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They Just Purchased Another 4.7Million dose, For God Knows Why…

They Just Purchased Another 4.7Million dose, For God Knows Why…

By Australians vs. The Agenda

Our mission is to help create a mass-scale awakening of Australian citizens — a fully empowered, conscious and cooperative collective of individuals.

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Here’s what others had to say:

Paradigm _sh1ft
When a cars safety standards are even remotely in question, they are recalled enmasse.
You don’t import more of them.

But of luck Pfizer did extensive research on 8 mice. It’s a job to see how they will ever make any money.

Simon Bond
Why would he keep saying that it’s being released onto the market? They are the clowns buying it with our money, without us asking for it.

Christine Gresham
How are they able to keep marching forward with all the stat’s and injuries/information out there in plain sites, easy to find.

Benny Hutch
They get it for about $30 each that’s 141 million spent and I bet over half will be thrown out…

Heart Attacks & strokes FOR EVERYONE~!!!!! Aren’t the genocidal criminals in the Aus Gov so generous!!!

Chris werkes
Politicians getting rich on Big Pharma kickbacks.

Brute Churchill
Wealth transfer. My tax dollars being handed to authoritarian oligarchs.

Michael Pattison
Where was the vote to spend our tax payers money on this?

Arthur Mandas
This is as criminal as it gets. Anyone stupid enough to go for these after its come out officially (even though we knew what was up) gets what they deserve. Shove your amnesty.

Pureblood Nordic Roamer
When he says administered to Australians. Am l the taxpayer paying for this, or is it going onto the market at a cost to the consumer?


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