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Marílio Costa Leite (48-years-old) Died After Taking Pfizer Vax

Marílio Costa Leite (48-years-old) Died After Taking Pfizer Vax

By Staff Reporter

Marílio Costa Leite
Pfizer 16th July 2021
Died Between 18th – 20th July 2021
Age: 48 Years Old

The relatives of Marílio Costa Leite, who disappeared on Sunday 18th July during a Cross country Trail, in Marco de Canaveses, Portugal was found deceased on Tuesday 20th July, and his family says “that the vaccine against Covid-19 may have left the athlete weakened”.

It has been confirmed that Marílio had been vaccinated two days before the race, with the Pfizer Vaccine..

Marílio was a long-distance, professional Cross country runner with his last race being about a month ago where he ran in Serra do Caramulo, for two days, where he covered more than thirty kilometers”.

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