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Why did Israel Slaughter Their Own People on Oct 7 and Blame Hamas?

Why did Israel Slaughter Their Own People on Oct 7 and Blame Hamas?

What’s worse is it wasn’t really the Hannibal directive that had Israel murder most of the 1100 Israelis on Oct 7.

It was a deep state operation (Mossad) and they needed to murder as many as possible to frame and blame the Arabs Hamas, to fool dumbed down Westerners and their puppet politicians to support the bombing to death of Palestinian men women, and children. For something entirely set up by Israel, to once again pretend they are the victims of such atrocities, yet are the ones behind such terror acts.

Like, who do you think was behind Sept 11?

And who gets framed and blamed always? It’s so predictable.

The sooner people realise that Israel is controlled by satanic Luciferians, a certain R family, who hate both Christians and Muslims.
They want a war between both, thus why they are the ones swamping the West with massive immigration, to destroy the West and stoke Islamophobia.
Divide to conquer to usher in their NWO One World Government “wet dream”.
The sooner Israelis and Westerners can remove this cancer from the West, the better.
They want you to fear and hate Muslims, and vice versa. To think that they are your enemy. Deception is their art of war.

To be focused on each other as enemies and not the ones stoking the division and planning WW3.
Otherwise, both Israel and the West will go down, become 3rd world crime-ridden nations and cities, divided and social division, as we are currently seeing, (think London Paris, and San Francisco – not exactly nice cities anymore to live in and about to get much worse) and WW3 won’t be prevented either.

They’d rather eliminate tens of millions in a war than give up their reign.

Do you want to die for the United States of Israel?

Because if you don’t, or don’t want your children conscripted and die like Ukrainians are, you better figure out the truth, and get a voice. Time is running out.
Dumbed-down Westerners and politicians are sleepwalking into tyranny.

I wish I was wrong



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