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Caleb Swanigan: How Can a 25-Year-Old Die From Natural Causes?

Caleb Swanigan: How Can a 25-Year-Old Die From Natural Causes?

By Steve Kirsch

The term means someone didn’t kill him and it wasn’t an accident. It is common since the jabs rolled out for young people to die unexpectedly like this. It is only happening to the vaccinated…

Doctors remained puzzled as to why all these healthy young people like Caleb Swanigan are dying of natural causes. In every case, there is no foul play or drugs involved. Their body just suddenly “stops working.”

And all these weird deaths only started happening after the COVID vaccines rolled out. And they are only happening to vaccinated people.

These deaths have something in common that is causing them, but none of the mainstream doctors, coroners, or medical examiners can figure out the pattern. It’s puzzling. A real medical mystery!

Even the people on Twitter are absolutely baffled. As you can see from reading these tweets, they don’t have a clue either as to what might be causing these deaths:


I got a text today from my friend Paul Romero (he runs a great gym in Maui called Makena Crossfit) who alerted me to the death of 25-year-old Caleb Swanigan from “natural causes.”

Paul pointed out that Caleb went from being homeless to about to be an NBA top pick. And now he’s dead, right before the big payoff that he worked so hard to achieve.

So I call Paul on the phone and we talked about how we never used to see stories like this in the past, but now they seem to be happening at least once a week with a prominent person all with the same pattern: Sudden death. Unexpected. Vaccinated. Cause of death covered up.

Another tragic death of a young girl dying in her sleep

The Canadians are big on vaccination to protect their kids. These protected kids are dying in their sleep for some reason.

Perhaps Pfizer can come up with a vaccine that can prevent these deaths? They really seem more common than COVID right now.

Update on the Massachusetts data

On a separate topic, I have an update for you on my Massachusetts death article.

Our team contacted the father of the one death (age 5 to 11) in Massachusetts that the official death reports said died from COVID. She didn’t die from COVID. She died from a congenital heart condition.

So 0 COVID deaths in Massachusetts for the two years of the pandemic for ages 5 to 11. That does sound like an emergency to me!

So I guess that explains why the CDC is focused on it and why the FDA is approving emergency meds to prevent the 0 deaths that are happening in the 15th largest state. Because as my Dad used to say, “You can never be too careful.”

The next frontier is to jab the kids right after birth to protect them!

Clues to why these deaths might be happening

We have data that when we reduced the rate of vaccination of kids, the rate of SIDS fell. So that might be something to look at. Maybe it is the childhood vaccines that are causing this? Nah… it’s only happening to people with the COVID vaccines. So it’s not so easy.

Also, see the new Google search analysis done by AMD. That might provide a clue too.


Someday, when they are not busy with COVID, I hope the CDC will investigate what is causing these tragic deaths of young people. Obviously it can’t be the vaccine since the CDC says it is “safe and effective” so it must be something else.

Funny though… I read far more stories of these deaths than of young people dying from COVID. I haven’t seen a single story on deaths of kids from COVID. Have you?

Maybe the CDC can put the NIH’s Dr. Nath on the task of finding out why all these young kids are dying. I’ve written about Dr. Nath before here and here. He’s brilliant at solving really tough puzzles like this. Nothing gets past him. He cannot be fooled. And he’s not busy anymore since he’s already figured out that the vaccine injured aren’t being injured by the vaccine. He did that in record time (a year). So he now has time on his hands. You couldn’t find a better person for the job than “eagle eye” Nath.

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