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Davide Bristot: 18-Year-Old Italian Volleyball Player Dead 27 Days After First Pfizer mRNA Shot

Davide Bristot: 18-Year-Old Italian Volleyball Player Dead 27 Days After First Pfizer mRNA Shot

By The COVID Blog

Mr. Davide Bristot

SEDICO, VENETO — An 18-year-old Italian volleyball player is dead and Italian prosecutors are, again, threatening manslaughter charges against doctors.

Mr. Davide Bristot (spelled “Bistrot” in some Italian media) received the first injection of experimental Pfizer mRNA on June 17, according to True News. He suffered no immediate adverse effects. But around July 10, he started experiencing debilitating headaches. The Corriere Del Veneto reported that Mr. Bristot was hanging out with friends at a pizzeria on Tuesday, July 13. Not only had the headaches persisted for several days, but he vomited at least twice that night.

Davide’s parents, Paolo and Barbara Bristot, took him to the Belluno Hospital at about 10:30 p.m. that evening. Doctors did a few clinical tests and placed an IV (“drip”) in his arm for an hour before discharging him. They said he was a healthy, 18-year-old athletic man so nothing more could possibly be wrong. Davide went to sleep immediately when he got home.

Barbara grew suspicious the next morning when Davide didn’t come out of his room at all. She opened his door and discovered her son’s lifeless body at the foot of his bed, Wednesday morning, July 14.

Same song from Italian prosecutors

Luca Zaia, the president of the Veneto region in Italy, sent a team of inspectors to the Belluno hospital late last week. They were tasked with investigating the methods and procedures used on Davide the night before his death. But they have already ruled out the experimental mRNA injection as the cause of death.

Belluno Deputy Prosecutor Alberto Primavera opened a potential manslaughter investigation. But we’ve seen this all bark, no bite mentality from Italian prosecutors throughout 2021. Syracuse prosecutors opened a manslaughter investigation against the doctor and nurse that administered the AstraZeneca shot to navy officer Stefano Paternò. He died 24 hours after the injection. Gela prosecutors said they were investigating the death of Mrs. Zelia Guzzo. She was brain dead 15 days after the AstraZeneca injection. But nobody has been held to account from any of these investigations.

Davide Bristot would have started his final year of high school in September. He and his family are steeped in Italian volleyball tradition. Paolo, Davide’s father, played for the Italian national volleyball team. Alessandro Bristot, Davide’s younger brother, plays for the Italian Under-17 national team. Davide was a striker in volleyball. The Italian Volleyball Federation sent condolences to the family.

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