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Is the World’s Best Female Skier, Mikaela Shiffrin, Vaxxine Injured?

Is the World’s Best Female Skier, Mikaela Shiffrin, Vaxxine Injured?

By Steve Kirsch

Apparently, I am not alone in thinking that her mishaps in the Olympics are due to COVID vaccine injury.

Here’s what others had to say:

David Huber
i think it has been well documented that many world class athletes are not performing up to their previous performances after the jab. The most glaring is the world record breath holding diver. It is quite objective.

Adam Injury
Steve. You discredit yourself with this wild speculation. Stick to the science

You mean the genocide games?? How embarrassing these games are being held. It’s bad enough these athletes have been injured by ‘safe’ injections, its outrageous they are in china

William H Warrick III MD
I can’t answer that until I see a video.

vegan warrior
It’s impossible to say; if she continues to have problems, then I might say that she’s been vax injured. She lost her father recently; grief can be overpowering.

Frontera Lupita
Hell man why can’t it happen to a world class athlete? Everyday I drive around metro San Diego and all the vaxxed drivers (regardless of their age) are totally brain dead when it comes to driving…parking lots are particularly bad with everyone crowding in when you are trying to get into or out of a parking space or parking lot! Freeway driving has also required the need for ‘super defensive driving’! Plus they walk around like Zombies, with glazed ‘deer in the headlights’ looks on their faces with their masks on, after they get out of their cars!

Rob P
Skiing is a tough one to pinpoint. There is a lot discussion about the snow quality and the overall oppressive environment of restrictions there. To let things run, you need to be relaxed and strong. Stress and tightness is a killer in this sport… But it is worth questioning.

Shirley Lockshin
she skied today and came down without a mishap. did not place. Maybe too much pressure on her.

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