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Why Have the TGA & ATAGI Not Pulled Moderna From the Market ?

Why Have the TGA & ATAGI Not Pulled Moderna From the Market?

By Craig Kelly

The data is crystal from multiple sources.

The latest, this peer-reviewed Canadian study ( has found that men 18-24 years old have an incredible 5 times greater likelihood of being stricken with Myocarditis/Pericarditis with the 2nd shot of Moderna than with Pfizer.

Men 25-39 are 7 times more likely.

What the hell are the TGA & ATAGI doing by allowing Moderna to be injected into young Australian men?

Are they asleep? Are they bought? Are they too frightened to admit they made an error that has likely caused death?

Why is the ABC silent on this?

And more concerning is that the rates get worse progressively in each younger age bracket. In Ontario Canada where this study was undertaken, Moderna is not used in boys under 18 because of these concerns.

But in Australia, the TGA is letting Moderna rip in not only the under 18’s – but now into babies 6 months old.


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