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Warne’s Heart Attack Caused by COVID?

Warne’s Heart Attack Caused by COVID?

By Dave Oneegs Aussie Chat

They are running the cover stories thick and fast now.

I know people who were VERY close to Shane, and they told me he complained of heart pain after his 3rd jab or 1st booster.

Let’s remember, the MSM tried to blame it on his juice fast.

We KNOW the jabs cause heart inflammation.

Yet here they are saying all these sudden cardiac arrests are covid.

Are people really this dumb?
Why aren’t the unjabbed dying suddenly from covid?

Doctors are baffled‼️

“Dr Swan pointed to a study by the Universities of Bristol, Cambridge, Edinburgh and Swansea – that the pandemic may have led to an additional 10,500 cases of heart attacks, strokes and other blood clot complications such as deep vein thrombosis in England and Wales alone.

In the first week after a Covid diagnosis, people were 21 times more likely to have a heart attack or stroke, conditions which are mainly caused by blood clots blocking arteries.”

These people are sick.

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