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Australian Doctor Highlights There Never Was a COVID Pandemic in Australia

Australian Doctor Highlights There Never Was a COVID Pandemic in Australia

Below is a response from Judy Wilyman from a recent email I sent out, like so many of the people I have so gratefully been put into contact with over the past 2 years, Judy is a powerhouse in the fight against silent global enemies who are not willing for their Australian puppets to enter debates regarding the science and response to the past two and half years.

If you are not aware of Judy’s work, here is a link to Vaccination Decisions

You can hear more at The Panel Channel here Please Note: these interviews with Judy describe the claims about safety and efficacy that underpin government vaccination policies and the strategies that are being used to censor the scientific debate.

There are so many people waking up to the fight Judy and people like Elizabeth Hart from Vaccination is Political and Meryl Dory from Australian Vaccination Risk Network have been fighting for much longer than the start of this contrived issue they have labelled a pandemic.

Warm regards
Mark Neugebauer

Original Message:
On Thursday, August 18th, 2022 at 06:53, Judy Wilyman wrote:

Hi Mark,
Thanks for this information. In order to de-bunk this story (and the CDC’s comments below) we need to address the fact that the CDC never used real (empirical data) to see how this virus behaved in the general population in each country before they declared a pandemic.

They used predicted data (in all countries) based on mathematical modelling. This is a critical point and even if there was evidence of a serious outbreak in China this does not mean that the virus would behave in the same way in the different environmental/host/healthcare conditions of Australia, US or UK etc.

This is a critical point. Public health policy is never made on data from other countries because of our different environmental, host and healthcare systems.

Hence, the predictions in the mathematical models that were known to use false (industry-biased) assumptions are the only basis that Australia had for enacting the public health emergency powers. This is not real or empirical evidence of a PH emergency and as you know there was no serious outbreak of this disease in Australia when Morrison shut the borders and took draconian measures that have continued to harm and kill many people for 2 and 1/2 years.

The risk of any infectious disease is only determined on hospitalisations and deaths not ‘cases’ of disease. This is because cases are how herd immunity is established to any infectious disease. Contrary to the CDC and government claims we are not unprotected from infectious diseases and this lie is how they have frightened people into being scared of this virus. This is why I am saying there was no serious outbreak of this disease in Australia in 2020 and the hospitalisation and death data supports this fact.

The CDC’s comments below would only be relevant if there had been empirical evidence of a pandemic in Australia. But there was no risk of hospitalisations or death to 99.7% of the population in 2020 and now there is a significant risk of hospitalisation and death in all demographics (from February 2021-22) as a result of all of the directives that were introduced – but particularly the experimental injections.

Using experimental injections in a population violates the precautionary principle that is used to protect health in government health policies plus it violates the Nuremberg Code.

These measures have been inflicted on the healthy population before there was any established risk from a virus with empirical data from a new coronavirus in Australia or in any other country.

I’m providing this to you in the hope that it may put some extra light on the medical fraud we are dealing with and the elites will achieve their goal of crediting this injection with the control of COVID if we do not successfully de-bunk this narrative.
cheers Judy.

Original Message:
On Wednesday, August 17th, 2022 at 20:38, Mark Neugebauer wrote:

Words matter

h/t to Bronte and Alan for sending it through

From: Nikolai Petrovsky Sent: Friday, 12 August 2022 8:09 AM Subject: Summary of Guidance for Minimizing the Impact of COVID-19 on Individual Persons, Communities, and Health Care Systems — United States, August 2022 | MMWR

The latest CDC guidelines make some important concessions although still highly biased.

Key concessions in their wording say it all. – remember CDC can’t move too suddenly or this would signal they were incompetent so any moves they make will be hidden amongst other remaining contradictory fatherhood statements – like vaccines are great, boosters are important, etc.

Shame it takes them so long to catch up to the truth but like turning a large ship around – it doesn’t happen overnight


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