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Do You Remember Dani’s Interview When She First Told of Her Vaxx Injuries??

Do You Remember Dani’s Interview When She First Told of Her Vaxx Injuries??

By Tami Jane

Dani’s at Breaking Point

I interviewed Dani over a month ago about her V4xne injury that has made it impossible for her to work in her truck driving role. She shared with me a letter she has sent out to those people in power who are forcing the mandates upon the people, destroying people’s health and ability to provide for themselves.

To get a no update from Dani and hear just how far she is being pushed to the edge with coping with the adverse reaction and the decision of not taking the second one, on the verge of losing her basic comforts of amenities being cut off and more.

This is criminal!! An assault on beautiful humans……we have to come together to help one and other.

Bring your love and willingness to support her in this heartbreaking time.

Courage and love
Tami Jane

Here’s what others had to say:

Steven Kevin
So terrible to hear and see you are struggling so much Danni. It’s just criminal what is happening.

Liz Leddon
Hi Tami I know a good integrated medicine doctor who could be good for Dani

Traci Webber
Can you not apply for disability pension based on your medical condition? Whilst waiting on disability you can be on Jobseeker

Monica Gohlich
So many half blood on their hands. Their humanness has checked out completely. So shocking!

Traci Webber
Would be happy to donate food or a nice present for her daughter.

Caroline Marie
Can someone share Dani’s GoFundMe link so I can donate. Hope many follow suit to help Dani’s daughter have a beautiful Christmas. It’s the least they deserve.

Pat Gannon
So sad, this is dreadful, how many dannis are their out there?

Catherine Newman
This is criminal – the politicians are responsible and should pay for this. Heart breaking.

Kelvin England
Unfortunately no doctor is going to agree that Dani’s condition is due to the vaccine. The government’s stance is not to be refuted by anyone.

Deirdre Poynter
Heartbreaking. The doctors, nurses and politicians involved……..shame, shame shame. How do they sleep at night.

Dee Menary
How are doctors ignoring these things, you poor thing.

Monica Gohlich
You’re good to drive???? They are insane!!! No exemption… insane. The cruelty is beyond comprehensible!

Susan Robinson
This is horrendous and heartbreaking you are so strong Dani to have to contend with this injury.

Greg Coyne
Where is the male population as it’s not hard to notice that only woman seem to show they care!

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