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Lynnae Erick: 50-year-old Canadian Woman Dead Seven Days After Experimental Pfizer mRNA Injection

Lynnae Erick: 50-year-old Canadian Woman Dead Seven Days After Experimental Pfizer mRNA Injection

By The COVID Blog

Mrs. Lynnae Erick

KELOWNA, BRITISH COLUMBIA — A 50-year-old wife and mother is dead after trying to stay positive for the remainder of her short post-injection life.

Mrs. Lynnae Erick received the first dose of experimental Pfizer mRNA on May 17, according to her Facebook page. She first said the shot was AstraZeneca, but corrected herself in the comments section. Mrs. Erick immediately reported a sore arm and fatigue.

Her condition progressively worsened over the next week. While she posted many positive messages (as was obviously her nature and normal self), Mrs. Erick was suffering. She said her neck was sore and she could not stay awake at all. Mrs. Erick posted a very sad update on Saturday, May 22.

The foregoing post has since been deleted. Many friends and relatives started expressing concern. One suggested she take colloidal silver. Another told her to call 811, a health advice line in Canada. But she continued suffering profusely, apparently without relief. Mrs. Erick said Sunday, May 23 was even worse than all previous days.

She posted one final update on Sunday, May 23.

Mrs. Erick passed away the following Monday morning, May 24. She is survived by her husband and a 12-year-old daughter. A GoFundMe page is collecting funds on behalf of Mrs. Erick’s daughter.

Friend pushes coincidence narrative

The canned, regurgitated rhetoric from compromised doctors and mainstream media is expected. No need to post it all yet again here. But Ms. Amanda Stevenson, a close friend of Mrs. Erick, is on a mission to deflect all attention away from Pfizer.

She told Kelowna Capital News that Mrs. Erick suffered “health conditions, serious health conditions.” Ms. Stevenson said her friend died “from her illness,” not from the Pfizer injection. She did not specify the now-mystery illness. Mrs. Erick also did not speak of any type of pre-existing illness in her very open, honest last days on Facebook. Ms. Stevenson said she is not disclosing the exact illness “out of respect to the family.”

Ms. Stevenson did a live Facebook broadcast on May 25. She cried and said “do not assume what you do not know.” Ms. Stevenson conceded her friend had the experimental Pfizer mRNA shot shortly before her death. But she said people should not say “nasty things” and “do not post about her if you don’t know about her. It is not the time. It’s bullshit. Stop it.” She also said “if you see any posts that her vaccine killed her, you stop it in its tracks. Shame on you.”

The most disturbing part of the Kelowna Capital News story is about Mrs. Erick’s widower and daughter. Both of them received their first doses of experimental Pfizer mRNA on May 28, just four days after Mrs. Erick’s death.

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