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BS 19 Vax Provides a False Sense of Security!

BS 19 Vax Provides a False Sense of Security!

By CNBS News

Vaccine provides a false sense of security. I worked with folding@home to help do some number crunching for the shot.

The vaccine is a product of a hastily constructed cloud based supercomputer and I dont think we tested it enough before deployment.

As someone who helped create the shot, I infected myself with COVID on purpose to avoid taking my own product.

We’re just putting it in people so Pfizer, Moderna and J&J can make money at this point. Its a rerun of AZT and the Swine Flu Vaccine from the 70’s.

There are no variants, period. All they are doing is taking subsets of the larger synthetic sequence and calling them variants. This is pure evil. They know it’s fraudulent but they are using arcane science to confuse the relatively uneducated media and masses.


Here’s what others had to say:

Grant Park
You developed the vaccine and infected yourself with covid?

Stephen Clark
Easy to find some in Sydney to test your theory.

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