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New Videos of Billionaire Kids on Jeffrey Epstein Island Go Viral

New Videos of Billionaire Kids on Jeffrey Epstein Island Go Viral

By King Luxury

New Videos of Billionaire Kids on Jeffrey Epstein Island Go Viral.

Here’s what others had to say:

The fact that NOBODY has been arrested. INSANE.

This video is a proof that laws are made for the poor, not for the billionaires.

They claimed the girls were over 14 on the media. But here they’re clearly young, young children.

Out of all the people that visited that island, not one person was arrested. Think about that.

Those are not very young girls, those are KIDS

Bill Clinton went to that island over 20+ times.

Whose tiny daughters were those? That is a big question- either someone allowed their daughters to do this or they were stolen- either way who were those girls?

Anyone who worked for him and stood by and watched all of this happen and said nothing are just as guilty as he was. The ones that joked about the number of young kids on each flight are scumbags.

The estate has since paid out some 150 million to 100+ victims all quiet with not a single arrest. Sick coverup.

Not only Epstein.. the whole Music Industry and whole Hollywood and also all Politicians and the media!!! Jail!!!

Jesus said what you do unto my little ones you do unto me. so these people haven’t gotten away with their crimes against children. they just haven’t gotten to be face to face with their judge.

Maxwell is in prison for crimes that involved other people. Why aren’t the “other people” in prison?

Truth be told – He was murdered, just keep in mind of all the people that visited that island.

Imagine an entire empty Island and the homeless problem that the whole world faces.

Those are not young girls, those were kids and if you believe he committed suicide your as naive as the rest of them.

His gf freaked out at the news of his death saying he was murdered.
No remorse for the children, the victims. OMG! the serial rapist and child sex trafficker was dead. So fuϲkin’ what?
Where’s her emotional breakdown over that?

Now you can’t say “pedophile”?!? Why are you bleeping out the word that describes people like Epstain? What next…

Why do they keep showing Trump and not Gates who went there 36 times but can’t remember why ?? What about Clinton,Fauci,Wray, Winfrey, Podesta etc

The protections afforded the most wealthy are insane. They can do anything with out worry of the justice system.

Some of the main visitors whom went many many times – Joe & Hunter Biden, Bill & Hilary Clinton , Barack Obama, Chrissy Tiegan & John Legend, Robert DeNiro, Lady Gaga, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jay Z & Beyonce, Eminem, Bill & Melinda Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, The Rock, Whoopi Goldberg and all of the women from the show The Talk including Jada Pinkett Smith, Will Smith, Orlando Bloom & Katy Perry, Martha Stewart, Anthony Faucci, Robin Williams.

Lets not forget JP Morgan Chase knowing engaged in each transaction, has a bank log of every deposit and yet that list remains hidden and JP Morgan gets a slap on the wrist.

The most dissturbing part, the island would host graduation parties for extremely intelligent children with the option to expose or extinguish their confusion of magic and terms that they couldn’t have possibly removed from themselves.
If you’ve ever seen a protege, show up and disappear in your classrooms, you most certainly have seen the duplicates and copycats used to keep many people away from the 12 year old in that surpassing child.
Sometimes it is or was real, othertimes it was a scapegoated response to many other areas used by crooks of life.

The states systematic functions in the judicial system allow and promote the abilities of people like him of all incomes. These judges by vast majority in my opinion could have long put a stop to it before any of that progressed to what it did. The systems have been corrupt for so long we have learned that what we believed was corruption was actually deliberate intent all along. How do we save the future?


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