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Willie Garson: Dead Five Months After Potential Pfizer mRNA-Induced Cancer

Mr. Willie Garson

LOS ANGELES — A 57-year-old actor is dead, in another near-term, post-injection death being classified as cancer.

Mr. Willie Garson, whose real name is William Paszamantreceived his second Pfizer mRNA injection on April 14, according to his Twitter account.

It’s unclear when he received his first injection. But his vaxx zealotry mushroomed in March. This blogger has covered unpleasant individuals whose entire existences revolved around mask and vaxx-worshiping, regurgitating mainstream media and government propaganda, and belittling the non-vaxxed. But it was genuinely difficult and stressful reading through Mr. Garson’s Twitter history. He was very angry and bitter on social media.

Willie Garson’s death

Mr. Garson averaged about 450 tweets per month from September 2017 to February 2020, before the so-called pandemic. He averaged about 1,400 tweets per month from March 2020 when the so-called pandemic began, until February 2021. Those numbers steadily dropped after his injections. But the vitriol got nastier and was essentially present in every tweet from March 2021 forward.

Mr. Garson went from tweeting 1,768 times in January 2021, to only 237 tweets in June 2021, his lowest monthly total dating back to August 2017. But he rebounded in July with 754 tweets in July, his highest since March. Perhaps he felt something wrong in his body and wanted to go out swinging as much as possible. Mr. Garson tweeted only 105 times in August. That number dropped to only four times in September, with his final tweet on September 4 being the first sign of human decency from him at least since March 2021.

Mr. Garson passed away on September 20. Mainstream media immediately reported that Mr. Garson died of a “short illness.”

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