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There Are Almost 10x Vax Deaths Than C0VID Deaths

There Are Almost 10x Vax Deaths Than C0VID Deaths

By Marina Jeffery

This is in mainstream news now

● In the last 2 years Australia has 273000+ total deaths
● Died with C0VlD: 2639 more than 96% with other serious underlying conditions, about to die already
● Of C0VlD: 83
● They locked you all up, took away your rights, your jobs and tore the country apart for 83 deaths. More people died from falling.
● How many vaccine injuries? 108,431. Look at Australian govts therapeutic goods website. Select the C0VlD vaccines and see for yourself.
● How many died from vaccines? 759

Editor’s Note:

ANR has a $1 million that none of the 83 supposed Covid deaths can be back up by an independent autopsy

The listed Covid vaccine deaths are 10 to 100 times greater than TGA records

And will grow possibly to millions over the next decade with many more millions injured for life.

Pfizer and co have the only immunity offered with these vaccines – you can’t sue them for death and injury

Mainstream Media had earnt collectively Billions to sell these deadly Phase 3 Medical trials that are “nothing but safe, effective, and necessary”.

Our Governments are infiltrated with Klaus Schwab wannabes pushing a deadly idiotic Great Reset Agenda.

We estimate the deaths from Covid vaccines already could be in hundreds per day. Many are listed as Covid deaths to boost vaccine sales.

Many more are being hidden (but Insurance Data and Funeral Parlours data confirms mass increase in excess deaths)

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