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Do You Know Any Kids in the US Who Died From the Vaxxine or From C0VID?

Do You Know Any Kids in the US Who Died From the Vaxxine or From C0VID?

By Steve Kirsch

Fill out my child death survey and let’s get the totals. There is also a link to my miscarriage survey which should be quite stunning. Years are 2020 to present for both surveys.

Ernest Ramirez lost his only son to the COVID vaccine. The US government offered him money if he would publicly say his son died from COVID. He refused. There are thousands of kids who have been killed by the vaccines. It’s time we made a list.


Joel Smalley noted that there were 0 deaths from COVID in 2020 and 2021 in Massachusetts for kids under 16. So why are we vaccinating them particularly when the vaccines could be causing deaths.

The two surveys (US only)

The 5 to 18 survey is here. If you know any kids who died from either COVID or the vaccine, report it here (2020 to present). Vaccine deaths are typically cardiovascular, blood clot related, excess bleeding (such as bleeding in the brain), stroke, and include unexpected suicide. Odd accidents such as dying riding a bike or driving a car should be considered since the person can pass out unexpectedly.

The survey looking at at US miscarriages is here (2020 to present)

And please share this post. We want to make sure we find all the deaths for COVID and the vaccine for kids 5 to 18 as well as miscarriages pre- and post-vaccine.

We can use this to show that VAERS is massively under-reported by looking at the % of death reports that were reported to VAERS.

And we can show that the COVID vaccines have killed more kids than COVID.

This is verifiable and will bring down the house. The fact checkers will go nuts. Even if we get just a fraction of the child deaths from the vaccine that are reported.

Stanford Professor claims in court that the vaccines are safe for kids

A Stanford professor (no, it wasn’t Jay Bhattacharya) recently testified in court that the COVID vaccines are safe for kids but shouldn’t be used because there is no benefit.


I asked him for the names of kids who have died from COVID vs. the vaccine.

No list delivered.

So how does he know it is safe?

Because he trusts the agencies, of course!

I recall the famous line from the 1948 film The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, “Evidence? We ain’t got no evidence! We don’t need no evidence! I don’t have to show you any stinking evidence!”

Unacceptable Jessica’s take

Full disclosure: Justin Trudeau considers Jessica Rose to meet the definition of “unacceptable,” hence the “unacceptable” moniker on her Substack.

Jessica chimed in:

All I can say for now is that there are 175 VAERS entries for kids 16 years or less associated with death… so far…

if you add the 17 and 18 year olds, that number becomes 254.

if you add 19 year olds, that number becomes 289.

if you consider an under-reporting factor (URF) of only 5, these numbers become 875, 1,270 and 1,445.

I think the URF is at least 8X larger than Jessica.

In other words, I’d be willing to bet we’ve killed far more kids from the vax than all the kids who have been killed by COVID to date. The numbers won’t be event close.

Also, if we can collect every child death, we’ll be able to validate the VAERS under-reporting factor too.

The surveys

  1. 5 to 18 US kid death survey (2020 – present)
  2. US miscarriages survey (2020 – present)

What I plan to do with the list

I plan to run newspaper ads with the two columns with a headline:

Your child is more likely to die from the COVID vaccine than from COVID.

I’ll get 17,000 doctors to sign that ad.

If that doesn’t wake people up, I don’t know what will.

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