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Do You Know Someone Who Died Between Mar and December 2020?

Do You Know Someone Who Died Between Mar and December 2020?

By Steve Kirsch

I think there will be a huge difference between the death profile before the vax rolled out vs. after. There is only one way to find out, and that is with your help again.

The pre-vax survey is here.

It’s similar to the other one, but much simpler.

The purpose is to compare the death profile for those who died before the vaccines rolled out to the death profile of those after the vaccines rolled out. This way we can determine for certain whether the excess deaths in 2021 are consistent with COVID or caused by the vaccines.

If you know anyone who died March 1 – Dec 1, please fill it out. Should only take a few minutes since it is mostly just a few multiple choice questions.

Then we’ll be able to see whether the vaccines really made things worse or better since we’ll have a nice comparison group.

Based on the initial results so far, there is a huge difference, so this is well worth your time.


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