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If the Vaxxines Are “Safe and Effective,” Then Why Do They Need Liability Protection?

If the Vaxxines Are “Safe and Effective,” Then Why Do They Need Liability Protection?

By Steve Kirsch

I’m sure you’ve all been wondering, if the vaccines are so safe and effective, then what’s the scientific reason that vaccine manufacturers need liability protection whereas other products (including drugs) don’t need that?

The history of vaccines and the origin of liability

Back in the 1980’s, there were four manufacturers of vaccines. They colluded and basically all agreed to stop making vaccines unless the US government gave them liability protection. So that’s how it started.

Why not drop the liability protection for all parties involved in the vaccination process starting today?

If the vaccines are truly safe and effective as claimed, we could drop the liability protection for the vaccines today. But we don’t because everyone knows they are deadly.

The manufacturers would immediately stop production and everyone would be forced to take early treatment that would then lead to virtually no hospitalization and death as I’ve noted earlier.

If Congress dropped the liability protection for vaccines, do you know what would happen? It would force the drug makers to test their products before injecting into human beings. We would then have safe vaccines.

Fat chance of that ever happening.

The vaccine manufacturers have it made

Mandated use of product. No liability.

So you make the product make people sick and you sell more product.

I hate to sound cynical, but that’s what the data shows if you’ve been reading my substack. These vaccines aren’t safe or effective. The more boosters you take, the sicker you get. That’s what the numbers show.

What you can do about it

Nobody in Congress is ever going to challenge the drug companies and call for lifting of the liability protection. Can you name a single member of Congress who has called for this? I don’t know of a single public health official who has called for this either. WTF?!?!

Since Congress will never act, it’s up to us.

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