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Novavax Will Cause Brain Damage

Novavax Will Cause Brain Damage

By Penelope J

Here’s some insight to new shot on offer…

Take particular note of section 5 re mad cow disease. The CEO of Pfizer is Albert bourla who came up with the idea to feed dried remains of slaughtered animals back to the living animals. it caused mad cow disease. Now while Pfizer do not make Boccaccio, the company’s main share holders are vanguard and black rock and funded by Gates. Same framework. All information freely available on the net. it’s just about joining the dots.

With that in mind please read on….

For the benefit of those who did not catch the Stew Peters interview of Dr Jane Ruby on Novavax and are holding on to the hope of getting jabbed with it because it is not MRNA based:

1. Novavax does not inject mrna into the human body. To get spike proteins produced to create an antibody response, it contains pre-made spike proteins in the injections.

2. The spike proteins are pre-manufactured by infecting moths with mrna instead. The exact composition of the harvested spike proteins is unknown at the moment, but presumed to be modelled after some variant of the SARS COV2 coronavirus or a “frankenstein” form of spike that does not even exist in nature.

3. This unnatural synthetic spike protein is then wrapped by lipid nano particles for injection into humans just as in mrna therapy. The use of lipid nano particles is implicated in the mechanism by which spike proteins no longer remain around the injection site but instead travel all over the body to incur microscopic blood clots.

4. Next, just as mrna therapy uses the toxic Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) as an “adjuvant” to shock the immune system into action when an intruder spike protein is injected into the body, Novavax uses a unique saponin (soap-like irritant particles) as the adjuvant. This saponin is only found in a rare species of trees in Chile. This implies that lots of these trees may become chopped down for their bark containing the unique saponin. Scalability and sustainability may become an issue to meet world supply-chain needs.

5. Finally, the last ingredient in Novavax is unique and not found in any other vaccine/therapy: They add PRION particles into the mix. Prions are the notorious chemicals responsible for brain damage in mad cow disease, and in brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease/Dementia. Studies have shown that prions causes massive amounts of lewey bodies in the brains of ‘humanised’ monkeys and mice, inevitably leading to 90+% death rates.

6. In the case of Novavax, they use an HIV-like prion called glycoprotein 120 (GP120) previously used in HIV vaccines that have never been approved or commercialised. The use of GP120 is presumably to induce broadly neutralising antibodies which other COVID-19 vaccines/therapies do not. (S-Trimer, a COVID-19 subunit vaccine candidate, induces protective immunity in nonhuman primates – Nature Communications) (NEJM Journal Watch: Summaries of and commentary on original medical and scientific articles from key medical journals)

7. GP120 has documented neurotoxicity in HIV research. (gp120 neurotoxicity fails to induce heat shock defenses, while the over expression of hsp70 protects against gp120 – PubMed)

Novavax seems to present a new host of potential dangers.

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