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Kassidi Kurill: 39-Year-Old Surgical Technician One of Four Utah Residents Dead Days After mRNA Shots

Kassidi Kurill: 39-Year-Old Surgical Technician One of Four Utah Residents Dead Days After mRNA Shots

By The COVID Blog

Ms. Kassidi Kurill and her 8-year-old daughter, Emilia

OGDEN, UTAH — At least four Utah residents are dead and many more injured after receiving Pfizer and Moderna mRNA shots. KUTV Channel 2 in Salt Lake City reported that several state residents were rushed to hospitals within minutes after receiving the shots. That same report talked about three Utah residents over age 80 who died within days of getting mRNA shots. It also spoke of a 39-year-old single mother who lost her life four days after the shot.

Ms. Kassidi Kurill received the second dose of the Moderna mRNA shot on Monday, February 1. She immediately started feeling extremely sick. Ms. Kurill did not get out of bed on Tuesday and Wednesday, hoping her condition would improve, according to KUTV. Her father, Alfred Hawley, rushed her to the emergency room Thursday morning, February 4. Doctors learned that her liver completely failed. The only thing that would save her life was an immediate transplant.

Mr. Hawley and his wife volunteered their own livers to save their daughter’s life. Ms. Kurill was flown to Intermountain Medical Center in Murray, Utah, to commence the transplant. But her heart and kidneys also failed while in transit to Murray. Ms. Kurill, who was healthy with no pre-existing conditions prior to the shot, died that afternoon. She was laid to rest last week in Ogden. A GoFundMe page is collecting donations for her 8-year-old daughter, Emilia.

Medical examiner refuses to declare cause of death

The Utah State Medical Examiner will perform the autopsy. But Dr. Erik Christensen, the state’s chief medical examiner, said that it’s unlikely an autopsy will conclude Ms. Kurill died from the mRNA “vaccine.” Dr. Christensen said the only way to definitively declare the mRNA shots was the culprit is when someone dies almost immediately from anaphylaxis, a severe allergic reaction.

We’ve covered several cases of immediate death after experimental shots. Ms. Drene Keyes collapsed and died within 15 minutes of her first Pfizer mRNA shot. The Virginia Medical Examiner refused to perform an autopsy. Mr. Tari Dailey fell asleep after receiving an mRNA shot on February 16. He never woke up. Ms. Karen Hudson-Samuels did an interview on a Detroit television station on February 8. She received an mRNA shot after the interview, and was dead by the next day.

Mr. Hawley said the simplest answer is that his daughter died from the mRNA shot since she was healthy with no pre-existing conditions prior to the shot. Emilia, who also goes by “Millie,” begged her grandfather not to get his second Moderna mRNA shot. But he ultimately decided to get the second shot anyway.

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