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55 Year Old Steve Cullen Died After AstraZeneca Vaxx

Steve Cullen (55-year-old) Died After AstraZeneca Vaxx
By Staff Reporter

Steve Cullen
AstraZeneca June 2021
Died: Fecal Peritonitis & Bowel Perforation, the tear was caused by a rupture caused by clots from the vaccine.
Age: 55 Years Old
Steve’s daughter Becky Jeisman Telling her Father’s Story:
My dad worked in meatworks in Victoria. To keep his job, he was coerced into having the jab. He immediately got unwell and lost him job anyway.
After 1 week he was completely unable to eat and keep anything down and bed ridden 2 weeks post-AstraZeneca he went to the doctor complaining of severe abdominal pain, they did an Xray and saw free air in his abdominal cavity, sent him away for a CT (Monday).
Got to book in for a CT in the town over 4 days later (Friday)
He died on Saturday
Fecal peritonitis and bowel perforation is listed as the cause of death but the tear was caused by rupture caused by clots cause by vaccine.
Dad was 55 when he passed. Weighed only 41kg when he passed due to not being able to keep anything down for 2 weeks prior to passing.
Final coroner’s report would not state vaccine link as it was not definitive.
Died 3 weeks post jab.

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