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Did the C0VID Vaxxine Cause Heather McDonald To Collapse on Stage?

Did the C0VID Vaxxine Cause Heather McDonald To Collapse on Stage?

By Steve Kirsch

All the evidence points to her fainting being caused by the vaccine.

Here’s the article on Heather McDonald suffering a skull fracture after fainting on stage during her act.

Here are the 6 key facts you should know:

  1. She was vaccinated 3 weeks ago with a booster
  2. She has no history of fainting ever
  3. The doctors could find NOTHING wrong with her after she went to the hospital (note that they never test for COVID vaccine injury)
  4. Her fainting spell was not COVID related. She recently tested negative for COVID.
  5. She performed the night before with no incident.
  6. She didn’t consume any alcohol before or during Saturday’s show
  7. She was making jokes on stage about being “vaxxed, double vaxxed, boosted” right before she collapsed.


I believe that the most likely explanation is that the incident was caused by the vaccine. They’ve ruled out every other possible cause.

The vaccine is known to cause sudden loss of function and it is most likely to happen within 60 days after the vaccine. In many cases, people simply die instantly with no warning.

It was ironic that it happened when she was joking about being vaxxed, wasn’t it?

I’m sure none of her doctors will ever consider that the “safe and effective” vaccine caused her collapse.

Chelsea Handler

And within 24 hours, another comedian, triple vaxxed Chelsea Handler collapsed and was hospitalized, forcing her to cancel the rest of her shows. Her show was called “Vaccinated and Horny.”

Ironic isn’t it? You really can’t make this stuff up.

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