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Money & Murder in Hospitals. How Medical Crimes Kill Millions?

Money & Murder in Hospitals. How Medical Crimes Kill Millions?

By Stop World Control

Health care workers reveal how patients are being murdered in hospitals, and are labeled as covid deaths, in return for big money.

The following documentaries are part of the Sequel to the Fall of the Cabal, a world renowned series about the concealed worldwide network of evil, that controls most governments. The information revealed in these shocking documentaries is based on original video footage, official documents, and authentic testimonies. Everything can be verified. What is exposed by brave journalists is that the covid pandemic is a worldwide criminal operation.

Watch These Series: 

Money and Murder in Hospitals


The Midazolam Murders


Whistleblowers about Hospital Murders


Face Masks & Social Distancing


Detrimental Effects of Face Masks


The Untold Truth About Nose Swabs


Quarantine Camps All Over the World


Full Covid-19 Documentary


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