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Containment Is Not an Option: Here’s Proof

Containment Is Not an Option: Here’s Proof

By Steve Kirsch

The story of the island nation of Kiribati show that our focus should be on early treatment. That has always been the case; many of us have been saying this since March 2020.

Containment is not an option

The story of Kiribati is the poster-child for why popular containment policies like lockdowns, social distancing, masks, vaccines, and testing are futile.

First, everyone had to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Second, passengers had to test negative for COVID-19 three times in nearby Fiji before arrival. Third, they had been in pre-departure quarantine for two weeks before the flight. Fourth, they were put in quarantine with additional testing when they arrived home, according to the Associated Press.

Despite the over-the-top safeguards, two-thirds of the travelers were diagnosed with COVID-19 after arriving from Fiji on Jan. 15. Of the 54 passengers, 36 tested positive for COVID-19.

Kiribati declared a state of disaster and quickly instituted COVID-19 restrictions, including lockdowns, curfews, and quarantine sites.

Early treatment has always been the safest, fastest, and cheapest approach to treating COVID

The right approach, which my colleagues and I have been saying since March 2020, is to encourage all physicians to prescribe proven early treatment protocols using existing repurposed drugs and supplements. Protocols such as the Fareed-Tyson protocol have been given to over 7,000 COVID patients with 0 deaths; a 100% success rate. Yet all of these successful protocols are completely ignored by the CDC, NIH, and FDA; they don’t even acknowledge they exist.

Mandates are wrong. As Robert Malone says, “Where there is risk, there must be choice.”

Let doctors be doctors

Instead of trying to revoke the credentials, jobs, and hospital privileges of doctors who are trying to save lives, we need to let doctors be doctors. Now.

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