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VAIDS – Every 1% Fall in C0VID-19 Vaxxine Effectiveness Is the Result of a 0.5–1% Fall in Your Immune System Capability

VAIDS – Every 1% Fall in C0VID-19 Vaxxine Effectiveness Is the Result of a 0.5–1% Fall in Your Immune System Capability

By The Exposé

Official data from around the world does not only show that the Covid-19 vaccines are ineffective, it shows that they have a negative effectiveness that gets worse by the week.

This doesn’t mean the vaccines are failing, it means they are damaging the immune system, and every 1% fall in Covid-19 vaccine effectiveness is the result of a 0.5%-1% fall in your immune system capability.

Vaccines program your cells to produce the 1273 Amino Acid Wuhan Alpha (HU1) spike protein and simulate a systemic infection. This trains your immune system to recognise and kill spike proteins as systemic infection causing pathogens.

The entire process takes around 14 days, the typical length of a viral infection. That is why the government recommends that vulnerable people remain isolated for 14 days post injection and that is why the government produces stats which only recognise injected people as being the singly or doubly vaccinated 14 days after the 1st or the 2nd jab.

So we know that the work of the vaccine is completed by day 14.

So they cannot possibly wane in effectiveness themselves after that.

They conduct a 14 day training course and then they are supposed to clear off. Therefore they do not and they cannot wane in efficiency in months 2/3/4/5/6 because they do not do anything in those months. Their work is finished in 14 days.

But the work of your immune system in never finished. So it is your immune system which is waning in months 2/3/4/5/6 not the vaccines. Your immune system is being redirected to fight spike proteins and therefore has less and less resources available to fight Covid. So a loss in apparent vaccine effectiveness is in fact a loss in immune system effectiveness.

There is a 1% drop in immune system capability per 1% drop in vaccine effectiveness (as measured by the case rate ratio between the vaxxed and the unvaxxed) if the vaccine had zero effectiveness upon injection (as is the case for 2 jabs and Omicron according to the University of Toronto study.

In this case the possible range for vaccine effectiveness is 0 to -100% i.e. 100% total. So a 100% drop in vaccine effectiveness corresponds to a 100% drop in immune system capability. So each percentage drop in vaccine effectiveness corresponds to a one percent drop in Immune effectiveness.

There is a 0.5% drop in immune system capability per 1% drop in vaccine effectiveness (as measured by the case rate ratio between the vaxxed and the unvaxxed) if the vaccine had 100% effectiveness upon injection (Pfizer claimed 95% effectiveness against Wuhan allpha).

In this case the possible range for vaccine effectiveness is +100% to -100% i.e. 200% total. So a 200% drop in vaccine effectiveness corresponds to a 100% drop in immune system capability. So each percentage drop in vaccine effectiveness corresponds to a half percent drop in Immune effectiveness.

All Covid vaccines drop in effectiveness persistently and inexorably until -99% (where case rates in the fully vaccinated are 100x greater than case rates in the unvaxxed – NSW in Australia has already reached 10x). Then they continue to approach 100% presumably, where case rates are hundreds and then thousands of times greater in the vaxxed than in the unvaxxed.

Therefore all Covid vaccines progressively damage, degrade and destroy your immune system resulting in more infections, longer recovery times from infection and finally in sepsis (no recovery from infection without massive medical intervention).

Once the Covid vaccines start to show a negative efficiency (which they are all now showing against Omicron), they become Antivaccines rather than vaccines. So the vaccinated have become the antivaccinated. And those who continue to promote vaccines knowing that they have now become antivaccines, are themselves antivaxxers.

Vaccines cannot wane in efficiency. They are binary. They show your immune system the spike protein antigen and they simulate a systemic attack to convince your immune system to take that spike protein seriously. Then there is NOTHING more for a true vaccine to do.

They operate for 2-3 weeks, the normal length of a viral infection. Then they are supposed to leave your body. So they do not, they cannot, wane. They do not and cannot themselves drop in efficiency in the 2nd or 3rd or 4th or 5th month because they have nothing to do in those months.

A worker who has finished his employment contract with a company cannot then work less efficiently for that company. He is no longer employed by that company.

But genetic vaccines continue to produce spike proteins incessantly. These damage your immune system incessantly. It is your immune system therefore that wanes. In the UK they have damaged our immune systems so much that vaccines now have enormous negative efficiencies up to -60% in the latest UKHSA data for the end of 2021 in certain age groups (Vaccine Surveillance Report Week 1).

The trouble with the genetic vaccines that NOBODY talks about is that they do not stop producing spike proteins. They continue producing more and more of them.

I asked AstraZeneca for how long after vaccination would my cells produce spikes? They said we do not know we are still researching that. I do know because I did cell biology at Cambridge. Every vaccinated cell will continue producing spike proteins until it dies or is killed by your killer T cells.

So the results of the Worldovision Anti-Vaccine Contest are…
Les résultats du concours worldovision anti-vaccin sont donc…
Die Ergebnisse des Worldovision Anti-Vaccine Contest sind also…
Så resultaterne af Worldovision Anti-Vaccine Contest er…

Let us be perfectly clear here. The table above is more a measure of the corruption of the respective government stats agencies than it is a measure of antivaccine efficiency and immune system degradation in the respective countries.

The original German and Australian figures will be correct. The Canadian figures are very corrupt. The CDC and UK figures are corrupt. The Danish and Scottish figures are less corrupt.

CDC US figures for December 1st-8th were 8 cases in unvaccinated people and 34 cases in vaccinated people. On December 4th, 60.48% of Americans were fully vaxxed and 0.11% were singly vaxxed (ourworldindata) and therefore 39.41% were unvaxxed.

So the case rate ratio was 34×39.41/8×60.59 = 2.76x and anti-vaccine efficiency was -63.8%

Here are the Danish figures from their Statens Serum Institut: Nov21 to Dec25 –

So the ratio of double or triple vaxxed Omicron cases to unvaxxed cases is 37,111 to 3500 or 10.6 to 1.
Whereas the vaccination rates at the mid point of the 34 day period on December 8th were 76.83 fully vaxxed, 0.14% singly vaxxed and 23.03% unvaxxed.

So the case rate ration between fully vaxxed and unvaxxed was 10.6×23.03/76.83 = 3.18x.

So the anti-vaccine efficiency against Omicron in Denmark was (1-3.18)/3.18 = -68.6%

26 November 2021 to 1 January 2022

The mid point of the period from 2021 November 26 to 2022 January 1 was 2021 December 13/14, when 93.2% were fully vaxxed in NSW, and 94.8% were first dosed. So 5.2% were unvaxxed.

So the ratio of the case rates fully vaxxed to unvaxxed is 5.2 x 108,056/2,765 x 93.2 = 2.18x

26 November 2021 to 8 January 2022

The mid point of the period from 2021November26 to 2022January8 was 2021December17, when 93.34% were fully vaxxed in NSW, and 94.85% were first dosed. So 5.15% were unvaxxed.

So the ratio of the case rates fully vaxxed (2 or more effective doses) to unvaxxed is 5.15 x 267,381/3,552 x 93.34 = 4.15x

We can subtract the two tables above and get the new cases in Week1 from 2-8 January 2022. These were…

The mid point of the period from 2022January2 to 2022January8 was 2022January5, when 93.62% were fully vaxxed in NSW, and 95.04% were first dosed. So 4.96% were unvaxxed.

So the ratio of the case rates in the first week in January in New South Wales Australia was 4.96 x 159,325/787 x 93.62 = 10.72x.

This gives a vaccine efficiency of (1-10.72)/10.72 = -90.7%

Or putting it another way 787 cases of Omicron cases in NSW in the first week of this year were in unvaxxed and 160,793 were in the singly or doubly or triply vaccinated.

This means that less than half a percent of the cases were in the unvaxxed and more than 99.5% of the cases were in the vaxxed. Now that is a pandemic of the vaccinated for you. Effective dose? Right. Well effective.

These massive increases in vaxxed case rates compared to unvaxxed case rates from 2.18x for Nov26-Jan1 to 4.15x for Nov26-Jan8 to 10.72x for Jan2-8 are largely due to Omicron being able completely to evade the vaccines and therefore lay bare the immune destruction they cause, which is covered up for in Delta case numbers due to a degree of vaccine efficiency against Delta..

Your immune system kills every vaccinated cell in your body

Vaccination informs your immune system that spike proteins are very dangerous antigens (by simulating a systemic infection coincident with the presentation of the spike protein antigen).

So it kills the spike proteins and kills every cell in your body that has been vaccinated because all of those cells are genetically reprogrammed by the vaccine to make spike proteins and your immune system identifies and recognises vaccinated cells as spike protein factories..

So your body goes into a perpetual civil war in which more and more of your immune resources are spent killing vaccinated cells. Pfizer contains 14.4 trillion 1273 Amino Acid spike protein mRNA copies and Moderna contains 48 trillion. You only have between 6 and 36 trillion cells in your body (depending upon how you count them).

Some of these cells such as heart muscle cells and brain cells do not get replaced. If they become vaccinated, you will lose them indefinitely. Myocarditis is caused by Killer T cells removing vaccinated heart cells. This gets worse at the 2nd jab and worse still at the 3rd.

You may think that vaccines are safe but your immune system would beg to differ

Your trusty immune system kills every single vaccinated cell it can find. In deed it is the vaccine which trains it to kill them. It is this civil war which causes the vaccine efficiency to look like it is decreasing.

But it is not decreasing at all. Your immune system response is decreasing. You are developing VAIDS, Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.

The law of inverse political results

Having studied the efficiency of politicians at fulfilling their election promises for 50 years, a family member of mine formulated with law of inverse political results. This law states that politicians always achieve in office the precise opposite of what they promise at elections.

His theory is that if one wants a true capitalist government, one should vote for Jeremy Corbyn. And if one wants a true communist dictatorship, one should vote for Boris Johnson. To be fair to both politicians, the law does not suggest that said result reversal is entirely the fault of the respective politician.

A lot of the reversal of their promises comes about due to the reactionary, indignant, incompetent and contrarian nature of the blob of the civil service. But it is a good ‘Yes Minister’ type rule of thumb.

So when a government recommends and even mandates a medical intervention, the result according to this law will be the precise opposite of what the politicians promise. And indeed that has turned out to be the case.

The politicians promised that vaccinations would end the pandemic. But vaccinations have not ended the pandemic. They have prolonged the pandemic, by degrading the immune systems of the vaccinated, who are now condemned to be reinfected by previously trivial viruses, indefinitely.

They promised us vaccines. They gave us antivaccines. That is the law of inverse political results.

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