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Drew Comments Tacitly Admits that the COVID Vaccine Increases Your Risk of Dying from COVID!

Drew Comments Tacitly Admits that the COVID Vaccine Increases Your Risk of Dying from COVID!

By Steve Kirsch

We have been told the COVID vax would keep us from dying from COVID. Now, a pro-vax “science communicator” has just tacitly admitted that the vaccine most likely did the opposite.

Executive summary

Drew Comments (a stage alias used by Andrew Bullock) spends an enormous amount of time on social networks promoting the safety of the vaccines. Watch this video for example.

Last night, he tacitly admitted that the COVID vaccines increase your risk of dying from COVID.

Yeah, that’s right. Not a typo: Increase your risk of dying.

We have it on tape (see below). Whoa!

I want to acknowledge him for admitting this in front of a live audience of nearly 1,500 people. Finally, both sides agree the vaccines increase your risk of dying.

What this shows is the power of dialog. We started at polar opposite ends of the spectrum, but it was clear at the end that we are actually in agreement that the vaccines increase your risk of dying.

I’m cautiously optimistic that more dialog such as this between opposing parties will lead to further agreement.


People are told that the COVID vaccine is supposed to decrease their risk of dying from COVID.

But last night, Drew Comments, who calls himself a science communicator and claims to be an expert on medicine and science, came into my Twitter Space and dropped a bombshell.

Note: When asked, he declined to reveal his real name or where he works. Some people claim he’s paid by Moderna and that he admitted this publicly, but Drew says that is not the case. He said he wished he was.

Drew was very clear: he said it is IMPOSSIBLE for the vaccine to kill anyone. He was arguing with Ryan Cole about mechanisms of action. Drew argued theory and Dr. Cole argued evidence in plain sight. Dr. Cole invited Drew to his lab to see the evidence first hand. Drew neglected to follow up on the offer. He still hasn’t followed up. He said he’d send his people, but hasn’t contacted me to arrange for this. My conclusion is that Drew’s definition of science is based on belief rather than data.

So I asked Drew, “OK, so if the vaccine didn’t kill these people, how do you explain the 15,000 excess deaths in VAERS?”

He said (without citing any evidence) that he didn’t know but the very first thing he’d consider is that COVID that killed these people.

WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop the presses!

This is a stunning admission and we have it all on tape!

He basically he believed the most likely culprit of those excess deaths was COVID19.

I’ll get to the implications of this statement shortly.

The death safety signal in VAERS

Drew was also firm saying the death safety signal in VAERS hadn’t triggered. That’s new to me.

I asked him for his calculation, and he failed to produce it and he didn’t even know what the criteria was.

I am looking forward to seeing his calculation.

This is a question he can’t answer of course. Here’s why:

  1. If he comes up with the correct answer, he has egg on his face for making false statements.
  2. If he comes up with the wrong answer, it will be easy to show where he made the error to everyone.

I had three independent statisticians do the calculation and they all came up with the same number that matched mine. So I predict he will never do this calculation and will come up with excuses as to why he can’t do simple math or have any of his experts do the calculation. Not even professional debunker David Gorski will touch this calculation.

The right thing now for him to do is confirm the calculation and then go on social media and let people know that they should not trust the CDC to monitor for safety signals. I can’t wait for that.

And he should also tell people he was wrong about the vaccine and call for a halt just like John Campbell just did.

The implications of Drew’s admission that the most likely cause of the the excess deaths in VAERS were from COVID

We know from the VAERS data that at the peak of COVID in 2020, there were no excess deaths reported in VAERS. ZERO!!! See anything happening in the middle of the pandemic in the graph below? Nope. Not a single excess death! Just the normal death rates in the middle of the pandemic.

Then all of a sudden, deaths in VAERS skyrocketed when the COVID vaccines rolled out. The deaths skyrocketed only for the COVID vaccine, not for any other vaccine (the blue bars are unchanged).

Of course, when I looked at the data, I attributed it to the vaccine killing people. But according to our science communicator, I’m wrong. Drew said it was COVID that would be his first choice of what caused these deaths.

OK, we can quibble about the cause, but the implications are the same…

Put on your critical thinking hat

Time for some critical thinking…

All the 15,000 Americans in VAERS who died HAD THE COVID vaccine!

And Drew said that his first guess is that the excess deaths were from COVID.

The background death rate in VAERS from COVID was miniscule in 2020.

When the vax rolled out in 2021, it skyrocketed.

Yet the death rate from all other vaccines in the same period (2021 onwards) remained the same. Those people got COVID too.

This can only mean one thing: it was the COVID vaccine that caused people to die from COVID in record numbers after they got the vaccine. That is the only difference between the people in the red bar vs. the blue bar.


For new readers, VAERS is underreported by a factor of at least 41 which I’ve written about many times.

So 15,000 excess deaths in America is over 600,000 people. That’s a huge number of deaths.

Also on this call

Dr. Eugene Gu in a COVID Twitter Space earlier yesterday, dismissed anecdotal evidence as untrustworthy, arguing that only large trials should be the basis of treatment decisions.

Now, it appears this was not the case.

I asked what he would do if he vaccinated 20 patients and 10 of them died a week later. Would he halt the vaccine? After all, it is only 10 patients and 10 is a small number!

Dr. Gu said he would not. The audience was stunning.

I said if I were a doctor, I wouldn’t wait to talk to my peers… 10 deaths in 20 patients within a week is very unlikely if the vaccine is safe. It should be an immediate halt; no calls to peers required. It is very unlikely the vaccine could be safe with this observation.

Later, Dr. Gu admitted that this sort of anecdotal data can change his treatment decisions. Even numbers as small as 10 cases, if confirmed by several of his peers, would cause him to act in a way that is opposite to what the large trials claim.

So this is good. Both sides agree that anecdotal data, even as small as just 10 cases, can cause a doctor to change their treatment decisions.

The full recording (nearly 7 hours)

Dr. Gu joins at 2:23. Drew Comments comes in at 5:32:00 (i.e., five and a half hours into it).

Audio only (392M)

Audio and video (easier to see who is talking but a 2.1G download)

Yeah, it’s long. Here is one of the comments:

Great from start to finish (ended around 3:30am Eastern). This was the best Covid-19/Vax discussion I’ve heard so far, and it was very useful in helping me understand the problem posed by those who are “mis-educated” (brainwashed) and those who willfully avoid and resist actual science and who seem to ignore the scientific method.

This was a very refreshing discussion and debate, with a lot of important facts shared by Steve, Dr. Cole and others that I hadn’t heard before.

The vast majority of the discussion contained extremely valuable and useful information. I suggest everyone put aside the time to listen to the entire recording, especially the last hour or so with Steve, Dr. Cole, and Drew.


I’m glad we had the conversation because it looks like we were able to find common ground: do not take the vaccine.

If you believe me, those people in VAERS died from the COVID vaccine. So you shouldn’t take it.

If you believe Drew, the most likely cause of those excess deaths is COVID which means that the vaccine dramatically increases your risk of dying from COVID so you should not take it.

So we just differ on how we believe the vaccine will kill you.

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