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Whistleblowers Speak on C0V-19 Vaxxine Injuries

Whistleblowers Speak on C0V-19 Vaxxine Injuries

By Australian Medical Professionals Society


Whistleblowers speak on mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries and Gags by Regulators.

This video was not produced by AMPS but is being posted as the association vehemently rails against censorship of medical professionals by AHPRA, TGA and other regulators.

Here’s what others had to say:

why are programs like 60 min MSM etc not showing any stories like these ? this is happening wake up people share the hell out of this..

Msm are part of the agenda.. the globalists own them

Mainstream media have been bribed by Australian Government, 12 months of 100% tax rebate. If you try sharing on fb, they block you.

Huge cover up, over 1million videos deleted from YouTube too. Mainstream have been approached for various horror stories however have declined to air the story because it would ‘deter people from getting the jab.’

Because 60 mins is mainstream news and are part of this whole agenda to get richer than ever before just like the American Main stream media…. Who do you think owns nearly 100% of Australian Main stream Media?

They are complicit in murder. They are the leg of the cabal and the communist party and will never show you anything but propaganda and lies.

Watch the commercials. Once you are aware yu’ll be shocked at the number of big pharma ads sponsoring every news show. And not just big pharma, but the nationwide pharmacy chains, PSAs regarding the vaccines, for profit healthcare facilities, ect ect.
You think you are gonna get unbiased information from the people that are being paid by big pharma? Also remember in the USA, the government has complete control over who can air their programs. The FCC is very much a political entity.

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