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Ludovic Clerc (39-years-old) Died ​After Taking ​Moderna Vaxx

Ludovic Clerc (39-years-old) Died ​After Taking ​Moderna Vaxx
By Covid Vaccine Victims and Families

Ludovic Clerc
Moderna 22nd July 2021
Died 24th July 2021
Age: 39 Years Old
Ludo’s Story Told by his Father Jean Francois
My son received his second Moderna injection on Thursday, July 22nd at around 5 pm. The next morning he informed me of pain in the arm where the injection had been done.
The next day Saturday 24th around 12noon we tried to wake him and my son wasn’t moving and blood had spilled his nostrils!
Despite the response of the firemen I urgently contacted, they could only see his death.
I lost a huge part of myself this terrible day in July and will hold a great place in my heart for this beloved son.
For my grandson Melvin (Ludo’s Son) who is only 13 years old, yet I have to keep living in honor of my Ludo.
Rest in peace my baby.

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