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Ms. Olivia Kingree: 75-Years-Old Wisconsin Woman Dies, Two Months After Second Moderna Shot

Ms. Olivia Kingree: 75-Years-Old Wisconsin Woman Dies, Two Months After Second Moderna Shot

By The COVID Blog

Ms. Olivia Kingree

MADISON, WISCONSIN — A 75-year-old Madison woman is dead while her physician son still touts the effectiveness of experimental mRNA and viral vector shots.

Ms. Olivia Kingree received the first dose of experimental Moderna mRNA on February 10, according to the Wisconsin State Journal. She received the second dose on March 10. Ms. Kingree was living at the Oak Park Place senior living facility on the east side of Madison.

She developed a fever on April 27, and was taken to the emergency room. The newspaper reported that Ms. Kingree tested positive for COVID-19 that day. She was treated at two different hospitals before being placed in hospice care. Ms. Kingree died on Sunday, May 16.

Vaxx defense begins

Dr. Seth Kingree is Olivia’s son. He pointed to everything except the experimental Moderna mRNA shot as the cause of his mother’s death. Seth said a “combination of medications” and his mother’s “compromised immune system” caused her death. The newspaper highlighted that Ms. Kingree had diabetes, high blood pressure and a kidney condition. The entire focus is COVID-19 and comorbidities, not the experimental shots Ms. Kingree received two months prior to her death.

The Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) most recent numbers show that the average COVID-19 death is accompanied by four comorbidities. Only 5% of so-called COVID-19 deaths are solely from COVID-19. But Ms. Kingree’s death certificate will list COVID-19 as the cause, according to the report. Further the CDC admits that 78% of Americans hospitalized with COVID-19 are overweight or obese. There is also the peer-reviewed manuscript that found the CDC vastly inflates COVID-19 death and infection numbers. Thus any COVID-19 diagnosis and/or death must be taken with a grain of salt.

Seth said that experimental mRNA and viral vector shots are “very beneficial…to the vast majority of the population.” The rest of these articles read like big pharma advertisements, so click them at your own leisure.

No tangible benefits to experimental shots

Ms. Kingree is at least the second so-called “breakthrough case” we’ve covered of someone dying of COVID after allegedly being fully immunized. Coincidentally, Mr. Alan Sporn was the same age as Ms. Kingree. He died on March 29 of COVID-19, two months after his second Pfizer shot.

The CDC also updated its testing procedures for so-called breakthrough cases (COVID infection after vaccine). It will essentially be impossible to test positive for COVID-19 after receiving experimental shots due to far lower PCR test cycles for said cases. Ms. Kingree is a double-whammy for big pharma. She proves once again that these shots do not prevent COVID-19. It also highlights how the CDC and medical industry classify COVID-19 deaths despite at least four comorbidities and the fact she received experimental shots.

The war on information is heating up further. At least two popular Twitter accounts that posted nothing but COVID truth were banned permanently in the last several days. Always own your online presences as big tech is in bed with big pharma and mainstream media. Stay vigilant an protect your friends and loved ones.

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