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Emma Tandy: British Educator dead Six Weeks After Experimental AstraZeneca Shot

Emma Tandy: British Educator Ddead Six Weeks After Experimental AstraZeneca Shot

By The COVID Blog

Mrs. Emma Tandy

WOLVERHAMPTON, WEST MIDLANDS — David and Emma Tandy would have celebrated their 10-year wedding anniversary on July 30. That is no longer possible due to the ongoing crimes against humanity by AstraZeneca.

Mrs. Tandy received the experimental AstraZeneca (now called Vaxzevria) viral vector shot on or around February 20, according to an update she posted on Facebook.

It appears she had no immediate side effects and kept trucking along in life. David wished her a happy Mother’s Day on March 14. Emma updated her profile photo again on March 19. It included one of the couple’s two young sons. Her last public update was on March 23 when she posted a profile photo recognizing UK National Day of Reflection for those lost to COVID-19.

Mr. Tandy posted the first of what is now an ongoing, heartbreaking series of public Facebook updates on April 7. He announced that his beloved wife passed away.

His update the following day not only clarified his position on experimental shots, but also shows a devastated husband and father who is having an extremely difficult time dealing with the sudden death of his wife.

Mr. Tandy gave the politically-correct answer in that he is “waiting for the autopsy.” But we all know what that autopsy is going to say. Stated better, we know exactly what it is NOT going to say. Mrs. Tandy was around 30 years old. We could not confirm her exact age from any internet sources. David is now only left to raise his two young sons, Jack and Noah, by himself, but also must explain to them why mommy isn’t coming home.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Mr. Tandy and the boys.

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