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C0VID “Myth Buster” Series

C0VID “Myth Buster” Series

By Steve Kirsch

I’ve known Marc since shortly after I realized the vaccines were bad news.

He recently wrote 9 articles for his COVID “Myth Buster” series.

You can see all of these on his COVID Myth Buster Series substack.

Here are a few:

Safety (3)

What happens to those billions of NanoParticles you’ve become host to?
Two Fundamental Mechanisms that Explain Serious Adverse Effects Post-Vaccination

What could go wrong?
Designed for the muscle, inadvertently shot in the bloodstream – Good or bad : what do you think?

No one would ever accept permanent fever… So, why accept permanently high antibodies? It’s a “Death Zone”!
Evolution has pruned out those with constant high levels of antibodies, isn’t that a sign we should heed?

Effectiveness (4)

The Broken Vaccine Promise … (Part 1) –
Vaccines are Ineffective to those who need it most

Can a shot in the deltoid stimulate mucus in the airways? The answer is “No” … Then, how can vaccines be effective? (Part 2) –
A 30-year lie on misplaced vaccines

Natural immunity is superior to vaccine-induced …stating otherwise is disinformation (Part 3) –
Despite the false narrative, clinical data continues to show that natural immunity is best

Dangerous Children Myth (1)

Any Severe Covid Patient Can Produce More Virus Than All The Children in America Combined
Children were never a danger to society

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