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Elderly Lady Dies in Australian Quarantine Camp

Elderly Lady Dies in Australian Quarantine Camp

By ApplesIsland


Here’s what others had to say:

Rosa Koire warned about this, God rest her soul.

Sounds like the death shot she took killed her. Stress from being in the camp, along with the death shot, caused the heart attack.

John Morley
The symptoms she was describing sound like the symptoms people get from the virus.
This video is a bit out of date in that the vaccines still worked when it was made but the side effects of the angiotensin system being disrupted are described.

I am sorry, she is a Martyr. May she RIP. Stand strong australia, keep fighting, go out and make citizen arrests of corrupt Politicians, Corrupt Police, Corrupt Judges, Corrupt prosecutors, corrupt doctors etc. I am sorry sorry for her friends and family’s loss.

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