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Don’t Bother to Let the CDC Know About Safety Issues with the COVID Vaccines: They will Ghost You

Don’t Bother to Let the CDC Know About Safety Issues with the COVID Vaccines: They will Ghost You

By Steve Kirsch

Robert Edmonds developed severe tinnitus after getting one dose of the COVID vaccine. He discovered he was not alone. He found proof of causality. The CDC ghosted him. The proof.

Tom Shimabukuro is one of the top people in charge of safety of the COVID vaccines. When you notify him of proof of an adverse event, he’ll instruct the staff to cut you off.

Executive summary

The CDC doesn’t care about safety. If you find proof of a serious adverse event, they cut off all communications with you, no matter how compelling your evidence is.

It is your responsibility to notify the world of adverse events. The CDC’s responsibility is to push the jab, not protect the public.


More than 10,000 Americans have reported tinnitus as a possible side effect of the COVID-19 vaccine, and many are questioning why the FDA and CDC are not taking a deeper look into their claims about hearing problems.

Now we know why thanks to a FOIA request revealing an internal email.

Robert Edmonds

Robert Edmonds got severe tinnitus after his first dose of the COVID vaccine.

He’s a federal government employee from New Mexico, and he said he developed tinnitus, along with tingling of the face and headaches, shortly after receiving his first COVID-19 vaccine shot in January.

He then did extensive research and proved the vaccine caused it.

When he tried to notify the CDC, his email was forwarded to Dr. Tom Shimabukuro who at the time (June 2021) was was one of the top people responsible for vaccine safety monitoring at the CDC at that time (he’s now been reassigned to monkeypox presumably so he has plausible deniability of adverse events).

Tom is a very prominent CDC scientist. He testifies at the ACIP meetings, he is the first author on important vaccine safety papers (like this one on pregnancy and COVID vaccines published in the NEJM), etc. He’s right up there with John Su at the top of the vaccine scientific food chain at the CDC. Tom

Here’s the response that Shimabukuro wrote when Edmonds tried to present his safety data about tinnitus to the CDC: “Thank him for his email and cut him off.”


Edmonds learned about this email recently as a result of a FOIA request:

Click the image for more.

The details

Here’s the full email so you can see the context. Edmonds found “pairs” in the same household developing tinnitus at the same time after getting the vaccine. This is a black swan event. He found 7 black swans. That’s impossible if the vaccines aren’t causing tinnitus.


Here’s the full tweet for more info:

Here are commentaries on Tom Shimabukuro’s work

From, two excellent articles about Tom’s work:

On a personal note

I suffer from tinnitus. Know I know the origin. It’s likely that we all have the CDC to thank for our tinnitus.

Tinnitus is associated with other vaccines as well. You probably never made the connection.


If you discover an association between the COVID vaccines and an adverse event, it is your responsibility to let the public know. If you notify the CDC, they will ghost you.

That’s just the way it goes.

Too bad that just about every person in the mainstream medical community thinks this is not a problem (other than perhaps Vinay Prasad and a few others). None of them are going to complain about the lack of safety monitoring at the CDC because the CDC told them that the vaccines are “safe and effective.” So who needs safety monitoring?

Too bad nobody in Congress (other than Senator Ron Johnson) cares about this either. They all trust the CDC. So if Senator Johnson doesn’t get re-elected, it could be decades before there is someone in Congress who will investigate this.

To donate to Senator Johnson’s campaign, see this article. It’s the best money you can possibly spend. He’s in the lead in a very tight race so let’s make sure he has the funds he needs to win.

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