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Biden Wants to Give CEPI $500M and CETF $0

Biden Wants to Give CEPI $500M and CETF $0

By Steve Kirsch

CEPI helped get 20+ vaccines on the market which according to numerous papers have caused increases in infections, hospitalizations, and deaths. CETF funded 3 drugs that work against COVID.

I was just reading that President Biden wants to give CEPI $500M. They are the organization that helped get the vaccines on the market that are making the problem worse. It’s so obvious… if the vaccine were the solution then how is Africa not having any cases and cases are exploding pretty much wherever there is mass vaccination?

CETF, on the other hand, funded the clinical trial research behind three drugs that showed demonstrated, statistically significant efficacy against COVID: fluvoxamine, hydroxychloroquine, and camostat. And we assisted in getting a fourth effective drug, interferon lambda, into the Phase 3 clinical trials that proved they worked. We’ll get nothing of course.

But hey, that’s just the way it goes.

State Of Affairs|Steve Kirsch

Questions I’d Love to Ask Congresswoman Anna Eshoo… That She’ll Never Answer

Questions I’d Love to Ask Congresswoman Anna Eshoo… That She’ll Never Answer

By Steve Kirsch

Just for the public record, here they are. You can ask your member of Congress the same questions.

Anna Eshoo official photo.jpg
This is my Congresswoman Anna Eshoo. She used to hug me when we’d meet. Now she avoids me and won’t answer any of my questions.


I have over a dozen questions I’d love to ask my Congresswoman Anna Eshoo. So far she’s dodged answering any of them. You’ll see why in a minute.


Anna Eshoo is my representative. She’s a powerful force in Congress because she is Chairwoman of the House Subcommittee on Health.

Although I have supported her campaign for decades, and she used to hug me when she saw me, she now refuses to meet with me, hear me (except when forced to on her constituent conference calls), or take any action at all to investigate whether the vaccines are safe or not.

This is unacceptable behavior for a public official. After all, I am officially recognized as a top “misinformation spreader” by MIT, by CCDH, and others. In fact, MIT has certified that I’m not just a “spreader of misinformation”… I’m a SUPERspreader!

She has a duty to stop misinformation and the best way to do that is to meet publicly with the misinformation spreader and discredit them using facts and evidence. She can bring as many experts as she wants to help her out.

She can’t do that, so she ducks my calls.

She will argue it would be a waste of her time and that she has more important things to do.

Just one problem with THAT argument: the peer-reviewed scientific literature says I’m telling the truth! Also, if I’m spreading misinformation, then why isn’t Pfizer suing me for defamation?

The other problem with that argument is that I’m sure her friends are telling her the same things my friends are telling me. You can’t ignore these messages. Ignoring them doesn’t cause the problem to “go away.”

Here’s a message that came into my WhatsApp as I am writing this:

And the 17-year-old who suffered a cardiac arrest last night? Or the 15-year-old in Santa Rosa, CA who died two days after his Pfizer shot and it was determined the shot killed him.

Will this ever end? Will Anna Eshoo ever answer any of my questions? Or will the deaths continue without anyone answering any difficult questions?

My questions

If I were ever to meet with her, here are some of the questions I would ask:

  1. Any Democratic Committee Chair can request Tony Fauci’s unredacted emails from the NIH. This is important because it will tell us unambiguously whether Fauci was involved in the creation of a “cover up” story about the virus lab leak. Have you requested Fauci’s emails? Why not? Don’t you want to know the truth? Why didn’t Biden request his emails when he did his investigation as to the source of the COVID virus? We know Fauci was in on it because of the redacted emails that were already released. But the redactions got rid of the most important parts. Don’t you want to know the whole story of the lab leak cover-up planning? Or are you afraid of finding the truth? Would you call for Fauci to resign if he was involved in lying to the public? Or would you continue to blindly support him no matter what he does as you always have?
  2. Do you believe in government accountability and transparency? There have been close to two dozen irregularities and accusations of fraud on the Pfizer Phase 3 trial data including the stunning admission by Pfizer in Federal Court that they defrauded the government. Are you calling for the FDA, the HHS inspector General, or the DOJ to investigate any of these allegations? Or have you decided to just sit back and let the fraud happen without any oversight?
  3. The CDC has admitted it hasn’t been monitoring the VAERS system for vaccine adverse events as it had promised the public. They lied to the public. They are mandating a vaccine that they admit they aren’t monitoring. I’m sure you’re aware of it because I emailed you about it. What did you do after you learned this? Nothing? Did you even look at the reports they produced in response to the FOIA request? I did. They are a joke.
  4. Why haven’t you met with anyone on the opposite side of the “safe and effective” narrative? Don’t you think it is important for members of Congress to hear from both sides of important issues, especially issues where the government is mandating medical interventions for the public? Or should Members of Congress simply trust whatever the government says and ignore anyone who has a different point of view?
  5. Do you support censorship of people who speak out against the government narrative using things like facts and evidence as I do? Are you pleased that Twitter, LinkedIn and Medium have banned me for life? Is that the model for how a civilized society should act? My fellow “misinformation spreaders” have been censored, demonetized, gaslit, physically threatened, and more. Do you support the suppression of views that use facts and evidence to question the official government narrative? Do you know why I was banned for life TWICE from Twitter? Do you even care? I was describing medical research showing the vaccines were dangerous. Is telling the truth grounds for censorship by social media? Will you make a statement admitting that telling the truth is grounds for censorship by social media platforms and that you fully endorse the censorship of truthful speech by the social media platforms with no appeal to an independent body by the parties being censored?
  6. The FDA’s Dr. Peter Marks has said he will do “anything” to reduce vaccine hesitancy. Have you spoken with him about why he won’t debate the “misinformation spreaders”? We’ve tried to contact him, but he won’t respond. What was his reasoning? Do you agree with it? Don’t you think he should clarify his statement to read “I’ll do anything except debate any qualified opposition, to reduce vaccine hesitancy?”
  7. Do you believe there should be an open discussion between the two sides as UCSF Professor Vinay Prasad suggested two years ago? Please tell me what, if anything, you have done to facilitate such a debate between experts.
  8. Do you recommend the COVID vaccine for kids? Based on what data? The local data we have in Sonoma county shows more kids have died from the vaccine than from COVID. How do you explain that? And if kids dying from COVID is a huge problem, how is it that Massachusetts didn’t have a single death from COVID in ages 5 to 11 from 2020 to the end of 2021, a two-year period (we’re still analyzing the more recent data)? Did they just get lucky? Where are these healthy kids who are dying FROM COVID?
  9. Have you ever spoken to Andrew Wakefield to get his side of the story on vaccines? Why not?
  10. Will you take a recorded zoom meeting with RFK Jr? He wrote the book on this nonsense. He’s just a truth teller like me. Or are you afraid of him too? He’ll ask you the same questions I want to ask, so I assume you won’t meet with him either, right?
  11. What was your reaction to FDA approval of the COVID vaccines for 6 months and older? Did you cheer that decision or do you believe they acted improperly? What evidence of harm in California of children under 11 dying from COVID and not with COVID? Whose representation are you relying on who has looked at the death data?
  12. The CDC made an in-depth analysis of 14 young kids who died after vaccination. The problem with that analysis is that the deaths did not fit the normal profile of causes of death for that age group as listed in the NEJM Special Report: cancer #1, accidents #2, congenital disease #3, and drowning #4. It wasn’t even close to that profile. How do you explain these unusual causes of death? The CDC didn’t. They just glossed over it like it wasn’t important at all that the causes of death were not normal, not even close. “Nothing to see here folks, move along!”
  13. The deaths or near deaths are getting close to home. Last night, a 17-year-old high school basketball player was playing on the court with friends at Sonoma Valley High School and collapsed. His friends knew how to use the AED Unit that was near  and started CPR.  A Sonoma County Sheriff’s helicopter was in the area and landed to assist.  He survived (so far) thanks to the quick responses from his friends. We’ll soon know whether this was vaccine related. But there has already been one vaccine-certified death of a child in Santa Rosa, CA: 15-year-old Odin Maximillian Robinson who died just two days after his second Pfizer shot from pericarditis. Yet there has not been a single pediatric COVID death in Sonoma! Do you find this anecdote troubling for a vaccine which is supposed to be so safe? And does zero pediatric COVID deaths in a community constitute an “emergency” necessitating a vaccine?
  14. Read my Elephant deck. Do you still believe the vaccines are perfectly safe and effective after reading that deck? If so, please explain why.
  15. Will any of the experts you rely on for advice including Stanford Associate Dean Bonnie Maldonado or Stanford Professor David Relman discuss this deck with me on a recorded Zoom call? If not, is it because they are camera shy? Or are they simply unwilling to have their “safe and effective” story challenged by someone familiar with the evidence?
  16. See my list of 100 questions that no public health official wants to answer. Is there a question on that list that you are willing to answer?
  17. What is the stopping condition for the COVID vaccines? I have more than 10 independent ways to show the vaccines have killed over 100,000 people. Dr. Paul Offit has said that if more than 1 person per million dies from a vaccine, it is considered to be unsafe. The COVID vaccines have exceeded this threshold by a mile. I now have death reports of over 1,000 American deaths believed to have been caused by the vaccine. Will you have someone validate the list? If over 300 people on that list are judged to have been killed by the vaccine by your experts, will you publicly call for a halt to the COVID vaccines? Or will you allow the killing to continue? How many Americans must die before you say STOP? How many kids must die before you say STOP?
  18. Dr. Peter Shirmacher estimated that at least 30% of the deaths within 2 weeks after COVID vaccination were caused by the vaccine. Do you think he’s lying? Are you certain? Have you seen the CDC analysis of the 13,000 US deaths following the COVID vaccines? Do you find it troubling at all that there isn’t such an analysis?
  19. If the vaccines are so safe, why are there so many death reports in the VAERS system ONLY for the COVID vaccines?
  20. It seems to me and others that the child COVID vaccines shouldn’t have been approved. What are we missing and why won’t anyone tell us what we are missing? Can we have a debate between Dr. Meryl Nass and Dr. Toby Rogers on our side and the people you trust on your side?
  21. There have now been 10 weeks in a row of mass deletions in the VAERS database of serious adverse events and deaths. We can’t figure out why. Do you know? And why don’t they explain why each record is deleted? This is the official repository of vaccine reactions and yet it appears it is being manipulated out of public view for reasons that are not disclosed. Why have those reasons not been disclosed? Let’s take just one specific case: 1887456. Why was this record deleted? And why does the CDC not even have a record of its deletion? Why all the redactions?
  22. Will you accept a recorded Zoom meeting with me?
State Of Affairs|Steve Kirsch

My Andrew Wakefield Interview

My Andrew Wakefield Interview

By Steve Kirsch

The NY Times wrote a hit piece on Andrew Wakefield recently. They couldn’t reach him for comment. But I could. He had a lot to say. Turns out we are repeating history.

Andrew Wakefield was right.

I had the honor to interview him for 90 minutes to get clarity on all the misinformation I’ve heard.

He challenged the status quo and paid the price for telling the truth. He exposed the fact that all childhood vaccines are dangerous. Kids who are not vaccinated at all are uniformly better off than kids who are.

The childhood vaccines are so dangerous that the CDC refuses to collect the data to show how safe they are. No joke. They know the vaccines are dangerous, collecting data wouldn’t change that.

No qualified medical professional has ever agreed to debate RFK Jr. on vaccine safety. The same is true for Andrew Wakefield.

That pretty much tells you everything you need to know about the childhood vaccines in a nutshell. They aren’t collecting the needed safety data for the COVID vaccines either. Nobody has a risk-benefit study of these vaccines.

In other words, all your doctors telling you to vaccinate your kids: they are doing that with NO DATA to justify their recommendations. If you don’t believe me, ask your doctor for the risk benefit study tracking all-cause morbidity and mortality in two groups (at least 100,000 people). If you find one, let me know in the comments.

One reader nicely summed it up:

Thank you Steve and God bless Dr. Wakefield. If there’s any justice his name will eventually be cleared as more and more people wake-up to Pharma’s misdeeds.

He’s been a hero to many of us going back a decade and a half. Unlike so many of his peers, he refused to back down when threatened by the pharma cartel. It cost him nearly everything but he has stood firm, an amazingly principled and fearless man.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Here is another comment from one of my readers:

Our first child was born at the hospital where Dr Wakefield worked. We watched on as his reputation was destroyed by the UK Government. BUT because of his stand, we totally changed our view on vaccination and have 3 unvaxxed, healthy kids. Now, since the Covid vax mandates we have also paid a high price for holding our ground. Dr Wakefield led the way as a forerunner who lost so much. We have a lot to thank him for and I’m so glad he is finding kindred people like you Steve who are speaking up in support of him. Bless you both for your incredible work. We are extremely grateful.

And another story, this one tragic:

2001 My son went into convulsions hours after his 4 month old DTap shot. He lived til 13, but the seizures won in the end. I completely agree with Dr. Wakefield. I sued the vaccine compensation program and won in 2010. My lawsuit took 7 years. Since my sons reaction our family has not had any vaccines, including this new gene therapy.

The interview on Rumble

Andrew Wakefield interview by Steve Kirsch


My questions

Topics covered (followed by his answers) include:
  1. Are there any safe vaccines? No.
  2. What do they think your motivation is? They know his motivation is to save lives.
  3. What’s the real story behind this quote from CNN: “An investigation published by the British medical journal BMJ concludes the study’s author, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, misrepresented or altered the medical histories of all 12 of the patients whose cases formed the basis of the 1998 study — and that there was “no doubt” Wakefield was responsible.” It was a setup. All the authors support the study.
  4. Why didn’t your other collaborators stand up for the truth? Do you still talk to them? Some caved to the pressure to admit something that the paper never said.
  5. Will anyone debate you face-to-face, on-camera, for a live discussion? Never happened.
  6. Why is there no risk-benefit data for any childhood vaccine? How can they justify this with a straight face? No. They are never challenged on it.
  7. How old were you when you turned “anti-vaxxer”? About 30 years old.
  8. What was your “red pill” moment when you realized that what you had been told was all a lie? When mothers told him their stories connecting the vaccine with autism. Too many cases where kids were perfectly fine before the vax and changed suddenly after the vax. This sounded just like the COVID vaccines.
  9. What is the best way to convince people that you got it right? He’s made movies.
  10. Do you have any friends in mainstream media? I know the feeling! Not that he knows about.
  11. Are there any doctors who tell you privately they support you, but admit they can’t say so publicly? Plenty. He can’t reveal who they are.

Key takeaways from my interview

  1. You’ll be WAY healthier if you AVOID *ALL* vaccines
  2. Vaccines do cause autism
  3. The CDC, FDA, NIH and drug companies are adept at silencing critics, especially if you lack the funds to properly defend yourself
  4. It’s a rigged system and you pay the price.
  5. There are no risk-benefit analyses for any vaccine
  6. It’s not clear at all that vaccination did anything to eradicate diseases
  7. Wakefield wasn’t born an “anti-vaxxer.” He became one when mothers showed him the direct connection between vaccines and autism.
  8. Vaccines can be quite problematic since unlike recovered immunity, the immunity doesn’t last. You’d have been much better off getting the virus when you were young.
  9. Déjà vu… hearing him relate his story didn’t sound a lot different from the situation we have today with COVID and the vaccines.

From the NY Times

Anti-vaccine demonstrators outside the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta in June. 
This photo is from the NY Times. Honesty at last!

State Of Affairs|Steve Kirsch

Secret Plan #2: Turns Out That Plan #1 Didn’t Work. But This One Will

Secret Plan #2: Turns Out That Plan #1 Didn’t Work. But This One Will

By Steve Kirsch

If at first you don’t succeed, try try again. I’ll explain the new plan and why Plan #1 didn’t work.

It’s a secret plan so it’s for your eyes only if you are a paid subscriber.

If you aren’t a paid subscriber yet, now is a great time to join and I’ll share my Secret Plan #2 with you.

I just talked to Mary Holland at CHD, described it, and she said “I like it. I think it can work.”

And she’s seen everything. She’s been around the block a lot of times.

Here’s the plan…

State Of Affairs|Steve Kirsch

We Have a Red-Pilled Attorney General!!

We Have a Red-Pilled Attorney General!!

By Steve Kirsch

My last Substack article led to finding an AG who will pursue this aggressively. Which means we can win this. Next step: I need just a little help from my red-pilled friends in medicine.

We have an AG that will help us. He’s the real deal. Which means

How you can help

If you are willing to invest a small amount of time, and you can check one of the boxes below, please click the image to register:

Click the image above to register your willingness to help

State Of Affairs|Steve Kirsch

A Single, Brave District Attorney or State Attorney General Could Put an End to All of This

A Single, Brave District Attorney or State Attorney General Could Put an End to All of This

By Steve Kirsch

I talked to Bobby Kennedy yesterday. Turns out there is a way to end the madness with the help of a single brave district attorney or attorney general. The only flaw in the plan: finding one.

Executive Summary

Here’s the plan and the beauty is that it doesn’t even require a court proceeding to shut this down. Just one brave district attorney or attorney general.

If you find one who you have confirmed is interested in exploring this, please fill out this form.

We’ll find out very soon if there is a single DA or AG or Sheriff in the country who wants to be a hero and be on the right side of history.

If not, this country has just set a new low.

Here’s the plan

The PREP Act doesn’t insulate actors from criminal liability if the people giving the vaccine “know” or “should have known” that the vaccines are killing/harming people.

The key is this. The PREP Act basically provides liability protection up to the point that it becomes obvious to the person or organization giving the shot that they are killing or harming people. Once you cross that line, you become criminally liable.

So if the CDC says the vaccines are safe, and everyone you give it to dies, and you keep giving it anyway, you are criminally liable. Then your fate is up to the jury.

The PREP Act was never intended as a license to kill.

In addition, there is something known as “jury nullification” where a jury can invalidate an unjust law. This is typically used to exonerate someone, but it can also be used in the reverse direction to convict someone as noted in the Wikipedia article: “It may also happen that a jury convicts a defendant even if no law was broken.”

All it takes is a single phone call from the DA or AG to the pharmacy chain

So once a pharmacy chain in their area/state is put on notice by a district attorney or attorney general or their local Sheriff that the vaccines are killing people and that if they persist in giving the shots and someone is seriously injured or dies, they could be criminally prosecuted, what do you think most pharmacy chains will do?

Consider the following:

An individual found guilty of manslaughter by gross negligence faces a custodial sentence of up to 12 years.

It’s not like they are being forced to give the shots. So they have a choice. They can continue to give the shots and risk criminal prosecution or simply decide to let someone else take the risk. What do you think they will do?

Similarly, a nursing home could argue that it has to give the shots since that is the “standard of care” and if they didn’t offer the shots, they would be negligent. This is tougher to get a conviction on, but it’s not an ironclad defense. For example, one nursing home gave the shot to 9 residents and 6 of them died within a week. Can they simply look the other way? Nobody I talked to thinks so.

As for the evidence that the vaccines are causing harm and death, we have plenty of people that will testify under oath with direct testimony and sworn affidavits that this is the case, thanks to your help in responding to my surveys. With cases like Marsha Gee, it will be hard for people to ignore the cause-and-effect here. You simply cannot go from “perfectly healthy” to experiencing 78 very unusual symptoms shortly after being vaccinated if the vaccines are perfectly safe.

As for the argument that all vaccines have some small rate of side effects, there is objective proof in the VAERS system that this is simply not the case and that proof can also be confirmed though direct observation. And it’s unlikely that there is even a single anecdote like Marsha Gee.

How you can help

Reach out to your local DA or state attorney general or Sheriff.

If you find someone receptive to learning more, please fill out the interest form.

People have suggested

  1. Nebraska AG
  2. Arizona AG Mark Brnovich
  3. Texas AG Ken Paxton
  4. Missouri AG Eric Schmitt
  5. Idaho AG Raúl Labrador
  6. Florida AG Florida. Ashley Moody

If you know any of them and can get some interest, please fill out the interest form.

State Of Affairs|Steve Kirsch

Your Best Chance To Stop the WHO Power Grab if You Act Immediately

Your Best Chance To Stop the WHO Power Grab if You Act Immediately

By Steve Kirsch

Either use the email or link included in this article. Deadline 10am EST May 13.

Background on the power grab (also this article).

Full article on how you can act IMMEDIATELY

Two options to take action

Send your comments to the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Global Affairs (OGA). But you have to act now. The deadline is Friday, May 13, at 10 a.m. Eastern Time.

State Of Affairs|Steve Kirsch

What I Learned on My Trip to the Ohio Statehouse

What I Learned on My Trip to the Ohio Statehouse

By Steve Kirsch

Quite a lot it turns out. The most stunning thing I learned is that you might not find out for more than 10 years if you are seriously injured by a vaccine. Many of us could be ticking time-bombs.

I am on the plane back from my trip to the Ohio Statehouse event put on by Children’s Health Defense. A lot of my followers were there in force. Here is a quick summary of things I learned from the audience and from the other speakers:

  1. A third are still mask brainwashed. Informal counting people boarding the plane suggests about 2/3 of travelers have no mask; 1/3 are still brainwashed. This is consistent with the mass formation estimate that a third of people are lost causes, a third are persuadable, and a third were never fooled.
  2. Vaccine adverse events can happen many years later. Vaccines can kill people many years later. One father lost his 20 year old daughter to a seizure caused by a meningitis vaccine given to her when she was a small child. Vaccines can seriously injure people even 13 years after vaccination. One of the hosts of the event had a seizure during the event. She had the Gardasil vaccine many years ago, but didn’t have her first seizure until 13 years ago. The seizures happen when she is under stress and can be triggered by a bad food choice. So even though she had no adverse reactions for 13 years, now she can be disabled in minutes. This was stunning seeing this first hand and learning about the 13 year latency period.
  3. How to identify a vaccine adverse event years later. Vaccine injuries can be identified even a decade after the shot because the symptoms are so unusual and consistent. What I mean by that is that for most vaccines, the side effect profile is fairly narrow and unusual. For the COVID vaccines, the symptom list is much more variable, but the onset of multiple unusual symptoms (all associated with the vaccine in VAERS) starting shortly after vaccination is a dead giveaway.
  4. I met an autistic teenager. He was vaccine injured. Hearing about autistic kids is one thing. Actually spending time with an autistic teenager is a whole new level. This is a horrible disease that is believed to be preventable if we stop the vaccines. I’ve been told that the Amish don’t have vaccines and don’t have autism.
  5. State censorship. Palo Alto Networks (the vendor used by the Ohio Statehouse) views and as subversive organizations so neither website was available from the Ohio Statehouse. This is government censorship of free speech and I believe it is unconstitutional.
  6. We’ve been misled on other meds, it’s not limited to just vaccines. Statins are bad news, confirmed yet again on this trip. Seems like everyone I know who has objectively looked at this says to stay away. A famous doctor’s faith in the medical system has been destroyed by what has happened with the COVID vaccine. He now questions medications that his doctors have prescribed for him in the past as do I. I pointed him to this article on how diabetes drugs you see advertised all the time on TV are not as safe as they make you think  (we both have Type 2 diabetes). Jenny Ruhl did her homework; sadly, very few endocrinologists take the time to do their own research. I think this is typical for most meds being prescribed today. This wasn’t really news to me, but it’s important to reiterate.
  7. Myocarditis rates could very well affect more than 1% of kids. Nobody has done a troponin test on a cohort of vaccinated kids post vaccine. We are basically afraid to look. Peter McCullough thinks it might even be as high as 1 in 20 when you consider subclinical myocarditis (elevated troponin with visible symptoms which means “smoldering heart damage).
  8. Fewer than 1% of the public haven’t ever been vaccinated with any vaccine. I did a “show of hands” survey on a crowd who was mostly COVID unvaccinated. So this is the best case. Fewer than 1% of people raised their hands. 
  9. Easiest way to red-pill your doc: Ask him to show you the data (see this article). Then ask him how come the medical community not only doesn’t have this data but isn’t asking for it. Let me know what he says. If this doesn’t red-pill him, nothing will.
  10. AERS app. Robert Malone told me about a cool adverse event reporting app called wombat (that may be the wrong link) from a company called Phi that can be repurposed as a general tracking tool so we can look at all sorts of things with a public query tool. Think VAERS on steroids, and not just tracking vaccine events, but people’s health in general. This could be a really powerful research tool.
  11. Report your COVID vax injury here: On the website. Peter McCullough runs this site.
  12. How to get politicians to act in the public interest: You must show them it will impact their reelection chances. Apparently, they rarely take action otherwise. This was the advice from the pros.
  13. Why Ohio isn’t blocking the vaccines or making mandates illegal: It’s simple: the “good guy” legislators  in Ohio said they don’t have the votes. The vested interests (such as the Chamber of Commerce) will support the other guy if they don’t toe the line and support the vaccine.
  14. 75% of the docs at UCSF/Marin in radiology got religious exemption instead of the booster. It’s because they saw what happened to vaccinated patients. They aren’t stupid. Again, we see validation of the mass formation stats (equal parts duped, semi-duped, not duped).
  15. How to treat the vaccine injured: I learned the techniques doctors are using to treat the vax injured. I also learned that most clinics claiming to do this have no clue what they are doing and will just give you test after test and basically make a lot of money on you. I’ll be writing a separate substack article on this. In particular, IVIg treatments are a two-edged sword, mostly negative.
  16. Hospitals get paid over $100K per dead COVID patient. It’s criminal that the US government is incentivizing hospitals to kill patients. Why isn’t there an incentive for every COVID patient that they save?? I bet the results would be a lot different if we did that!
  17. UK data shows 28X more likely to die (all causes) if vaccinated. UK data shows for ages 10-14,  >=21 days since 2nd shot died at 28 times the rate of the unvaccinated. Check out I guarantee you that it’s even worse if you look at death starting right after the shot. Do you think we should run full-page ads and billboards signed by 10,000+ doctors (we include hyperlink to the names in the ad) saying “PLEASE do not vaccinate your kids” with a subhead of “Latest data from the UK government show that vaccinated kids die at 28 times the rate of unvaccinated kids. The CDC doesn’t want to admit they were wrong which is why they aren’t telling you this”? The other ad I want to run is on masks, e.g,, “The latest data shows wearing a mask makes you more likely to get COVID. But the CDC is too embarrassed to admit they got it wrong.” Again, signed by 10,000 doctors with the scientific reference link.
  18. Government incentivized fraud. Ernest Ramirez was offered $30K to say his son died from COVID instead of the vaccine. He refused.
  19. Adaptive clinical trial for the next pandemic. Peter McCullough thinks that the COLCORONA trial was really well done and should be the model in the future for adaptive clinical trials.
  20. The US government pays schools to push deadly drugs. Ohio State University is being paid almost $1 billion as long as they comply with the CDC vaccine guidance. This is in the public record. So if they are paying this to Ohio State, can you imagine what other schools are getting?

The Ohio Statehouse

State Of Affairs|Steve Kirsch

Event on May 4 in Ohio Featuring RFK Jr and Others

Event on May 4 in Ohio Featuring RFK Jr and Others

By Steve Kirsch

This event is in support of a bill in the Ohio legislature that would enable patients to access proven early treatment options for COVID… you know, the drugs the CDC and NIH tell doctors to avoid.

Sign up here to reserve your place at the event on May 4 in Columbus, Ohio. There aren’t many slots left.

The registration link is here and the form is at the very bottom of the page: COVID-19 Alternative Therapies and the Right to Choose: Protecting the Vulnerable and Honoring the Fourth Estate Conference.” Your donation is tax deductible.

There are two options:

  1. you can register for just the event on May 4 ($90), or
  2. register for the dinner the night before (with the speakers) and the event ($250 for both). If you register for the dinner, they will let you know where it is (in Dublin, OH).

The event will take place on Wednesday, May 4th at the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus, OH, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. EDT.

Although attendees are required to register for this event, guests can sign in at the event venue registration table. The Statehouse Conference address is 1 Capitol Square, Columbus, Ohio 43215.

This will be a roundtable event similar to Senator Johnson’s “A second opinion panel” focused on testimony supporting the Ohio early treatment bill. There will be several small roundtables (not one giant one).

Here’s the bill HB 631.

Where is fluvoxamine?

Note, I’m not happy at all that fluvoxamine isn’t included in this bill as there is a peer-viewed systematic review and meta-analysis supporting fluvoxamine in treating COVID-19, which is the highest level of evidence based medicine. It is ridiculous that it isn’t included. Fluvoxamine reduces your chance of death by 12X. That’s from a widely praised Phase 3 trial. No other drug has better data than that. It should be included in the list of drugs in the bill.

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My Interview With Josh Yoder About American Pilot Bob Snow’s Cardiac Arrest After Landing

My Interview With Josh Yoder About American Pilot Bob Snow’s Cardiac Arrest After Landing

By Steve Kirsch

Captain Snow was injured by the vaccine; he almost died minutes after landing. Yoder thinks we may need to disqualify 30% of pilots due to vaccine injury. There is no one to take their place.

Vaccine injury cover-up is in the interest of all affected parties (except the flying public), so don’t expect a solution anytime soon. Flying will be Russian roulette for a while.

For passenger safety, every cockpit should have at least one unvaccinated pilot. When the truth gets out, expect a huge pilot shortage, and lots of class actions by pilots that lose their license to fly.

The same vaccine injuries are happening to our military. Did you notice that they never explained the cause of the crash of the Navy F-35 fighter jet? They know that if they can keep it out of the news, the problem just “goes away” (along with a $100M plane).

In the meanwhile, they are trying very hard to encourage vaccination before the safety information gets out. For example, in Rhode Island they tried to double the state income tax on the unvaccinated to encourage people to get vaccinated.


Here’s my interview with Josh Yoder of US Freedom Flyers about American Airlines Captain Bob Snow. Snow had a cardiac arrest minutes after landing the plane. He nearly died.


It’s pretty clear that his cardiac arrest was due to the experimental COVID vaccine that American forced him to take to keep his job. I’ve talked directly to Captain Snow to confirm this. He’s now out of the hospital at home. That video will be posted soon.

In this video I interview Yoder about what happened.

Key points in the video include:

  1. How Snow knows it was the vaccine and not just “bad luck”
  2. American Airlines never called Snow in the hospital even though it was their fault he took the vaccine and almost died. You’d think he’d get a call from the CEO. Instead, the only thing they did was fly his family to the hospital to meet with him.
  3. We need to be testing every vaccinated pilot with EKG, D-dimer, troponin, and cardiac MRIs to assess their health. This is for their health and for the safety of the flying public. The airlines and/or FAA should be requiring this. Myocarditis can be subclinical so pilots may not know they are injured.
  4. The airlines are NOT doing the screenings required to assess pilot health and passenger safety. Presumably, this is because doing those screenings would: 1) reveal to the public how unsafe the vaccines are and increase vaccine hesitancy, and 2) disqualify too many pilots. Yoder estimates that 30% of the pilots may need to be disqualified due to heart conditions caused by the vaccine. Therefore, the most likely outcome is that the airlines will pretend this incident never happened and the CDC will claim without evidence that there is no link to the vaccine like they usually do. The press will give them a pass on this and not ask any hard questions.
  5. When a plane goes down and people are killed, it’s OK for the airlines because the insurance companies will pay and everyone will pretend it was just a freak accident that couldn’t have been avoided.


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