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“Name Your Price” Offer to Qualified Vaxxine Proponents

“Name Your Price” Offer to Qualified Vaxxine Proponents

By Steve Kirsch

If you are an infectious disease professor, county public health officer, COVID fact checker for a mainstream social media company, or a vaccine expert at the CDC, FDA, NIH, Pfizer, or Moderna, …

… and you are interested in making a lot of money just for answering some questions we had, please fill out the form and name your price for a 3 hour session where we get to ask questions.

You see, we really don’t want to spread misinformation about COVID vaccines and masking, but when we look at the evidence, it just doesn’t support the popular narrative.

If you are willing to answer all our questions in a recorded 3-hour video call and you are selected, we’ll pay your asking price for helping set us on the right path. Note that if there are equally qualified candidates, we’ll likely go with the lowest price bidder so you want to keep your ask reasonable.

Price Leader - Understanding How Price Leadership Works

So not only will you make a lot of money for 3 hours of work, but you’ll help reduce vaccine hesitancy. So win-win.

You can name your price for the 3-hour session.

To qualify you must be based in the US and be:

  1. A professor of infectious disease at a US university
  2. A county health official
  3. A COVID fact-checker for mainstream media or a social network company (like Twitter, etc)
  4. An expert on vaccine safety at the FDA, CDC, NIH, Pfizer, or Moderna
  5. Someone who has appeared in the mainstream media in the role of a vaccine and/or masking expert
  6. A “vaccine expert” on social media with at least 100,000 followers

If you qualify, apply here.

For full transparency, you are welcome also to note in the comments that you qualify and what your offer was.

Update on the med school loan repayment offer

For the med school loan repayment offer, there were only 5 applicants. I’m using just four super easy questions to find out if we have someone who can set us on the right path. Here they are:

1. We estimated that over 150,000 Americans were killed by the vaccine. Tell us what the correct ESTIMATE is and how you calculated it.

2. What is the VAERS underreporting factor for 2021 and the COVID vaccines and how did you calculate it?

3. The rates for pulmonary embolism and other symptoms were elevated by over 1000X vs. baseline rates in VAERS. If the vaccines are perfectly safe and effective, how do you explain this dramatic increase?

4. In the first 2 months of 2021, there were just 3 cases of myocarditis reported for all vaccines combined (except for COVID). For COVID vaccines, there were 445 reported cases. We can’t figure out how the CDC could possibly have missed this safety signal since it was there since January. How did they miss it?

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