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FDA Authorizes Five Doses, DeSantis Mask Lawsuit, Joomi’s Vax Story, Leg Amputations, Flu Vaxxine

FDA Authorizes Five Doses, DeSantis Mask Lawsuit, Joomi’s Vax Story, Leg Amputations, Flu Vaxxine

By Steve Kirsch

Five items for this article:

  1. FDA authorizes 5 doses of the COVID vaccine?!? We thought it was four.
  2. Ron DeSantis is suing to end the transportation mask mandate.
  3. Joomi’s vax story
  4. Amputation after vaccination
  5. Does the flu shot reduce mortality? Nobody wants to know.

FDA authorizes 5 doses?

While we all thought the FDA authorized a second booster today (i.e., four doses), check out this article: FDA authorizes 5 doses of the COVID vaccines

My favorite reader comment:

hmm 5th dose of the highly touted mRNA technology…gonna transform the way we make vaccines and drugs, woot!. So yeah, regular people understand that when you need to do something over and over, that’s a real good sign it doesn’t work that good. Scientists = not so much.

DeSantis sues Biden administration over mask mandate

See DeSantis sues over mask mandates on transportation. I support this. There is no science that supports that masks make any difference at all.

Joomi’s story

I was deceived about COVID vaccine safety is an excellent (but very long) article describing how a former biologist was misled into taking the COVID vaccine. This is a lot like my personal story.

In May of 2021, I took the second dose of the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine. At the time, I was led to believe that everybody knows the vaccines are safe and effective. I kept hearing that anybody who believed in science should want to get vaccinated.

I used to be a biologist; of course I believed in science. So I took the vaccine.

I encourage you to check out the full story and others on Joomi’s substack.


Read this article which blames COVID, not the vaccine, for multiple limb amputations in a fully vaccinated 21-year-old girl.

But weren’t we told that the vaccine prevents us from being hospitalized from COVID???

Here’s what she looks like today:

Claire Bridges sits up by herself in hospital for the first time.

This reminded me of a story I read in July:

I wonder whether Claire Bridges’ amputation was caused (or exasperated) by the vaccine.

Unfortunately, I don’t think anyone will ask that question so it’s unlikely we’ll ever know.

Does the flu shot reduce mortality?

Alex Berenson just published an article on the flu vaccine. Here’s the key point:

If the flu vaccine reduced the risk of death in any meaningful way, increasing its use 12-fold – use that is explicitly directed at the elderly, who are most vulnerable – would have SOME visible impact on overall mortality from influenza deaths. It has none.

If your friendly public health bureaucrats wanted to prove influenza shots reduced influenza deaths, they could do so lickety-split.

They would just have to run a large randomized controlled trial (ideally two or three trials, over two or three flu seasons) that enrolled, say, 25,000 elderly people at high risk of death from flu and split them into placebo and flu shot groups.

The next time you get to ask your public health officer a question, ask them why they recommend the flu shot when there are no clinical trials showing they reduce mortality. Let me know what they say.

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