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Bs19 Vax Causing Blood Clotting in the Majority of Tested Patients

Bs19 Vax Causing Blood Clotting in the Majority of Tested Patients


Here is Dr. Charles Hoffe explaining the in the majority of patients that have been tested doctors are finding blood clots – Dr. Charles Hoffe and the Blood Clot Risks of COVID19 Vaccines

The government regulators globally and the media are claiming blood clots to be a ‘rare’ event after COVID19 injections but this claim is made without any supportive evidence. The clinical trials are still in progress for all the genetically engineered COVID19 vaccines and no risk-benefit analysis has been provided by Australia’s TGA or even any definitive evidence of any proven benefit from taking this injection. How can there be when the drugs were only developed 12 months ago? Adverse events take months and years to develop so the claims made by governments are false and misleading information.

The false and misleading information provided by our Health Minister, Greg Hunt, is exposed in this open letter from a scientist, John Clark, that was sent to the Federal Health Department on 10 July 2021. The information that the Australian government is providing has the potential to lead to people’s deaths and ill health so it is important that the Health Minister is accurately informed.

Here is the letter from John Clark demonstrating that he has provided false and harmful information to the public that is a serious risk to human health. He has given Greg Hunt, two weeks to correct this information – John Clark’s Open Letter to Greg Hunt

If Australians need any help to protect their right to bodily autonomy please become a member of People for Safe Vaccines to get advice on legal action that is being taken against the government’s mandates. Here is the COVID Vaccine Declination Form that has been provided by the lawyers and doctors at People for Safe Vaccines.

Also please visit Vaccination Choice Australia, The Australian Vaccination-Risks Network, Informed Medical Options Party to get information and advice.

Here is a letter from a retired lawyer that will assist you in protecting your right to choose what you inject into your body – Letter against Mandatory Injections.

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