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Petra Mayer: 46-year-old National Public Radio Book Editor “Died Suddenly” From Blood Clots

Petra Mayer: 46-year-old National Public Radio Book Editor “Died Suddenly” From Blood Clots

By The COVID Blog

Ms. Petra Mayer

SILVER SPRING, MARYLAND — A long-time National Public Radio (“NPR”) editor is dead as mainstream media continue the agenda of normalizing sudden death of relatively young, healthy people.

Ms. Petra Mayer began her career at NPR in 1994. She’s essentially worked for the organization ever since. NPR reported that Ms. Mayer, 46, “died suddenly” at Holy Cross Hospital this past Saturday. Fox 40 in Sacramento also reported that Ms. Mayer “died suddenly.” Of course we know that “died suddenly” and “died unexpectedly” are mainstream media code phrases for post-injection deaths.

There is no concrete evidence that Ms. Mayer received mRNA or viral vector DNA injections. But there is plenty of circumstantial evidence that would effectively meet the preponderance standard in civil court.

Occam’s Razor strikes again

First, Ms. Mayer was a die-hard liberal. Her Twitter profile says “she/her,” and she frequently tweeted about “trans” stuff. A September Gallup poll found that 92% of self-identified Democrats have received at least one injection. An August survey by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation, the self-professed “largest LGBT rights organization in the United States,” found that 92% of self-identified “LGBT” have received at least one injection.

Ms. Mayer appeared eager to receive the injections back in March. She utilized a sad-face emoji in expressing disappointment that she wasn’t yet eligible for the shots at that time. Another Twitter user mentioned the vaccination site at Six Flags America in Annapolis that commenced in February.

Ms. Mayer attended The Monkees Farewell Tour in Washington D.C. on October 18. She happily took photos of herself wearing a mask.

The event was held at Warner Theater. The venue required all attendees to show proof of “full COVID-19 vaccination” or a negative test within 72 hours.

Finally, Ms. Mayer reportedly died of a pulmonary embolism, aka blood clots that formed elsewhere in her body, but broke loose and blocked arteries in her lungs.

Pulmonary embolisms are a common and known adverse effect from the injection. Of course zero mainstream media outlets mention the mRNA and/or viral vector DNA injections in their reports.

Ms. Mayer was the book editor and reviewer for NPR. She was also known for reporting at Comic-Con, a cosplay event in San Diego where people dress up like comic, cartoon and movie characters. It was cancelled last year. Comic-Con 2021 takes place from November 26 to 28. It requires proof of vaccination or negative test within 72 hours to attend.

There’s no mention of surviving children in any threads related to Ms. Mayer’s death.

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