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Shining Light on the Vaxxine Injured

Shining Light on the Vaxxine Injured

By Steve Kirsch

Dr. Mobeen talks about his wife and niece who were both vaccine injured. The NIH reveals that they stopped talking to the vaccine injured.

– Many vaccine injured have found it impossible to get any help from experts at the NIH or from their local clinicians or university researchers.

– HHS agencies and Congress, with the exception of Senator Ron Johnson, seem to think it’s okay to impose vaccine mandates on people, yet nobody is liable if someone is vaccine injured.

– There are resources available for those suffering with Covid Long Haul or with vaccine injuries.

– Drs. Patterson and Yo at IncellDx Chronic Covid Treament Center are two such resources.

I have modified my earlier post today because I misunderstood and therefore may have misrepresented the content in the DrBeen video below I shared:

  1. If I inadvertently caused him or his family any hurt, I am deeply sorry.  In support of those who are suffering from long haul symptoms or vaccine injuries, Dr Mobeen has asked that I post a link to a non-profit organization started by a group of patients. He has no financial association whatsoever to disclose with this group; however, thanks to one of his “Koolbeen” guests, who shared their personal experience, he is aware of the work they are doing to help others in similar situations.  We appreciate the work of Dr. Mobeen and his guests, including Dr. Bruce Patterson and Dr. Yo from Incelldx, for sharing the evolving data and available resources for those suffering from Covid Long Haul and those with vaccine injuries.  Their work, like that of the, provides hope to those still suffering.
  2. Bruce Patterson who specializes in treating the vaccine injured said vaccine reactions are not rare.
  3. Dr. Patterson uses Fluvoxamine for active COVID as a favorite drug for treating the vaccine injured as well as COVID long-haulers. I was involved in funding the research that led to fluvoxamine being proven in COVID. Despite success in trials and in treating injured patients, the NIH will not recognize fluvoxamine as a COVID treatment, even after a proven 12X death benefit.

The NIH stopped paying attention to the vaccine injured in late 2021

The NIH stopped paying attention to the vaccine injured by late 2021 when they discovered that there was nothing they could do to cure them. If you are vaccine injured, don’t expect any help from the NIH.

As time passed, however, the patients say the NIH scientists pulled back. A September visit Brianne Dressen had scheduled for additional neurologic testing was converted to a telemedicine appointment. In December, Nath asked her to stop sending patients his way. “It is best for such patients to receive care from their local physicians,” he wrote to her.

For patients, the silence from NIH was distressing, especially as they struggled to find care elsewhere. The scientists “took the data and left us hanging,” says a person who traveled to NIH in the spring of 2021. “I have no treatment, I have no idea what’s happening to my body.” Physicians, several patients said, had nothing to offer and sometimes even declared the symptoms imagined.

Nath told Science NIH facilities are not equipped to treat large numbers of patients long-term. Says the health care worker of the effort: “It’s too much for two people at the NIH to do.”

Other researchers note the scientific community is uneasy about studying such effects. “Everyone is tiptoeing around it,” Pretorius says. “I’ve talked to a lot of clinicians and researchers at various universities, and they don’t want to touch it.”


The US government and local governments are mandating that people get vaccinated. At the same time, they are washing their hands of all liability if something goes wrong and leaving the vaccine injured high and dry with no support, not medically and not monetarily. And if that’s not bad enough, Facebook removes the vaccine injured support groups.

The HHS agencies along with members of Congress (with the exception of Senator Ron Johnson) think that all of that is OK. They aren’t saying a word.

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