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Testimony From Vaxx Injured 35-Year-Old Mother

Testimony From Vaxx Injured 35-Year-Old Mother

By Ben Swann

Testimony from Vaccine injured 35-year-old mother


Here’s what others had to say:

Patty Munger-Keady
I’ve seen a lot of videos of videos of people that had horrible affects from the shots. I tried sharing, but you know who took it down. I feel so bad for her and everyone that has been hurt.

Faith M. Spitsbergen
Love conquers hate.
Her message needs to be heard!

Laurie Miller
Sound is terrible. Can’t understand a word.

Angie Zieglowsky Van Leeuwen
So sad and alarming how much trust is on Big Pharma and they could care less! They deem no consequences or acknowledgment for their products!

Mariah Jean Hitt
I remember her. She had awful tics. One of the worst cases I had seen until this morning. Glad she is doing better with that and I wish her controlling strides towards improving the damage done.

John J. Ernissee
Swann….get an education. Yes, some folks may have adverse, even deadly responses to the vaccine. Compare that to the millions who haven’t. Pushing this story is just another half-assed effort to disregard the best available science.

Colleen Meagher
So unjust what is happening to people. It isn’t in their heads! It’s in their bodies! Vaccine my a$$!

Elvia Martindelcampo
I’m glad she is getting some attention now. Her videos are so devastating.

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