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79,000+ Australians Filing Compensation Claims for C0V-19 Vaxxine Injuries

79,000+ Australians Filing Compensation Claims for C0V-19 Vaxxine Injuries

By TrialSite Staff

Australia now is compensating COVID-19 vaccine patients for serious adverse events. Australian news reports that the COVID-19 vaccines have led to at least 79,000 adverse reactions. Those patients claiming under $20,000 must provide evidence from their physician. For those with more serious conditions leading to claims over $20,000, they require a review by a panel of legal experts. More nations are acknowledging that these vaccines can lead to injury and that those injured should be compensated.

Australia has embraced a harder, more rigid approach to managing the pandemic, including embracing some of the zero-tolerance COVID-19 approaches originating in China. By the summer, Australia embraced an aggressive mass vaccination scheme as well. This has led to about 77% of the entire population being vaccinated with 42.6 million doses administered as of December 30, 2021. Serious adverse events originating from COVID-19 vaccines are rare, but they do happen, and people need to be compensated for the loss.

Organized by Australia’s national government, the COVID-19 vaccines contributing to the adverse events include the following:

Vaxzervia (AstraZeneca)Comirnaty (Pfizer)Spikev…

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