to share content

To potentially earn as little as $1000 to $4000 per month, or as much as $203,000 USD pa or for Influencers and Publishers, content creators, as much as $1 million per annum

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Truth Talks Partner Opportunity

TruthTalks also has launched an online business model whereby individuals can build a global online business, and earn a part time or full time income by being involved with TruthTalks by affiliate marketing TruthTalks online and live events.

This is designed to bring much needed income and revenue to those in the freedom movement, as a well funded army is critical to defeat the Billionaire elite using their wealth to push their Great Reset Agenda, where “ you’ll own nothing and be happy “.

It’s Free to Partner with TruthTalks by becoming an Affiliate

How do I make money by partnering with TruthTalks?

It’s incredibly simple.

TruthTalks goal is to help the Great Awakening, help defeat the Globalist’s, Great Reset Agenda, headed up by the WEF Chairman Klaus Schwab.

To help us reach more people in time to save humanity from being enslaved by the Globalists. You can partner with us, and get an online partner/affiliate link, instantly. It’s free to join as a TruthTalks partner/affiliate. You can use our Independent News partner’s content to share, or your own content, to share across social media, Telegram groups etc. And, you can email lists, you may have or joint venture with, or you can build from online marketing, run online ads, or network with others. Simply add your TruthTalks partner/affiliate link at the bottom of the articles, memes, pictures, etc that you are sharing, at the bottom of the article.
You can also register your own domain to divert your link to and or have your own website or webpage built if you wish.

When web traffic clicks on your partner/affiliate link, they get sent to the website but tracked to your link. They then can, get their free 6 months new subscription, and or join, a censor free social media alternative to Facebook.

They’ll also be added to the TruthTalks database, and updated about TruthTalks subscriptions, such as TruthMed, and others, and our events.

A % of the leads will resonate with what TruthTalks is about, and enrol into the subscriptions or events, and this is linked to your affiliate link.

You’ll earn 50-75% of revenue on your qualifying sales.

Some users may want to become a partner/ affiliate with TruthTalks also, and they will become part of your team, and be tracked by your link. You’ll get dashboard access to show you, who is opting in or buying TruthTalk programs via your link. You’ll be paid monthly, your 50-75% revenue share. Programs and subscriptions are based in USD and can be paid to any bank account in the world.

TruthTalks also accepts TruthCoin as an 80% payment. ( )
The Level 1 subscription with TruthTalks is called Truth Med, for Truth in Medicine. It is $495 USD annually. $49 per month but sold at an annual discounted rate. You would earn 50%, up to 75% of this, subject to whatever level 1-5 program, you are qualified at with TruthTalks.

You qualify on a level, by either making one sale at Level 1-5 or by personally buying any of the level 1-5 programs.

If you join the level 1 program and purchase the Truth Med subscription for $495 USD, you earn 50% on the next sale.

Then you earn on your 4th and 6th sale, then every sale thereafter, except every 6th sale.

If you join at levels 1-3 combined, ie called Fast Track, which is $2985 USD, you will earn 60% not 50% on every qualifying sale.

60% of $2985 USD is almost $1800 USD per sale.

If you join “ All In “, being level 1-4 programs, or $7985 USD Investment, you earn 70% of each sale you qualify on.

Ie your 2nd, 4th and 6th sale, then every sale except every 6th sale thereafter.
Note if you purchase any of the programs, it counts as a sale to you.

Note: your first sale can be your own personal purchase.
By making a personal purchase, not only do you get to know the products, but get to attend the events, and earn income faster by instant qualification.

For those with larger Databases, or influencers, or willing to advertise to build a database, and want to earn the $1 million per annum type endorsement income. Then Level 1-5, being Centurion Membership of $22,985 USD investment, means you earn 75% on your very first sale. Then on your 4th,6th and every sale thereafter except every 6th sale. 75% of the revenue is a massive $17,238 USD per qualifying sale.

But remember you can also build a team globally, as many will want to partner and refer others by becoming an affiliate. You will earn on their sales as well. You earn on their 1st, 3rd and 5th sales on every level sale plus every 6th sale( as long as you are qualified on that level sale, otherwise the qualifying person whose team you joined under earns that income instead of you. Thus it’s best to qualify at higher levels to avoid missing out on larger incomes.) So it’s best you decide which level of income you would like.
To earn potentially $1000-$4000 per month, then it’s suggested you join at the Fast Track level 1-3 being $2895 USD

To potentially earn $203,000 USD Per Annum, then join at the “All In “ 1-4 levels, being $7985 USD. Or to potentially earn the $1 million per annum levels then become a Centurion Member, being levels 1-5, $22985 USD level.

Of course, no income can be guaranteed and success will vary.

Truth Talks is endorsed by the following Independent Media sites and Not for Profit Organisations.

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How to potentially earn an extra $1000 to $4000 per month to fight inflation and the Globalists

Many freedom fighters find themselves spending most of their time researching about the Globalists agenda and how it must be stopped. Then they are sharing the content to help awaken enough others in time to save humanity, but still struggle financially. No doubt as many either lost their job,because they refused to get vaxxed or have suffered a loss of income from the lockdowns, or discrimination for ones stance.

So one solution can be to partner with TruthTalks, and continue to share content (but simply add your TruthTalks affiliate link in your telegram and social media posts). You can access one instantly simply joining as an affiliate, one can earn potentially $1000 to $4000 per month extra simply from promoting the affiliate link as many will over time enrol into TruthTalk subscriptions or events.

To earn $1000 to $4000 per month it’s recommended to start at Fast Start Level 1-3 Packages (which your link will share access to join a 6 month free Independent news subscription, and access to our censor free Social Media Platform, and from there many will later upgrade to paid subscriptions or events over time)

The Fast start level 1-3 programs total $2985 USD

Here’s how you could potentially earn $203,000 USD online per annum with just 12 clients per year

TruthTalks has been designed to help the freedom movement, lovers of free speech, libertarians, and others who care about ensuring a civil and democratic society. Also for anyone, to be able to earn an income, from anywhere in the world.

Here is an example of the earning potential, from just 12 clients referred per annum, from you sharing your partner/ affiliate link that’s free to join.

If they enrol into the Level 1 program, called Truth Med, and over the course of the year, upgrade to Levels 2 and 3 of the TruthTalk Program.

Each client, or partner/affiliate, that enrols from you promoting your affiliate link,( you can get it instantly by registering for free today). You will qualify to earn a revenue share of up to a massive 75%, on every second sale from the first 6 sales referred from your partner/affiliate link, and then every sale thereafter, except every 6th sale. From the initial 12 sales, you would earn on 8 of those sales( being every 2nd sale from the first 6, being 3 of the first 6 sales, then 5 of the next 6 sales. 5 plus 3 sales, being 8 sales from 12 sales).

If you earn just 50% ( 50-75% you’ll earn of this revenue, subject to what level you are qualified at ) 50% of $7250 is $3625 by 8 sales is $29,000 USD in total. ( $3625 by 8 )

Plus with the leverage of the system, you can earn an extra $174,000 per annum from your clients or affiliates that join, by them doing the same. You would earn on every second sale they generate, plus every 6th sale, with no limit to how many you can refer.

This means, that out of their first 12 sales, you would earn on 4 of those sales,( 3 of the first 6 sales than every 6th sale ) $14,500, ( $3625 by 4) based on just 50% revenue share. Remember if you qualify at Level 3 you earn 60%, not 50%, or at Level 4, you earn 70% and at level 5, 75%.

How do I qualify at a level?
You qualify at any level, by making just one sale ie referral, at that level.
Or you can make a personal purchase at any level, and instantly qualify. This is what most choose to do.
It’s recommended that if you want to increase your success potential, consider investing in the TruthTalks programs, and immerse yourself in a life changing education, plus you can become an example for others to follow.

Remember just 12 clients/affiliates by $14,500, comes to a total of $174,000, plus the $29,000 from your 12 client sales, in the first year, being a Grand Total of $203,000 USD.
Of course, you can refer more than 12 clients. You can refer hundreds.
You simply deduct your marketing costs, and the rest is profit.

Plus many will upgrade to level 4 and 5 programs which means your income can accelerate and compound, which makes a large 6-7 income more achievable.

How hard is it to generate an income by partnering with TruthTalks?
If you already share content across Telegram and Social Media, then simply add your affiliate link to the end of the articles you are sharing.
When you share your articles and grow your following, more and more will click on your affiliate link, which in turn this traffic is linked to you. Over time, a % will enrol into TruthTalks subscriptions, starting from just $495 USD yearly for TruthMed. Or to $15,000 to be a Centurion Member. You will earn on qualifying sales 50-75% of the revenue.

Why is TruthTalks so generous with its revenue share?
It’s because it’s established as a not for profit, and the majority of revenue goes to the freedom movement to help fund the freedom movement’s activism, and to support the Great Awakening, to prevent the billionaire Globalist’s Great Reset Agenda. We believe the freedom movement must become more effective at raising funds, to fight its causes, as it’s up against very wealthy adversaries. TruthTalks can help anyone, including publishers of independent news, citizen Journalists, influencers, digital marketers, protesters, content creators, speakers and independent journalists, monetise their current activities. By simply sharing the truth with a growing audience, desperate to know the truth.

75% on a $495 USD sale is almost $350 USD, or on a $15,000 USD sale alone is $11,250 USD. If you already have a list or following, then ones income can grow much faster. Or you can also advertise with online ads cheaply. Plus at Level 4, you currently receive $1000 in advertising credit or a massive $10,000 in advertising credit at Level 5. This can be used across our Independent Media partners, and censor free social media platforms. These also are an ideal target audience.

How to earn almost a million dollars USD by playing your part to help bring down the Globalists and their “Great Reset Agenda"

If you were to generate just 12 clients from the sharing of your partner/affiliate link over the course of a year, that enrol in Levels 1-5 the Centurion Membership level, be $22985 USD.

You qualify to earn on your 2nd,4th, and 6th sale and then every sale until the 12th sale ( after 6 sales you earn on every 5 sales and the 6th sale is payable to your qualifying sponsor,

So you earn 8 of the initial 12 sales.( note one of these 12 sales can be your personal sale )

At the Centurion Level, you qualify for a 75% revenue share

75% of the Centurion Level 1-5 programs is $22,985 USD by 75% is $17238.75 USD

By 8 is $137,910 USD

If your 12 clients were to refer others and this was replicated.

You earn on their 1st,3rd and 5th sales then every 6 th sale they make after their first 6 sales.

This means you earn on 4 sales by any referral or affiliate partner.

4 being $68,955 USD

If 12 of your clients achieve this, then you earn $68,955 USD with 12 being $827,460 USD

A total of $965,370 USD almost $1 million

Even if the 12 clients or Partner / Affiliate, only Referred 6 not 12 clients, it would still be close to $750,000 USD

There is no limit to how many clients you can have enrolled into any of the TruthTalk subscriptions and events.

Some will enrol into Level 1-5 upfront, whereby others may start at level 1 $495 Truth Med which you still earn 75% on if you are qualified at the level 1-5 Centurion Level, and they overtime May upgrade to the other level programs, which continues to earn you an ongoing income.

100% Income Guarantee

During Pre Launch, for affiliates who purchase Levels 1-4, or Levels 1-5. You qualify for a 24 month 100% income guarantee. This means that you would be guaranteed to earn a minimum income from investment into the programs you make back within 24 months. TruthTalks can do this by rewarding key partners/ affiliates, with the placement of other clients or affiliates onto your teams to ensure you earn this minimum income. You simply have to remain active as an affiliate over this period and invest a minimum of $250 USD into advertising for 10 of the next 24 months to grow your business.
And you will be guaranteed to earn a minimum income equivalent to the purchase you made into the TruthTalk Program within 24 months. * $250 advertising is via our Independent Media Partners.

Message now on WhatsApp now with any questions on how to get started

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Activist Bonus

For those who qualify at the Level 4 Program, ( to qualify, you simply have to generate one sale of Level 1-4, or it can be a personal sale to yourself)

You qualify to earn an extra 20% bonus, known as an activist bonus. This is to help fund ideally activist work or causes to help the fight back against the Globalists.

The 20% plus the normal 50% of the revenue you get, is a massive 70%.

So a level 1-4 sale is $7985 USD, which you earn 70% on from your very first sale after qualifying.

And every second sale for the first 6 sales, that’s made via your partner /affiliate link, then every sale, except every 6th sale, as it goes to your qualifying sponsor.

Note: as your team of partners/affiliates achieves each level, you are also earning on every second sale they make, for their first 6 sales and then every 6th sale ongoing they make.

Note :as your team of affiliates achieves each level you are also earning on every second sale they make for the first 6 and then every 6th sale ongoing.

Download PDF and PowerPoint to Learn more about how to potentially earn $203,000 USD per annum or more by partnering with TruthTalks

Frequently Asked Questions

Instantly as it’s an online tutorial program and access page.

You can simply ask to be credited to the next event.

No that isn’t necessary. You simply pay the nominal Affiliate fee to become an affiliate.

However you can purchase the programs and have them count as your qualify sale.

You can start instantly. Once your first sale is processed,( either a personal purchase by yourself or a client) you then qualify to earn 75% depending on what level you start at.

You are paid two weeks after the end of each month to your nominated bank account

There is no income guarantee but it’s possible to earn 5,6 or 7 figure incomes. See the example of just 12 clients per year can earn you $203,000 PA USD

There is many ways to do so from sharing articles or content with your affiliate link, across social media and telegram ( don’t spam but share valuable content with your link to generate traffic ) run social media ads, build a group on and place ads to reach other like minded people, network, attend events, protest rallies, flyers, speak to select friends amongst many other ways.

Yes training to assist you and your team to grow will be plus the more successful Affiliates will help you.

Register as an Affiliate here and consider purchasing one or more of the programs to qualify faster and become educated about the TruthTalk products and programs.

It’s for those wanting to earn a larger income faster who start at Level 3 and or have their clients start at level 3

It’s for leaders who want to earn the top income levels and start themselves and or their clients at Level 4


So at this level a $50,000 to $100,000 per month income could be achievable?

Yes for those with an existing database or following, or those who invest into advertising to create one.

However at the moment your level 1-5 includes a large advertising credit of $10,000 USD

It’s simple

You simply email TruthTalks after your purchase and they’ll arrange for you to be able to run, banner ads,already created, across our Independent News Media partners, and and, and ads posted to our independent news media Telegram threads, and also you can have email blasts sent to Independent News media databases.

So if I start at only Level 1,being $495 USD,what % revenue do I earn on qualifying sales?

You would earn 50%,starting on your very next sale, if you qualified by purchasing the $495 Level 1 Truth Med subscription.


If you start at level 1, or Level 1-2, you earn 50% on every qualifying sale.

Level 1- 3, which is also known as Fast Track, being $2985 USD, you would earn 60% on all qualifying sales

If you start at Levels 1-4, being “ All In “ , being $7985 USD, you earn 70% revenue on all qualifying sales.

And 75% if you start at the top level 1-5, being $22,985 USD

Levels 1-3 Fast Start and Levels 1-4 being All In.

However level 1-5 is attractive to those with some capital available, especially as it includes $10,000 USD in advertising credits.

From the first 6 sales you earn on the 2nd, 4th and 6th sale.

If you purchase the programs for yourself, this counts as your first sale.

After 6 sales you earn on every sale, except every 6 th sale.

I’f any of your leads or contacts wants to become a partner/ affiliate, they will go on your team

They have to qualify

On their sales you earn on the 1st,3rd and 5th sale they make and every 6th sale thereafter.

And on every level program as long as you are qualified on that particular level.

Once you decide which level you want to start at, then simply purchase your programs at

Then register as an affiliate on the site and you can start sharing your affiliate / partner link and generating traffic and leads .


You can use any copy TruthTalks has including videos

Plus you can create your own. It just can’t be misleading.

Yes you can.
With Truthcoin you can pay for 80% with it and 20% credit card or bank transfer

If you want to buy more Truthcoin visit crypto exchange.
For info on Truthcoin visit

It’s pro rata
So if 20% paid by credit card and 80% paid by Truthcoin, then you receive 20% commissions in cash and 80% in Truthcoin

Truth Talks combines both online learning
and Global live conferences.

Level 1️⃣ - TruthMed

50% Revenue Share

The initial program is a 12 month subscription which includes access to the TruthMed library of ever expanding knowledge shared by leading independent Doctors and Scientists, including their medical protocols to help those suffering spike protein poisoning from the deadly Covid vaccines, to recover. And also to help better protect the unvaccinated, from the potential spike protein infections, often caused by simply coming into contact with the recently vaccinated (shedding often occurs for 30-40 days after being vaccinated and can infect the unvaccinated, according to recent studies.)


How to help save someone, who has taken the COVID-19 jabs, before it’s too late.

As we’ve seen with the massive Covid fraud, the medical industry, thanks largely to Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates and their fellow vaccine cronies, has become one of the most fraudulent industries on the planet. It is and has used Global Public Health, as a way to funnel hundreds of billions from taxpayers around the world, into their pockets and the pockets of big Pharma. Effectively creating a Medical Industrial Complex that has no bounds. By it working with intelligence agencies, and large groups, funded by the likes of the Rockefeller Foundation, and Gates and Fauci’s control of Us Government Medical Agencies. They have been able to hype, and rebrand influenza into a supposed Global Pandemic, fooling billions, and rape and pillaging country after countries health budgets for their greedy financial gains, and cause unnecessary deaths from deadly and dangerous Covid 19 vaccines, banning effective treatments such as ivermectin and hydroxy chloroquine. They also fraudently had approvals for treatments like Remdesivir , a banned Ebola drug, that kills patients in 6-10 days added as a Covid treatment despite knowing it kills fast. But one needs deaths to pull off a falsified pandemic that even in Gates words recently “ has a low fatality rate much like a flu and seems to only afflict the elderly”.

Level 2️⃣ - TruthEd

50% Revenue Share

Level 2nd includes Truth Ed, which covers hundreds of online video tutorials of over 30 leading educators, covering success in business, finance,career , life and emotional intelligence, taught by those with a PhD in Real Life Results not theory.


Our outdated 19th Century falsified education system has clearly failed us in the west. It’s not just hopelessly outdated, by more of an indoctrination into the Western “ Cult” of the lies about our history and our so called democracies, when all along the West has been a manipulated Oligarchy run by the elite who via NGO’s control and influence both the media and our Governments.

The system is rigged and is facing collapse.

To not just survive but excel in the new world requires a real life education, taught by those with a PhD in Results, not theory. Creating future leaders that can critically think, utilise common sense and have a desire to make humanity better.

Education is the key to success, but it must be the right education, and teaching skills required in a rapidly changing world.

TruthEd has partnered with 21st Century Education and over 30 leading educators to bring you a modern day online education for an affordable subscription fee, for education that people have happily paid tens of thousands for over the last 25 years.

Message now on WhatsApp now with any questions on how to get started

Fast Start Earn 60%

(Levels 1, 2 and 3 combined paid upfront)

60% Revenue Share

$2985 USD


By starting a the “ Fast Start “ level you will qualify to earn 60% revenue on your very first sale

50% of $2985 USD means you earn almost $1800 on every qualifying sale you make.

Note you earn on every 2nd,4th,6th sale plus then every sale except every 6th sale.
But note, on your team of partners/ affiliates that join from your link you will earn 50% revenue on their 1st,3rd and 5th sale and every 6th sale after their first 6 sales on every level 1-5 that you are qualified on.

Note you can use a personal purchase of each level to qualify instantly at that level or simply make one sale at that level.

All In Earn 70%

(Being Levels 1,2, 3 and 4 combined)

70% revenue share

$7985 USD


If you start at the “All In level“ you also for a limited time qualify for $1000 in advertising credit.

This advertising credit can be used to run ads across and other TruthGroup platforms, plus across its Independent Media Global News Platforms.

Activist Bonus

For those who qualify at the Level 4 Program, ( to qualify, you simply have to generate one sale of Level 1-4, or it can be a personal sale to yourself)

You qualify to earn an extra 20% bonus, known as an activist bonus. This is to help fund ideally activist work or causes to help the fight back against the Globalists.

The 20% plus the normal 50% of the revenue you get, is a massive 70%.

So a level 1-4 sale is $7985 USD, which you earn 70% on from your very first sale after qualifying.

And every second sale for the first 6 sales, that’s made via your partner /affiliate link, then every sale, except every 6th sale, as it goes to your qualifying sponsor.

Note: as your team of partners/affiliates achieves each level, you are also earning on every second sale they make, for their first 6 sales and then every 6th sale ongoing they make.

All In Plus Earn 75%

(Levels 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 combined paid upfront)

75% revenue share



If you start at the “All in Plus“ you also for a limited time qualify for

$10000 in advertising credit.

This advertising credit can be used to run ads across and other TruthGroup platforms, plus across its Independent Media Global News Platforms

For a limited time

Centurion Bonus

The Centurion Partner Program is for high achievers and leaders, an invite only program, which includes Levels 1-5 programs being $7985 USD for Levels 1-4 plus $15,000 USD for the annual Centurion Membership

Centurions earn 75% of the revenue from their very first sale after qualifying. That’s Level 1-5 being $22,985 USD by 75% is a total of $17285 USD per sale.

Once again for the business partnership ensures you earn on every second sale for the first 6, then every sale thereafter, except every 6th sale ( which goes to your qualifying sponsor).

We partner with Australian National Review who can help answer questions

Message for a fast response

Or you can ask questions on

This is an illustration of income only, and is not a guarantee of income. Success may vary between Affiliates and their is no guarantee of income. No purchase of programs is required to qualify to earn income. No income is paid for the recruiting of Affiliates who pay no current fee to be an affiliate. All income is generated by client sales. Some clients may also choose to become an Affiliate

A censor free social media platform, where you can speak the truth and share the truth and not be banned

When you join you not only qualify to receive $50 USD plus if you wish to partner with as an affiliate by clicking here, you can earn $25 USD in Truthcoin for everyone you refer to join (which is free for them to join) * $25 figure may change in the future subject to campaign expiry period.)

You can also earn additional Truthcoin by generating and posting content or simply sharing content on

We'll pay every Referral affiliates get to Truthbook $25 USD in truthcoin

"All In" Starter Package

The Fast Start

Level 2️⃣

Level 1️⃣

Level 4️⃣ (5000 USD)

Level 3️⃣ (1500 USD)