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ICYMI: You Need To Be Boosted Every 30 Days To Stay “Protected”

ICYMI: You Need To Be Boosted Every 30 Days To Stay “Protected”

By Steve Kirsch

It seems like telling my blue pill friends NOT to get the vaccine hasn’t been working. Should I try a new approach: coaching them to get boosted every 30 days?

New Israeli study of 2 million people shows that the fourth dose vaccine wears off against Omicron after 3-4 weeks and protection is pretty much gone by 8 weeks.

So you’ll need a new “booster” around every 30 days to be “safe.”

Watch this Dr. Mobeen video:

Here are a few comments on the video on YouTube:

  1. My friend is a geriatric nurse and she has patients who have had their fourth dose and they still get COVID and moreover, their crp is high, their wbc is low and their dimers are through the roof (ie 4000).
  2. “These vaccines are not well- matched for omicron” that’s an understatement, but very well-matched for the company’s profits.
  3. It’s unbelievable people are making excuses for a product that gives 6 weeks of efficacy and also happens to have the worst side-effect profile of any vaccine and almost of any drug ever.

If getting vaccinated every 30 days doesn’t cause people to wake up, I don’t know what will.

In the comments below, Mathew Crawford points out the following:

That’s okay because each injection you get lowers your risk of dying from non-COVID causes, including car accidents and murder, apparently.

He referenced his substack article which refers to a CDC paper which makes this claim (indirectly). Note that I wrote about that exact same CDC paper back on Nov 12, 2021 entitled “FDA discovers Fountain of Youth.”

The public just eats this stuff up apparently. They will continue to do whatever the CDC says, no matter how goofy the advice.

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