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Five Simple Ways To “Take Down” All the Top C0VID Misinformation Spreaders

Five Simple Ways To “Take Down” All the Top C0VID Misinformation Spreaders

By Steve Kirsch

Why aren’t our health authorities pursuing these methods?

President Obama is right: COVID misinformation is killing people. It needs to be stopped immediately.

Here are five simple ways that health officials could do that. But they won’t. I wonder why?

How public health authorities can stop people like me

I’m THE top misinformation spreader in the world on Substack.

But I’m a reasonable guy, and I’m happy to voluntarily stop spreading “misinformation” if someone would just spend a few minutes to just answer my questions.

Sadly, no public health official in the world wants to do that on camera even after multiple million dollar offers. That’s frustrating to me.

President Obama has said misinformation is killing people. I’m clearly a big problem. Yet nobody will even tell me why they won’t answer my simple questions on camera.

Of course, we all know why they won’t: it’s because they can’t.

Five ways

Let’s make it simple. Here are five ways that public health officials and the medical community could silence me and all my colleagues:

  1. Show us the mistake(s) in the HART report and show us the CORRECT analysis or the correct data. This was a report showing the vaccines are doing more harm than good. It was done by a team of top scientists. The Financial Times never found any errors, they simply claimed the report couldn’t be true because it went against the narrative. That’s not convincing to us misinformation spreaders because none of us trust the authorities or expert opinion. We are old fashioned and just respond to things like facts and data. To convince us, you have to find an error in the data or the methodology. That’s called science. So your task is easy: just tell us how all these brilliant scientists at HART goofed. Explain the true cause of the rise of deaths when the vaccines rolled out. It wasn’t COVID. So what was it? Make my day.
  2. Point out the error in Joel Smalley’s death data analysis and show us the CORRECT analysis. His analysis of death reports shows the vaccines should be stopped for those under 60. It took Joel 30-minutes to do his analysis so the experts shouldn’t need to spend much time at all to do it correctly. If you think the data is biased, then collect your own data (it took us one whole day to do). If you think the methodology is flawed, then show us the correct methodology. As we mentioned earlier, you have to find an error in the data or the methodology to convince us. That’s called science. Sorry to keep repeating myself… I’m hoping it will sink in.
  3. Explain to me why my local newspaper and local politicians refuse to investigate a report of 6 deaths in a Palo Alto nursing home after just 9 vaccinations. None of them even wanted to know the name of the nursing home. It’s a very clear case of the press and lawmakers not wanting to find evidence that they are responsible for these deaths because they promoted the vaccines. Congresswoman Anna Eshoo, Santa Clara County Supervisor Joe Simitian, and The San Jose Mercury News should all be ashamed of themselves for not investigating this incident in their own backyards. Something killed those people, but NOBODY wants to talk about it or even know where it happened. Why not? To show we are full of shit, all you have to do is show us that none of those deaths were vaccine related by telling us what killed all 6 at the same time they got the shot. What could be easier than that?
  4. Publish a complete list of the names of all kids under 18 killed by the COVID vaccines and a list of those killed by COVID itself (not “with” COVID). You’ll find that the first list is longer than the second list. Next, explain why everyone should be vaccinating their kids.
  5. There are hundreds of thousands of COVID vaccine victims in America today. Many have 10 or more symptoms, all associated with the vaccine, that started shortly after vaccination. The NIH has said publicly that there is no link between the vax and vaccine victims. In short, they threw all the vaccine injured under the bus. Explain to us what caused hundreds of thousands of people to all develop similar debilitating adverse events after being vaccinated. If it wasn’t the vaccine, what was it?

How’s that for simplicity?

For extra credit, you can explain to all of us how 4 myocarditis cases at a very small private Christian school is a “slightly elevated risk” and why the school refuses to comment publicly about it. How is the public served when kids are injured and the authorities are covering it up. Is this consistent with Christian values? And if I’m wrong, why isn’t the school suing me for defamation? Could it be because I’d be entitled to discovery so we can finally publicly expose the cover-up?

If you can’t do any of these, then I suggest you start telling people the truth: that you were wrong and the “misinformation spreaders” were right the whole time.

I need your help NOW to get the word out

For the next few months, please bring this article to the attention of any prominent figure (people or institution) who makes the claim that the COVID vaccines are safe. We have to all start using our social media voices. Let’s see if hundreds of thousands of people working together can shift the narrative.

Public health officials, agencies, lawmakers, and vaccine cheerleaders like Eric Topol all the way down to pond scum like ZDoggMD all want to hear from you. You’ll especially want to ask MisinformationKills aka Allison Neitzel why she is farting around instead of answering these questions.

Something like this:

If Twitter blocks the link for my guide to stopping misinformation, I’m going to go big time against Twitter for censoring ways to stop misinformation! That will really get public attention if they do that.

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