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My “Evil Twin” on Telegram Is Giving People Free Crypto Advice

My “Evil Twin” on Telegram Is Giving People Free Crypto Advice

By Steve Kirsch

Don’t fall for it.

I was just notified that there is an “evil twin” Steve Kirsch on Telegram giving people crypto advice:

BEWARE my “evil twin” Steve Kirsch offering people FREE advice on how to set up their crypto wallets

Suffice it to say, I don’t even have time to read most of my email or text messages. Virtually all my time is spent writing my Substack articles and researching the articles. So I have no time to help you set up crypto wallets and such.

Famous people never make offers like “Send me your crypto and I’ll send you twice as much back” or “Let me help you set up your crypto wallet… good…now read me off your private key…”

I’m sure you all knew that. Anyway, I thought you’d enjoy this screenshot above from my “evil twin.”

At least he isn’t telling people to get vaccinated!!!

My actual crypto trading (if you are curious)

I spend about 99% of my time on taking down the vaccine, but I do spend a small amount of time in the crypto space since 1) I was very upset about Canada confiscating people’s money during the trucker vaccine mandate protest and 2) Jessica Rose was frustrated with her inability to get a bank account, and 3) as a tech guy, the developments in the DeFi space have been impressive (not all good, but a lot of bright lights). I’ve been really impressed with Solana (despite some reliability issues).

I do all my personal crypto trading on which I’ve been really pleased with. I have an algorithm that is doing really well. We’ve found that the FTX API is really well designed and well documented and the service has been super reliable, tech support has been excellent, and the people are friendly. Their OTC service is fantastic as well with very tight spreads for large orders. They have superb support for Solana. I have enormous respect for their CEO, Sam Bankman-Fried who is an MIT alum like me. Not only has Sam built a great company, but his charitable giving is astonishing. I’d want to get his permission before saying more, but in the meantime you can read this article in Fortune which was just published today about him.

My investment fund, Kirsch Capital, is now starting to accept a few investors so we can iron out any kinks in the on-boarding process. I’ve only invited people who know me to participate right now, so don’t fall for any solicitations on that front either. When it is open to other investors, I’ll let you know in the Substack.

Lifestyle|Steve Kirsch

Twitter Suspended the VaccineTruth2 Account

Twitter Suspended the VaccineTruth2 Account

By Steve Kirsch

Want to know which article that they do NOT want you to see? It’s the article showing Bieber’s paralysis was 99% likely to have been caused by the vaccine.

They do not want you to learn the truth about Justin Bieber’s injury. They want you to believe the fairy tale that Bieber and his wife are just super unlucky and the vaccine played no role.

Twitter wouldn’t have done this for a nothing burger article. They are telling us this article could hurt the false narrative. Therefore, you’ll want to share the article widely:

It’s been updated from the original post.

What’s ironic is that the most convincing part of the argument was a post on Twitter in February 2022!

Tips for safe sharing

Before you link to the article on Twitter, you may want to say: “This article contains misinformation so you should NOT read it.” That way, you’re not spreading misinformation…

Best is to promote on other social media platforms where you don’t risk being banned at the drop of a hat.

Please follow @Vaccine_Truth3 on Twitter. Even better, follow me on platforms that don’t censor truth.

@Vaccine_Truth3 was created and will be managed by a different VSRF staff member since Twitter rules forbid the same person to come back with a different ID.

The message from Twitter

See? They did a careful review. It wasn’t a schlocky review like some of those other name brand social media companies like YouTube do. We’re talking about a “careful review.” They probably called Justin to get his medical records, read all the peer-reviewed literature I cited, etc.

Here’s the word from Twitter that the post violates the misinformation policy because the article may create vaccine hesitancy since it can be thoroughly fact checked and nobody can debunk it. So they have to censor it so nobody will learn the truth about how dangerous the vaccines are.

70% of Americans haven’t taken any jabs after the first two. So they are really clamping down on anything that tells the truth. Twitter’s priority #1 is to convince you to take a jab that will kill or disable you because that is what the government wants them to do. They are just being loyal to the politics, not the science.

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Will McGill’s “Pseudoscience Buster” Debate Me? Or Is He Chicken?

Will McGill’s “Pseudoscience Buster” Debate Me? Or Is He Chicken?

By Steve Kirsch

I’m betting he’s chicken. None of these fact-checkers/myth busters ever want to be challenged for some reason…

This is Jonathan Jarry’s profile.

This is Jonathan Jarry on Twitter (8,402 followers).

This is a Google image search for Jonathan. Check out his title: “Pseudoscience buster”

Jonathan’s hit piece

This is Jonathan’s hit piece on me that he wrote in (what I believe is) his blog “Critical Thinking” which is an interesting choice for a name since it’s clear Jonathan is sorely lacking in that area (read his articles on VAERS and on masks, for example). He even goes after JP Sears. Wow.

Unlike most of the authors of the other hit pieces on me, Jonathan is at least semi-skilled in what he writes about.

This is the email I just sent to Jonathan on June 3, 2022:

Topics for our discussion

Here are some options:

  1. Safety and efficacy of the vaccine: the elephant in the room. Maybe we can talk about how many people have been killed by the vaccines and start with the 5 to 11 year olds. He can explain why more kids died from the vaccine than from COVID.
  2. Masks: where is the evidence?
  3. My 1 hour interview that I just did with Reiner Fuellmich (that Sage Hana has rated my best interview of all time).
  4. My new slide deck (view or edit).
  5. One of the 575 articles I’ve written on my Substack since it began.
  6. Any of my 100 questions; wouldn’t it be awesome if he would enlighten us with his wisdom on tackling those questions?

Or maybe a mix.

What will Jonathan do now?

Let me know in the comments your prediction on how he will respond.

I predict he’ll run for cover. I’m sure he’s too busy to chat with me. He had time to read my stuff and write up the hit piece, but I’ll bet he’s now tied up with another really important project… for the next 20 years.

Lifestyle|Steve Kirsch

I Was Exonerated in a Peer-Reviewed Medical Journal

I Was Exonerated in a Peer-Reviewed Medical Journal

By Steve Kirsch

… along with my fellow misinformation spreaders.

Woo hoo! We’ve been exonerated in an article published in a peer-reviewed medical journal that talks about all the medical mischief that has been going on. Finally!

Here is my favorite part:

I have met and worked with a number of people concerned with vaccine safety and I can tell you they are not the evil anti-vaxxers you are told they are. They are highly principled, moral, compassionate people, many of which are top researchers and people who have studied the issue extensively. Robert Kennedy, Jr, Barbara Lou Fisher, Dr. Meryl Nass, Professor Christopher Shaw, Megan Redshaw, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Neil Z. Miller, Dr. Lucija Tomjinovic, Dr. Stephanie Seneff, Steve Kirsch and Dr. Peter McCullough just to name a few. These people have nothing to gain and a lot to lose. They are attacked viciously by the media, government agencies, and elite billionaires who think they should control the world and everyone in it.

And this sub-headline priceless:


It’s a great read.

Note: I’ve written the author to let him know I’m not a doctor.

Here’s a new idea for how to red-pill someone for $25

Here’s the idea…

  1. You get into an argument with your blue pill friends. You claim that they aren’t open minded. They say they are open-minded, but that they ONLY trust things in peer-reviewed medical journals.
  2. You then bet your blue pill friends $25 that they are so closed-minded that they are unable to read and understand a simple article written in plain English published in a peer-reviewed medical journal.
  3. They of course will say you are wrong.
  4. You give them that article.
  5. They won’t be able to read past the first sentence, and you’ll win the bet.

If they manage to read and understand the whole article, you’re out $25, but now you have a red-pill friend. It was so worth it, wasn’t it? You did in a few minutes what is normally impossible. If you don’t, you win the $25 since they clearly didn’t understand it.

See if this works for you.

Do it now before they force the journal to retract the paper.

Lifestyle|Steve Kirsch

Two SF Bay Area Fundraisers: One Today in Ben Lamond (Near Santa Cruz)

Two SF Bay Area Fundraisers: One Today in Ben Lamond (Near Santa Cruz)

By Steve Kirsch

Fundraiser today, May 14, at 4pm to 10pm PST in Ben Lamond. The other is in Palo Alto on May 20 for Children’s Heath Defense. RFK Jr and Naomi Wolf will be speaking there (I’m out of town).

Event for American Frontline Workers 4 Freedom.

In the summer of 2021 multiple Cities in CA simultaneously gave Firefighters, Police Officers and Frontline Workers a choice between Freedom and Force.  These humble and dedicated Men and Women, who serve our communities around the clock so we can have access to safety and life saving services, were forced to “Vaccinate or Terminate.”  Roughly 50% of the Firefighters said NO, so their Cities, Employers and County Public Health Officers made it mandatory and threatened their Paychecks, ultimately coercing a large percentage of our once Frontline Heroes into getting the C-19 experimental shots.  During this challenging time, multiple groups of Freedom fighters throughout CA and the USA, organized and established legitimate Non Profits which brought legal complaints against our local governments for overreaching and forcing unconstitutional mandates.

In San Jose, CA, Firefighters and Police Officers created, American Frontline Workers 4 Freedom, simultaneously in San Francisco, CA, Firefighters created Hold The Line SF Fire.  These brave Men and Women networked throughout CA with Firefighters in Los Angeles, where a large group of Firefighters established Firefighters 4 Freedom.  As it stands today these organizations are growing, they are organized, connected with all the great networks of American citizens upholding our Constitutional Rights and most importantly they have filed legal complaints in key Cities in CA in opposition to the Experimental Vaccine Mandates with their own time and money.

Unfortunately, Firefighters in San Francisco are being Terminated while Firefighters in San Jose are being placed on unpaid leave all causing Financial instability.

These Heroes have many ideologies in common, they for 1 are crazy enough to charge into harm’s way, while most of us run the opposite direction. The biggest struggle these First Responders face, they never ask for HELP.  This is why they have decided to Host an Advocacy and Fundraising Event on May 14th in the Santa Cruz Mountains.


  1. DONATE (
  2. Purchase limited TICKETS


The Barn (200 Holiday Lane, Ben Lomond, CA 95005)

  • Event begins at 4pm with drinks, appetizers, and socializing
  • Plenty of Parking available on site.
  • They are also offering a round trip shuttle from the Hilton of Scotts Valley to and from the Venue for $25.


  • Casual Wedding and/or Cocktail style (no shorts or flip flops) Dress comfortably with style
  • Bring something warm as the temperatures can cool down in the evening in the Santa Cruz Mountains


  • Dinner to begin at approximately 6pm
  • Guest Speakers following Dinner (indoors)
  • Auction items available followed by Networking and enjoying great like minded company

Children’s Health Defense dinner May 20 in Menlo Park with Bobby Kennedy

Here’s the link to register.

Bobby Kennedy and Naomi Wolf will be speaking. I am out of town or would be speaking there as well. Click the image below to register.

This is an INTIMATE dinner and the number of guests is very limited.

There are still a few seats available.

The early bird discount ($500) has been extended to the end of today, May 14.

Tax deductible.

Lifestyle|Steve Kirsch

Do You Know Someone Who Died After December 1, 2020?

Do You Know Someone Who Died After December 1, 2020?

By Steve Kirsch

If you do, please take this very short survey. It’s really important. Trust me on this one.

My new improved survey is here.

If someone you personally knew died after December 1, 2020 from ANY cause, please take it now. It will only take a few minutes. Read the instructions on the survey form before filling it out.

The more details you know the better. If the person was vaccinated with a COVID vaccine, it is extremely important to know the date of the last COVID vaccination.

This is hugely important. I’ll explain why later.

Lifestyle|Steve Kirsch

Guess Who Is the #1 “Misinformation Spreader” on Substack?

Guess Who Is the #1 “Misinformation Spreader” on Substack?

By Steve Kirsch

Yup. Yours truly. I am truly honored. Thank you all for your support. Together we are making a difference.

List of substacks with the highest engagement. You may want to follow those in red and avoid those in black. Or maybe you can help convert some black people to the other side.

Source of this information

Thanks to this tweet from a blue pill source that none of my friends follow for letting me know.

I am truly humbled. I thank you all for your support. I am very proud of this accomplishment and I couldn’t have done it without the support of all of you!

Now that my status is officially elevated, I hope people who have evaded my requests to be interviewed will reconsider. But somehow I doubt it will make any difference at all.

A team of misinformation spreaders makes my work possible

My articles wouldn’t be possible without constant collaboration and support from so many people:

  1. My co-conspirators, some of whom are listed here
  2. The awesome team at VSRF
  3. All my vaccine injured friends (including those who have lost loved ones like Ernest Ramirez)
  4. My followers on Substack, Clubhouse, Gab, GETTR, Truth Social (@stkirsch), and Telegram
  5. Other misinformation spreaders
  6. My network of informants

All of you make this possible.

My new credentials

My credentials are now impeccable:

  1. Recognized by CCDH at #3
  2. Recognized by MIT Tech Review as an misinformation superspreader
  3. Recognized as top misinformation spreader based on influence (this article)
  4. Two lifetime bans from Twitter on the exact same account (nobody else I know has accomplished that)
  5. Lifetime ban from Medium
  6. Lifetime ban from Wikipedia
  7. Lifetime ban from Sendgrid for sending a single email that fluvoxamine works to my contacts. Yeah, they read your private emails to your contacts.
  8. Lifetime ban from LinkedIn
  9. Friends with most all the world’s top COVID misinformation spreaders including Robert Malone, Peter McCullough, Robert F. Kennedy Jr, Joe Mercola, Ryan Cole, Richard Urso, and many others.
  10. Had my National Caring Award and my $75M charitable fund removed from my Wikipedia profile shortly after I spoke out against the safety of the COVID vaccines (see How Wikipedia transformed me into an evil person in just 4 days for details)

Thank you all for your support. I really appreciate it.

Our views on censorship

I recommend you consider following the people listed in red in the list above.

If you want to see alternative views, feel free to follow the people in black as well. Perhaps you can talk some sense into them!

We deplore people who demand that the other side be censored. We embrace differing points of view. That’s what made this country great in the past.

Don’t forget to share and spread the word.

After all, we want to make sure everyone knows who to follow, no matter what side of the narrative that you are on.

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Twitter Censorship Is Still Alive and Kicking

Twitter Censorship Is Still Alive and Kicking

By Steve Kirsch

They aren’t going to back down without a fight. They just blocked one of our accounts for something posted 9 days ago.

This tweet was posted 9 days ago. Account is locked until the tweet is deleted.

Basically, Twitter says that Bob Snow’s nearly fatal cardiac arrest is being covered up by the media for some reason other than them not wanting to create vaccine hesitancy.

Can someone from Twitter just tell us WHY American Airlines is covering up the fact that they nearly killed one of their senior pilots and how they know? I admit, if it isn’t vaccine hesitancy, then it has to be one of the following reasons. Which one is it?

  1. They don’t want passengers to panic and stop flying?
  2. They don’t want their pilots to panic and quit?

I just hate it when Twitter knows which one it is, and won’t tell us!

I have a clever idea for how to find out.

Perhaps if my readers picked one of the above explanations and we can then see which one(s) Twitter complains about, we can find the answer that way?

Lifestyle|Steve Kirsch

I Just Got This Email From Twitter About @stkirsch

I Just Got This Email From Twitter About @stkirsch

By Steve Kirsch

Let’s be clear. I have been permanently banned TWICE from Twitter. That’s right. Not once. Twice. So when I got an email from Twitter today, I was amazed.

What?!?! You mean the Elon Musk acquisition means they are revisiting appeals that were denied before?

I’m a bad guy. I publish the truth. You know, facts and evidence. It’s the type of content that is very dangerous to the Twitter community.

Have they changed their Community Standards to allow free speech?!?!

What’s next? The CDC admitting the vaccines are unsafe?

Lifestyle|Steve Kirsch

High Tech Mask Alternatives

High Tech Mask Alternatives

By Steve Kirsch

Cloth, surgical, and N95 masks don’t work. But lots of innovation is happening. Most of these designs are not available, but maybe soon. Have a look.

There are some intriguing new options designed to provide virus protection in both directions.

Mira Safety mask with P-3 filters

I have a Mira Safety respirator with an optional PAPR (powered air purifying respirator) backpack. Breathing is effortless. Comes in at around $800 with the PAPR unit and $400 for just the mask and the set of P-3 filters.

This respirator definitely does work.

AIR2 from MicroClimate

This device makes total sense to me. It’s basically a PAPR (which is good) with HEPA filters in both directions (to make the CDC happy).

Compared to my Mira Safety mask, this mask is cheaper, more convenient, more compact, more “CDC compliant” (since it works in both directions), but lower filtration.

This mask should outperform any facemask option (cloth, surgical, N95) and provide at least some level of protection (compared to nothing for the CDC recommendations). Because of the fans, these masks have no breathing resistance whatsoever.

Of course, as you might expect, most airlines will require you to wear a useless mask under this mask because it’s not about science or effectiveness or your safety: it is about compliance with CDC rules.

Even though this meets all the CDC requirements, it doesn’t matter: they can kick you off the plane and ban you forever from traveling if you argue with them. The flight attendants are clueless about science and applying the CDC guidelines.

The HEPA filters on these masks are only 97% effective (compared to the P100 or P-3 filters on my Mira Safety mask which are way better). Only $300.


Air-ring looks cool, it isn’t yet available:

AO-air mask

Another option: AO-air mask. This is also not yet commercially available, but you can join the waitlist.

Leaf Wellness mask scam

This mask was a TOTAL scam.

They promote it, take your money, and then they don’t deliver anything.

Here’s the website which no longer exists: Leaf Wellness

As you can see from this Twitter message from “Too woke for you” they were promoting this using an account that no longer exists, even replying to one of my Twitter posts (back in the days before Twitter banned me for life).

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