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Wakefield Films, FDA Risk-Benefit Analysis, Gab Poll, Two Newsweek Op-Eds Criticize CDC, HHS Sec Gets C0VID Again!

Wakefield Films, FDA Risk-Benefit Analysis, Gab Poll, Two Newsweek Op-Eds Criticize CDC, HHS Sec Gets C0VID Again!

By Steve Kirsch

Just wanted to make sure you didn’t miss these articles and my quick takes on them. Also included: analysis of the mysterious blood clots shows they are NOT normal. Whoops.

Andrew Wakefield’s movies

Watch them all:

  1. Vaxxed (original and II)
  2. 1986: The Act
  3. Infertility: The movie (this is the one that was just released)

Blood clots seen by embalmers have never been seen before the vaccines rolled out

All we know is nobody had ever seen these clots BEFORE the vaccines rolled out. Also, these clots are ONLY found in vaccinated patients or those who got blood transfusions. Wonder if that might be a clue?

Judge for yourself:

FDA Uses Unreliable Data to Justify COVID Shots for Infants and Toddlers

You didn’t think they used reliable data, did you? Using reliable data, they can’t justify these shots. So they have to use unreliable data, duh.

Check out Berenson’s reaction here.

Here’s the longer Defender article by my good friend James Lyons-Weiler. I’m mentioned in the article. And no, Dr. Peter Marks did not accept the debate challenge.

FDA Risk-Benefit Analysis Hides ‘Bad Data’ on Moderna Shots for Kids

The risk-benefit analyses used by the FDA to justify these vaccines are inexplicable. This isn’t science. Science isn’t important here. It’s about justifying the vaccine for kids so we can save them from the deaths that aren’t happening. I couldn’t find one kid who died from COVID, but plenty who died from the vaccine.

Newsweek Publishes Op-Eds Criticizing CDC Response to COVID

All I can say is one word: “It’s about time.”

Newsweek deserves a standing ovation for being the first mainstream media outlet to publish op-eds like these two.

I hope it is the start of a trend.

My latest Gab poll finally answers the question you’ve all wondered about for more than a year

Finally, the answer:

Looks like the shots make you more likely to get infected, doesn’t it?

You can take this to the bank: the HHS is just never going to figure out that the vaccines aren’t doing anything at all except making it more likely you’ll get infected and increasing your chance of dying from a relatively mild virus.

They are going to have their head in the sand forever.

Becerra can get infected 100 times and he’ll never connect the dots. Even after he dies from COVID his last words will be, “It’s a good thing I got vaccinated, otherwise, it would have been much worse.”

You cannot make this stuff up folks.

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