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Is It Safe To Vaxxinate Your Pet?

Is It Safe To Vaxxinate Your Pet?

By Steve Kirsch

We seriously need El Gato Malo to weigh in on this one: should you vaccinate your pet?

Or, since everyone’s favorite cat recently wrote a Substack on do vaccine rollouts correlate to disabled americans?, perhaps it is time to ask the question, “do vaccine rollouts correlate to disabled cats?”

The answer is “NO, do not vaccinate.” What the vet industry is doing to pets is really unconscionable. I’ll be interviewing Dr. Mary Goldstein in a few days who will explain this in more detail. If you are a pet owner, you don’t want to miss this.


I was livid when my wife told me today she is taking in our new cat tomorrow to be vaccinated.

I said, “What!?!? Do you seriously think cat vaccines are safe when none of the ones for humans have ever had any risk-benefit studies? Where are the studies on the cat vaccines?”

Surely there is an Andrew Wakefield for cats! There is and I have a call into her.

She said that is ridiculous to even ask for such studies that she’s never heard of a cat dying from a vaccination or being injured from a vaccination.

I told my wife, funny thing, I hear the same thing about the COVID vaccines from people which is why I got the human shots. Now I regret it. Can’t we learn from our mistakes and not subject our young pets to vaccines which do not have the needed studies to show they are beneficial?

Then I called my friend Alix Mayer who works at CHD to ask her what she thought. To my surprise, she told me the story of her dog who was perfectly normal until he was vaccinated and she could immediately notice the degradation.

My wife heard the conversation. She wasn’t convinced.

Anyway, it’s her cat and she says she doesn’t need to see any data and she’s going have her cat vaccinated to protect her (the cat) from disease.

And that’s just the way it is. Data doesn’t matter. The vet recommends it. Who needs data? Sound familiar?


30 minutes after our conversation my wife comes in and says she’s not getting our cat vaccinated. I think I got to her with my insistence that there was no data. How could there be?

Turns out I was right…

Here’s the data from a vet

Hi Steve, I’m a vet and asked the farmaceutical companies for the safety and efficacy studies. They wouldn’t give it to me because it’s classified and trade secret. I doubt that. The study which I got was done with 12 puppies and they didn’t look at the long term. So no there is no data.

A book on Amazon

Be careful with books because the writers don’t want to have their reputations trashed if they totally trash the vaccines (which they should). I haven’t read this book.

Dr. Marty Goldstein

RFK Jr. connected me to Marty Goldstein. He has a movie out: and you can order very healthy dog and cat food from his website at:

I’ll be interviewing Dr. Goldstein in an upcoming video. In the meantime: do not vaccinate your pet please!

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