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CDC’s Pregnancy Advice Is Terrible

CDC’s Pregnancy Advice Is Terrible

By Steve Kirsch

I’ve always told people to listen carefully to what the CDC says… and then do the opposite. Here’s what happens if you don’t follow my advice and follow their advice.


If you are pregnant or are thinking of getting pregnant, you should do the opposite of what the CDC says, i.e., do not get vaccinated. They gave that advice using no data. Look at the survey below I just did on Gab at the urging of a reader.


One of my readers wrote a response on my Survey article:

I did not complete the survey because I don’t know the dates of anyone’s vaccinations, however what I know is this:

Before 2021, I knew no one on my LinkedIn who had died except for a young research scientist who had committed suicide (very sadly). In the last approximately six months, four professors I knew personally in my LinkedIn network are dead. The common word from the reporting is “unexpectedly”. The other common word is “tragically”. In addition to that, my two very best friends from school (2 from 2), have lost a parent unexpectedly, one from stroke, the other from sudden and unexpected return of cancer. In my Buddhism circle (a small group of around 30) there have been three funerals of their friends or family in the last couple of weeks, and another Buddhist acquaintance told me his mother died in March unexpectedly.

I am witnessing death very close very frequently when for nearly 50 years it was limited to the very old. I believe the number in America will turn out to be 1/1000 vaccinated to date, with that number rising as cancers take effect. It is tragic but I did my best to warn people.

One survey we should now do is to ask how many c-19 vaxxed people have had a healthy child following the jab. I know of no one but I am too old to know many people of the right age. I really want to know how bad the sterilization effect is. Because if that is very high, deaths don’t matter, we are really in trouble anyway.

My pregnancy Gab survey

So I created a Gab survey to answer his question about births. He was right.

The results are stunning so far.

Check out the stats on 100% Good vs. 100% bad. 1:4. Wow.

How will they explain this one?

One of my readers said everyone he’s known who has tried to give birth after the vaccines rolled out has failed. Apparently he’s not alone

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