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Hospitals Are Already Becoming Overwhelmed, and So Many Will Die in Their Homes From the C0VID Vaxxines

Hospitals Are Already Becoming Overwhelmed, and So Many Will Die in Their Homes From the C0VID Vaxxines

Truthbook Post By Jamie McIntyre

Hospitals are already becoming overwhelmed, and so many will die in their homes from the Covid vaccines.
As hospitals start to get swamped with the vaccinated, suffering heart problems, and coming heart attacks, many will be left to die in their homes sadly, as ambulances already admit to 100 calls in recent nights not being attended to, in Qld alone. The poor naive, gullible public, who trusted their politicians, will have no one come and try and save them, not that much can save those that are suffering the onset of heart attacks from the vaccines. They can be comforted to know that their impending death, will be recorded as a fraudulent Covid death, by the lying politicians and media, and cause a surge in Covid vaccine sales – the very thing causing the heart attacks, to murder more gullible Australians. And if they do make it to the hospital, they can be assured they’ll be killed by deliberate medical malpractice pushed by WHO, to sell Gates and Fauci’s, deadly remedesvir, a banned Ebola drug that kills healthy people in 6-10 days – termed “ end of life is near “ – Simply ring your local hospital and ask them do they follow the guidelines to give Covid patients this deadly drug, and you’ll find they do – as most Doctors and Nurses simply follow orders from their Chief Medical Officers in the states, who follow the orders of guess WHO? And who controls WHO? ANR warned this would happen, and sadly not enough listened. If you take a lethal injection based on foolishly trusting a fraudulent industry, that owns your politicians and media, then what do you expect? In the words of a European court that stated “ to take a Covid vaccine is effective suicide, as one should have known the side effects are fatal and no law forced one to do it,( although the bullying and high-pressure sales tactics employed against the innocent public was very deliberate and planned meticulously, plus you signed a legal disclaimer stating you were participating in a phase 3 medical trial, with no propersafety studies done. www.anrnews.
Australian National Review is one of the few news outlets in Australia, not paid to push deadly vaccines upon a gullible public, nor paid to cover your vaccine death and injuries like our competitors. Ring all major networks and papers and ask have they taken money to push the vaccines and why are they not reporting on all the vaccine deaths? But we will try and save as many as possible with the information made available for free on vaxx detoxes to help reduce deaths and impending injuries.  95% or more are expected to suffer adverse reactions. 5-15% potential mortality rate. Extrapolate just 5% over 5 billion vaccinated and you have 250 million deaths – I’m willing to bet my house or will be over 500 Million or 10% within 5-10 years – some ten times more dead than the Spanish flu – all to supposedly stop something no more deadly than the seasonal flu according to independent Doctors and Scientists and the real data.

Here’s what others had to say:

my friend has to go to Brisbane suddenly as her sister has sudden heart problems and now my neighbour’s sister has blood clots in both legs and has to have stents put in. hmmmm

Happy Times
We a hearing more and more of this all the time yet people still keep taking the venom. So sad

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